Thursday, April 22, 2010

on Earth & some luvies...

    Happy Earth Day!
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I ♥ my blog :) I never in a million years would have thought I would be so involved and so in love with my blog. I take joy in everything I share and it's such a breath of fresh air, so to speak for me. With all the time and myself I put into this blog I don't really know my audience. Sure I know some family members & definitly know about one co-worker ahem..Ashley :) that read my blog but other than that who knows. And I'm not sure there is any more than that. But, I am fine with that because I simply don't care. I like having my imaginary audience.

Other than this women being stunning and I so love her style, what actually caught my eye were her sandles. Aren't they darling?! Who are you mysterious lady? What size are your feet? I'm not a creeper. Would you be so kind as to lend me your sandles so I could prance around pretending I am you, the mysterious lady?! Thanks.
Oh & maybe that ring. Yes. That would complete my mysterious-ness.

So you already know about my obsession over book selves over doorways, book shelves INSIDE steps & just book shelves in general. Well, sleeping nooks are another obsession I have. I know, oh em gee. Another obsession to join the many I already have.  The gray walls make the bed pop out as well as the window in the middle. Splendid!

Last night I got a call from Xenia (step mom) around 10pm and because I was already in bed she made me get up and look something up online. I'm so glad that I did! She told me to go to this website-- 
So I did. She told me to wait until the little video screen loaded. And I did. You won't guess what I saw? My dad and Xenia!!!! Uh huh. This particular website is the home to the Waikiki Beach web cam. It's a web cam on the beach that you can check out and is live! I was in a half awake merriment of being able to see my daddy wave to me from his paradise. That was a very nice treat before bed last night. If you want, go check out the web cam and see what the beach looks like for yourself. You might even get the chance to see someone wave to you :)

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday! I am happy for that. Saturday Bobby is planning to spend most of the morning down at his father's car shop to work on his Volvo project car. While he's doing that I will be doing some much needed cleaning in the apartment and I'm thinking that it will be a great time to start showing Sebastian what the toliet brush looks like and what to do with it...Or just have him tidy his toys :) I feel like every time we go on a mini vacation it takes forever for me to get caught up with cleaning. Frustrating but it's whatever. Then later in the day we are planning to go downtown and do some walking around. I really want to hit up a frozen yogurt shop that I heard was great called Sweet Ending. Hoping Brittany or Courtney can join us :)


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