Thursday, April 29, 2010

on what I am loving...

This little boy, not only because he is my precious son but because of what his teacher at daycare told me today. She said that Sebastian has a couple boys in his class that always look forward to him coming. One of the boys she explained every morning asks "Bastian here?". First of all I think it's super cute that he has friends that can't wait until he comes since he doesn't attend every single day, only between 2 & 3 days. Secondly, I love that they call him 'Bastian'! Adorable :)

(via ohjoyeats-new blog I am loving too! Check it out!)
Sac it to me baby! These are pretty much darling. I try my best to use my reuseable bags when we go shopping but these darlings do not compare. How great is the little tube to hold a baguette, newspaper or a bundle of flowers!

(via tagabike)
Stroller/BIKE! HOLY COW :) Ashley at work showed me this today in Star Magazine. Cool right? No doubt it costs two grand.

These leapord print pants from Pixie Market. I want them!

These sandals from Anthropologie my new favorite place to drool over.

I am going to dedicate a wall in my kitchen for being a chalk board. Shopping list & To-Do list will have a nice clear straight forward home. Perfect.

What are you loving?

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  1. what I love is that picture of bastian..... that should be framed.