Wednesday, May 05, 2010

on some notables...

First I would like to announce that Sebastian went pee-pee on his potty for the first time monday night :) We usually have him sit down on his Elmo Potty before every bathtime and encourage him to try to tinkle. However lastnight he plopped down and started spurting along, with doing so he was looking down in facination. Of course Bobby and I were hysterical, clapping our hands and cheering him on. He just looked at us beaming with accomplishment and with a smile that could light up the world! I'm so proud of my big boy :)

Every morning I listen to our local rock stations morning show, which is the best thing ever and makes my morning! The guys are hilarious and it's actually very informing. So they talked about Monday night's Phillies game against the Cardinals and what craziness went on & just because I was sitting in the car cracking up with laughter I have to share with you (if you didn't hear or watch the game that is, if you have disregard this. thanks).
Pictures says 1000 words. Mind you I didn't watch the game and heard this on the radio but as the guys, Preston & Steve on WMMR described the events-- this is actully what I saw! A 17 year old kid jumps down on the field serpentining & zig zagging around while a couple securitey guards chased after. The guard shot his stun gun twice & missing but the third was a direct hit. The kid pretty much toppled over in an instant! Take a look...

I guess they are doing an investigation to see if the use of a the stun gun was necessary or not. I don't know about you but I think it was legit. First of all how else would they have stopped the kid. Tackle him? I'm sure if that would of happened he would be experiencing a broken arm or ribs. Listen, from the picture above the kid had to of known what was coming. Obviously the kid was stupid but I give him mad props. And the crowd thought so too! No doubt the kid is going to be a legend at school. That is when he is allowed back! Not only did this happen Monday night but again lastnight, with no tazer this time...geez Phillies fans are crazy!

Today I got off work early to take Sebastian to see an audiologist. It was just something that we needed to do for our own self comfort. Since Sebastian's speech is moving at a slower rate than what they say it should be, we wanted to rule out any hearing problems. Mind you the kid is most definitly NOT deaf, he hears perfectly fine when talked to (listening to what we say is a completely different thing!!). Let me tell you my friend, I was a nervious wreck all day! Not because I think he is deaf or anything of that sort but because I've never been to an audiologist...What is an audiologist do? What are they going to do to my baby????!!!!!!! Are just a few things that were running through my head. I was just freaking out because I had no idea what the procedure was going to be and was going into this thing blind as a bat. Not my cup of tea. But we got there with plenty of time for me to fill out paperwork and hyperventillate...Bobby was there thank god to calm me down and tell me everything is alright. And it was. After going the doctor looked inside his ears and after Sebastian going into a tiny little soundproof room with no air and hot has hell with me--they played different sounds and watched how he reacted to each sound. Which he did just fine. I was just glad to get out of the room, I truely thought I was going to die inside an audiology soundproof room. But I didn't. The doctor came back out after reviewing everything and assured us that Sebastian's hearing is 100% perfect :) Big relief off my shoulders and conscience. Thank you audiologist!

I've finished my book Lover Avenged by J.R Ward. However, Lover Mine the next book is still not out for the Kindle. I'm very dissapointed about that but hey, what can you do? I can write so many emails...they were nice enough to discount the paper back version for me but I'm sorry I want it on my Kindle. So I will wait. I guess. As of right now I have started Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I've heard from many people that it was a great book and I agree already. I'm hooked. I love her and the way she writes. I'm only in the beginning and I already admire how she is so blunt and honest with her life and with the reader about things that she chooses not to share about her life. Very cool. I'm so excited to get more indepth into her grand adventure!

I'll be having a hot date this Saturday. That's right! Date night for us :) Movie and dinner. We've decided that the movie will be Iron Man 2 and dinner will have to be at one of our new favorites Iron Abby which we went to for the first time on Valentines Day. It will be a good time thanks to the inlaws for taking Sebastian in for the evening. We will end up just spending the night since Mothers Day is Sunday :) My second to be exact! I love saying that.

Speaking of fun things happening for Momma & Dadda-- we are going to 93.3 WMMR's annual MMRBQ concert on the 23rd of this month! Bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Three Days Grace, Alice in Chains & Fuel! All four of these bands are on my favorites list and have not yet seen them in concert so I am very pumped. We are going with Chris, Bobby's younger brother and one of his friends. Skipping in glee just thinking about it! Yayyyy!

Life is great & I'm one happy camper. Oh & remember to stay awesome!

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