Wednesday, April 14, 2010

on Florida highlights...

Well, we're back at home, back to reality. Florida was just plain old FUN! No other way to describe it. Very easy breezy and relaxing. It was definitly worth going down and spending a day at Disney even though Sebastian is so young. We all had a blast and the crowd at Magic Kingdom did not make a dent in our mood. There was so much to do and look at that we payed no mind to all the people. It really is a magical place and did truely bring the kid out in me :) As you can tell from the pictures...I had no shame and got down & boogied with Woody. I know he enjoyed that very much. No doubt.

I really loved all the palm trees everywhere. The weather was perfect for it wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze blowing. I found Magic Kingdom very nice with it's huge palm trees that cast lots of shade all around with many places to seek out to get away from heat of the sun.

I don't think that I was the only one feeling like a kid again :) Bobby was litterally on the ground looking at these guys whenever they would go pitter pattering across the pavement.
We found this little guy on a tree near the hotel pool! They are super fast and camouflage right into whatever they are resting on. Way cool.

Downtown Disney was also something that I really enjoyed. It would be, I think, tons of fun to get a group together and just enjoy an evening down there. Definitly an adult feel to it. Although we did find some small rides for Sebastian to have fun on and also a few restaurants that are geared towards kids like the T-Rex restaurant.

Doesn't that look awesome? Julee actually tried to get us a reservation but of course the earliest spot would of been around 10pm. This place will be one of the many things we would love to check out on our next visit when Sebastian is a few years older!

Daytona Beach was alright. The weather was not the best. Very cloudy and rained here and there. At the end of our stay the sun decided to come out. The ocean was extremely cold. Like freezing. We let Sebastian go in but I had to drag him out of the water since it was far too cold for him to spend a long period of time in. It was very dramatic for him to be pulled out and he didn't understand when I told him that he would catch Hyphothermia, alas we found a nice park for him to release his energy at and he completely forgot about the ice water.
I adore that hat, he looks like a natural Crocodile Dundee :)

Our last day there, Monday we spent time doing a load of wash and packing. The hotel wouldn't let us have a late check out without paying another $30 dollars so we just decided to get everything packed and hand in our key at 11am. Our flight didn't leave until 6:30pm and we wanted to get to the airport around 3:30pm so we would have plenty of time to return the rental. Until then we left the car in the hotel parking lot and walked around the area. Sebastian fell asleep in his stroller and took about a two hour nap! While Bobby and I discovered the best frozen yogurt joint ever called Lemon Tree. It was just a simple small shop 100% self serve. You walk in, grab a cup, pour yourself some yogurt, add topping if you want, then just weigh & pay. I thought it was the best thing. So many flavors to choose from like: tart, chocolate, pomagrante, philadelphia cheesecake or mango sherbert!! You were able to also try whatever flavor and however many flavors you wanted before choosing, helped us alot by the way. I however chose a flavor that I never heard of and thought was intersted and just super tasty called Taro. Have you heard of that? I never had. I asked the dude that was working he told me that Taro is grown in Hawaii. It's a tropical vegatable plant. When he told me that I was kind of weirded out but once I tasted the yogurt I loved it! It was purplish in color and the flavor wasn't overpowering but unique. I acutally can't describe it.

Flight home was exhausting. We were lucky that the plane wasn't full and the man in the isle seat moved to the other side to give us a seat for Sebastian. We've been so lucky to have such nice people sit next to us. Either that or they just want to get as far away from him as they can. Ha. He was AWAKE THE WHOLE RIDE. I think that was the first. Since he slept for so long before the flight we had the pleasure in having him wide awake and thinking he was cute. He colored in his 'UP' coloring book and made lots of friends in every seat :) He tends to do that everywhere. He even picked up a chick a little too old for him. My boy has the mooooves!

What can I say? Life is great. Florida was amazing. I can say that I am very blessed to have such a great man who strives for the best for his family and I can say the same for myself. More lovely memories to add :)


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