Friday, April 09, 2010

on Florida day #1...

(these Florida posts will be some what of a photo journal of sorts. Pictures say a thousand words. Enjoy!)

The day started out here--
At the airport sipping on some earl gray lavender tea and eating a McMuffin sandwich. I know gross. But when it's 6:30am and that was the only source of food in our vacinity. I'm game! Yep, you see right. I'm sporting my New Moon shirt which I had like three people comment on saying they loved the movie or my shirt. What can I say?!

We were waiting for this plane--
AirTran wasn't bad. The plane was a smaller one but since we were in it for roughly over two hours, I had nothing to complain about. Sebastian slept for more than half the flight! Yahooo. And fell asleep on his father's lap. Double Yahoooo! Flight was a tid bit bumpy here and there and the landing was a little hard on Sebastian's ears but we made it to sunny Florida in one piece.

Enterprise sucks! They lied to Bobby and in the long run to me! I was so upset to find out as we were walking down the lot to pick out our rental that the Nissan Versa is not "compact car" which is what we paid for in the first place. So, in the beginning when Bobby was on the phone with them they said that the Versa was a compact car and that we would be able to rent it as long as they had one available. We get there and the dude says that the Versa is actually a "intermediate car" and is more money. WHAT! I was pissed. We had to go with a STUPID Chevy Cobalt. Sure Bobby told me that we could just get the Versa and pay more. He's sweet :) Because he knew how much I was looking forward to cruising in that car but I said no. I'll just deal with it. Whateverrrrr.
My boys behind the stupid Cobalt. Are they just the cutest?!
After some quick shopping and getting settled at the hotel we decided to do some exploring and site seeing.
Of course palm trees everywhere. All sort of shapes and sizes. I love them!
Way too many gift shops. But I always enjoy looking inside at all the knick knacks.
Down the road a little ways was this Four Points Hotel. I would kill to stay here and be on the very top floor. You would see everything!

Last but not least on our exploration walk we spotted some Gators! They were all basking in the sun and floating in the water. They were displayed at Congo River Mini Golf. Sebastian and Bobby no doubt loved seeing these guys!

We had to take a dip in the hotel pool. It was such a beautiful day and with this Florida heat the pool was calling our names. Sebastian was most excited, for it was his first time back in the pool this season.
Arm floaties and a his tube are the best ever. They keep him nice and safe around the pool and allow him to browse around the pool without any problems.
The kid is a natural :)
They just love the water and play so good. I was having lots of fun taking pictures of both of them doing father & son things. Made my face hurt with all the smiling I was doing.
Me. Trying to be as sexy as I can be. My legs are almost transparent. And if it looks like I'm sucking my gut in it's because I am...But I did get somewhat of a tan on those ghost legs. I do have three more days to work on it. I think I have a good shot.

Our last desinaton of the day was Festival Bay Mall.
I basically only wanted to go here for it's Ron Jon Surf Shop!! I could spend a gallizion dollars in that store. I didn't, but Bobby and I did treat ourself to a few great things.
A way cute Ron Jon teeshirt with some matching short shorts. Plus the most comfortable flip flops that I've ever tried in the world. They are made by Sanuk which means fun and happiness in Thai. They are actually made out of a yoga mat & feel like you are walking on a cloud. I've never heard of the brand but check it out. So worth the money. Bobby also found a new pair of sandals :)

All in all day number one went by wonderfully. Can't wait for day number two.

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