Friday, April 30, 2010

on the weekly roundup...

Feeling like my posting was a bit light this week- the days have flown by. Has it for you? I feel like it has for me and everyone that surrounds me too. I've come to a conclusion that the week goes quicker when Bobby is doing the night shift. None the less, I had a busy & exhausting week. Hoping for some downtime this weekend. No really. Wayyyyy downnnn. I plan to do NOTHING. Ya hear? NOTHING. There I said it. Will I hold true to it, most likely not. My man is working tomorrow night anyways so, it will be one of those "blah" weekends.

Today was a beautiful day. Temp went up to 80 today! And will be a high of 90 tomorrow!! Almost time to whip out the little kiddie pool for Sebastian. I want to get him a fun sprinkler this year, I think he would enjoy that very much :)

I've lost 3 pounds this week! Wooohooooo. No, lower numbers on the scale was not the reason why I went vegetarian, per se (even though that is a plus!), but because I am in the process of transforming none other than my body but also my mind to be healthier. I have always been pretty healthy no doubt, but I want to be even more healthy and watch everything that goes into my body. It can be done. I've been packing breakfast & lunch for work everyday. Not skipping any meals like I've done in the past (not by choice just by being too busy and not eating). Counting calories & reading nutrition information. And still I've lost some weight and I feel great! Discovering that I feel much more wholesome and fresh. Really loving it!

This morning after talking to my man as he was actually on his way home from work (he worked lastnight) he told me he had brought home a little surprize for me. Nothing big he explained just something simple that he thinks I will love. I didn't have much of a chance to wonder what this little surprize was because I was at work and it was set aside inside my brain so I could focus on things at hand. Anyways, I got home today and this is what I found sitting in my kitchen waiting for me...
A little surprize turned out to be HUGE for me! I'm sure most of you know but Great Harvest Bread Company was my first job, my first home and is where I met an amazing family. Bobby picked some bread up for me at the GHB in Wayne which is sort of a distance from our place but on the way home from work for him. We don't get there much on our free time since it's in the complete other direction from everywhere that we go. I think it's safe to say I've had GHB maybe 1-2 times a year since I've moved to Philly! Which I am very ashamed of and slightly disturbs me. Bobby was a sweetheart since he knows I'm on a health kick got me the Honey Wholewheat Bread which I'm a softy for anyways. As soon as I opened the bag and got a wiff of that delicious scent I couldn't put that twist tie back around the plastic bag and had to have a little sample. One slice with a healthy thick coat of butter made my day. It was pure bliss. Brought many memories flooding back of bagging a million and one bags of bread. The good ol' days, when I got to smell the fresh bread baking in the oven everyday. I will be having another slice with a much healthier amount of butter and a cup of tea tonight. I am much more excited about this than you would be, trust me. I ♥ GHB!

I've been meaning to bring this up this week but I've either forgotten or just didn't get to it but...have you seen the new Eclipse Movie trailer. Dakota Fanning -via Skype- introduced the second trailer on the Oprah show last Friday. It's very good. I wasn't a fan of the first trailer so I was happy to see that this one finally came out. Also there is only 60 days until the movie comes out in theater. Not bad! Right? I'm thrilled that this one is coming out in the summer instead of having to suffer and waiting until the fall. Which was brutal by the way, at least for me :) Here is the trailer if you haven't seen it. Enjoy!

Regina Spektor's new album Far is great. She is totally gorgious and I love her lyrics and voice. Folding Chair-- I think, is my favorite on the album :)

Any plans for your weekend?
I'll be kicking back with Regina, wanna join?

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  1. love you baby. That's all, just love you. And I ADORE that picture of 'Bastian in the bathtub! So, so , so cute!!!