Saturday, April 24, 2010

on a morning cheer...

Good Morning.
Glad the weekend is finally here. I got a head start on my cleaning yesterday! Two thumbs up for me.  Yeeeesssssssss.

I got caught up on my Glee episodes. I'm sorry for all of you that don't watch this show because it really brings so much joy in my life. First of all I think life would be so entertaining if we would all just break out in song whenever we felt like it. Secondly, I would love to just be able to have Jane Lynch who plays Sue Sylvester the gym teacher as a friend. For all you that are lame and don't watch Glee I have to show you a clip of one of the preformances on the lastest episode called 'The Power of Madonna'.
How awesome was that? Hope that made your morning as cheerful as it just made mine :)


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