Monday, May 10, 2010

on some things I am loving...

These are my lovies...
That is me, with my beautiful artwork that Sebastian made at daycare for Mother's Day :) I love it, it's even laminated!! My Mother's Day was wonderful and the 2nd one of many. Which by the way makes my belly fill with butterflies! I got spoiled with new summer ankle skinny jeans from New York and Company, new balle flats from DSW plus of course some lovely flowers that are now displayed in my kitchen. We spent the day at the in-laws with all the family together. Something I always enjoy doing.

This camera strap slip cover. Really unquie and it would totally spice up my camera.

(via designedtodesign)
The headboard is so dreamy. Don't you think? I would love to have my guest room theme with this sort of display.

(via ohjoyeats)
If you think that I made this cake... I'm flattered. But not this time. This would of been perfect for Mother's Day. Don't ya think?

Ian Somerhalder, the bad boy vampire from Vampire Diaries is the hunky man who has been taking my dreams hostage lately. Now picture him with fangs and I that normal?!

So, have you had Red Velvet Cake? I bought a Red Velvet Cake Roll at Wegmans. Wegmans has the best ever dessert and when I'm running around like crazy and finding that I have no time I always go there to pick up something delicious! Red Velvet Cake is really the best cake ever evented & will be making it my default birthday cake from now on. Just letting you know.

Braids! I can't wait to reach a length just so I can do some cute braids like this one. I love the side braids that the celebs are sporting these days. I'll get there one day. I promise!!
What are your lovies at the moment?

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