Saturday, April 03, 2010

on who I am...

...wearing an extremely wrinkled tie-dye shirt (because it's been neglected along with a million other clothes in the laundry basket) with blue Old Navy shorts. Heaven! Mental note: fold clothes today.

...relieved that I found the perfect Disney Cars sandals for Sebastian. Who would of thought I would find the "ones" at Payless Shoes. But I did!

...grasping the fact that life is very mysterious. Wish I could just take an eraser to my memories and just have my "mother" go poof! Tired of her crap. Always will be tired of it. I guess her birthday was last Sunday and I didn't even realize it. What are you, like 45? It's funny how things work out. Truth of the matter is I'm glad it worked out the way it did. Alot of people ask me what brought me to Philadelphia. I say "a boy'. Which is partly true. I won't lie that's not the only reason (if you get my drift). I'll stop right there. That's a story for another time. If I ever get to that chapter.   

...loving my new hair. The cut is perfect and the colors are out-of-this-world! I can't get enough of it. Although the heat outside yesterday got me thinking that I did just get bangs and that with the heat in Philadelphia those bangs are most likely going to melt to my forehead. Hold me.

...not happy that Bobby is working night again. That last night I got into bed and he wasn't there. That when I woke up I didn't feel him next to me. That today he will have to sleep all day. That he will have to go back to work tonight. Aaaaaand that he will be sleepy on Easter Sunday. Bummer.

...excited to see what the Easter bunny has in store for Sebastian. Funny to think that this is his second Easter.

...growing out my natural nails and they are looking goooood. Mad props to me for not bitting them even though there are many things that would have drove me to do it. Being busy helps for I simply don't have the time to bite them. See, it all evens out eventually. Hoorayy!

...sad that I really won't have the time to get my prescription sunglasses before we go to Florida. Oh well.

...thinking that it's wonderful to have my little boy around. I make a bagel for breakfast--he eats half, I make a plate for dinner--he eats half, whatever it is he has dibs on half. Works out great for me! Love that he's there to keep his momma in line.

...feeling super creative lately but also frustrated that I can't put all this creative energy to use. I want to create! I wish I had more time to make things. Learn more about how to make those things. This summer I am going to really dedicate any free time to garage sales and thrifting. I want to find me a sewing machine and everything crafty. I already have a cute little nook, it's time that I put use to it.

...happy that people enjoy reading my blog. I get the best comments and thank you for tuning into my world. It's really great to have you :)


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  1. I've never done this before!! I'm excited to be the first to comment! Love your blog, it keeps me in stitches and always manages to make me smile. Hope u have a Happy Easter, and I hope little bug has a great time! <3