Saturday, April 17, 2010

on who I am...

...disgusted with the fact that I've still have not unpacked. What is wrong with me?!

...excited for my future at this lovely little coffee shop. On a little update. My shop was finally franchized out. I was a little uneasy when I first found out that there was someone looking to buy my shop but it turned out for the best. Dave is the new owner. A very nice down to earth family man. He already has owned a Saxbys location but the location wasn't as successful as he wanted. So far so good and I've had many great conversations about the future with him. Everything works out in the end!

...bloated, crampy, tired, impatient. Pretty much dying!

...proud to annouce that I've finally finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. Took me long enough. Well, it was just alright. I like the history to it and the characters had me interested. The big question throughout the whole book was "what happend to Harriet?". I knew from the get go what happend and I was right at the end. Speaking of the end, the ending was horrible and it truely made me furious. Other than that I was just proud of myself for even finishing it because usually I stop and move on to another when the books gets to be such a slow read. I've already started another book Lover Avenged, Lover Mine the next book of the Blackdagger Brotherhood series is coming out on the 28th this month! I just had to re-read the last book to make sure I remember everything that was going on.

...a little nervous about what Bobby and I will be working on this weekend. That is changing Sebastian's crib into a bed. Yes, it's time. He barely sleeps in the crib anymore just climbs out and gets into bed with us during the night. We've decided to make the change, teach and really buckle down on him staying in his bed. I'm nervous because I just can't wrap my head around the thought of him sleeping in a tiny bed of his own. All this time and before I had him I always thought that he would be in the crib until we was ready to go to kindergarden. Yeah! What the heck. He's still my little baby. Next week we will be playing the firm strict parents who will do anything to discipline no matter what it takes. Not going to be the easiest thing since Sebastian is pretty headstrong...wonder who he got that from? Joy.

...very proud of Julee and her Pillsbury BakeOff adventure. Who cares that she didn't win the big bucks. She won in my heart and so many others! I thought her recipe was very creative and so delicious! Hoping to be able to live up to half the person she is and also hoping she'll coach me for maybe entering the BakeOff next year :)

...not fond of the "weekend" being here. Bobby is working today and I will be working tomorrow. Not much of a weekend huh? Oh well, I don't feel that bad since they say the weather is going to be crappy anyways.

...never going to become a casualty of society. Sick of people creating these stereotypical views on how people should look or act. If you are happy and love you for you than so be it. Falling victim of conformity is something I will not stand for. If that means that I will have a body full of tattood artwork or crazy hair do. I am who I am. Don't question it. Or you will be shot down my friend. People have been testing my nerve with this subject. Not good for you :)

...trying to make myself realize that it's okay to sit around and do nothing once in a while.

I am happy...


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