Sunday, April 04, 2010

on a very Happy Easter...

We had a very lovely Easter. I spent the morning doing all my cooking. Whipped up some Deviled Eggs (there is no Easter without those), a Blueberry Pie & my famous Creamed Peas.

Sebastian and I waited for Bobby to get home in the morning since he had work last night. Surprizingly the Easter Bunny knew what time daddy was coming home and left Sebastian some goodies in the living room. Go figure! This year Sebastian got a neat little Disney Cars toy orginizer (very much needed), a Toy Story Kite and Toy Story themed beach equipment. Of course lots and lots of candy. Sebastian loves him some M&M's & Reeses Pieces. They are his favorite.
Not to forget the Bunny got Bobby a new game for his PlayStation :) The Bunny couldn't resist and wanted to treat the sweetiest man there is!
I got a very touching card from my boys and me...

We were very lucky with beautiful weather today. Plenty of sun shine and a nice breeze. We spent the whole day outside at the in-law's house and love it! Sebastian played with his cousin Danny and once 8pm rolled around was in the living room on the couch passed out!
Sebastian's 2nd Easter and it was memoriable. With many more to come!

Hope you had a blessed day!

The count down begins...5 days until Florida!

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