Sunday, May 02, 2010

on a saturday...

What can I say, today was hot! That being said I was a complete HOT MESS! I'm so glad the nice weather is here and hopefully here to stay but COME ON I can truely do with out the humidity. Sebastian and I went on a little outing to hit up Toys'r'us to do some shopping and once I got into my car I knew it was just Toysrus and then back home. I just can't handle the feeling of being trapped inside a hot air balloon.
Days like these I ask myself what is the point to blow dry and straighten my hair. There isn't a point, so I don't. It's not the best look on me, I'll tell you that much. I'm a natural curly haired gal but the curls aren't pretty. At least I don't think so. Today I did just that, sported the curls up in a claw thingy (I think that's what they're called?).

We got to Toysrus to do some Sprinkler shopping. I had a hard time finding one I liked. I was looking for one that is fun but just simple. Something that he cant destroy or hurt himself with. Because he is a recking ball. No doubt. So, I found this and bought it because it is just that; simple & looks fun!
We tested it out. Sebastian had fun but I don't like it much. The water doesn't spray around crazy like the picture shows. The picture is a big fat liar! I'm taking it back tomorrow and getting a cooler one.
We did however adopt the newest addition to our family & dang it, it was the best $30 I've spent :)

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger!
Sebastian's face lite up once he saw the whole isle dedicated to Toy Story (his favorite movie at the moment). I saw he had is eye on Buzz and once he got a hold of the box he would NOT let go. So, we took him home with us. Mind you, I had to rip the box out of his hand to let the man at the register scan the barcode. The man at the register was nice enough to be quick about the scanning so Buzz was safe inside Sebastian death grip. Phew! Then once we got in the car I figured I would be a rockin' mom and take Buzz out for him to play on the way home. But, the box was mommy proof. No joke. There was a dozen twist ties and tape all over the place. Buzz was not coming out of the box at least not until we got home. Buzz was still straped in but Sebastian was still able to play with the buttons :) That got us home.
Buzz has not left his side since we got home. He watched Toy Story 2 with Buzz in his lap and even gave Buzz some juice & snack too :) He is one sweet boy if you ask me!

As for Bobby, he was inside our bedroom sleeping. Tonight he had work and was sleeping since the morning. It's hard knowing he is in our bedroom and I try to pretend he isn't so it's easier. But I can't help peeking in on him as he sleeps just to see that he is in there. I let the man sleep for god sake, no questions asked. I don't know how he does this schedule and then the 12 hour shifts are brutal even thinking about. But he does. And I love him for it. Tomorrow evening will be nice to have him home & be able to catch up on our cuddle time :)

My day ended with Sebastian having a Lil' Drummer for dessert.
I'm so happy they made these mini drumsticks. Perfect amount for him and they are just so darn cute. It started out great. He was eating it very neatly until he bit the bottom off...How did he know that the bottom is filled with chocolate? I have no clue but he did. And after that ice cream was dripping onto his belly and pretty much everywhere. It's cool. That's what the bathtub is for! 

May! Already. Geez.


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