Sunday, April 11, 2010

on Florida day #2...

Words can not describe how amazing day number two in Florida was! Magic Kingdom was so whimsical and fun for both of us and Sebastian. By the end off the day I took 300 pictures! Of course I would love to show you all of them but I can't. I do plan on putting every single one on to my Flickr once I get back so you can see every shot of this amazing experience.

The day started out with the drive to Disney World. It wasn't far at all from the hotel. Took us about 15-20 minutes which was very nice.  We got there right around 9am and the park opens at 8am, I was very proud of us for that! The parking lot was set up in tons of sections with each one having a different name. We happend to park in the Pluto Parking lot :) We had to take a tramcar to get to the other side which was nice so we didn't have to walk all that way. Once we got to the other side we were a little confused to where we had to go since we've never been there. We thought that everything was suppose to be right there but of course we were just too excited and didn't realize that we still had to take a ferry to get to the actual park. All we had to do is follow the crowd to the ferry. I thought that was so cool, ferrying to the park. It was a very slow ride and I was bubbling with excitement.
As soon as we arrived and boarded off the ferry we walked right into Main Street! It was so overwhelming seeing everything. I didn't know what to look at first. I'm sure Sebastian was the same way because his eyes were wide and looking all around. Cute!
We were very hungry by the time we got there so we decided to go and have some breakfast at Main Streets Bakery. It was a very nice place to eat and I loved it. Even though a simple breakfast cost thirty dollars!! I know! But it was worth it.
Then we had to walk up to Cinderella's Castle, which by the way is just as magical as they say. I was 8 again jumping up and down with glee and feeling like a little princess! If you can believe that.

Once we got up close to the Castle they started a show but we were pretty far and I couldn't get very good shots. It was super fun though and Sebastian was laughing and bouncing in his dad's arms!

Adventureland was our first destination. It had a very tropical Arabian look to it with all the people that worked there wearing Arabian costumes! Right in the front as we walked in we spotted Lilo & Stitch! And just had to go visit them.
Sebastian was very fascinated and was laughing at Stitch who tryed eating his Autograph book. Haha. Which they signed by the way!!

Sebastian's first ride was Aladdin's Magic Carpet.
Of course he love, love, loved it!
Unfortunetly this ride was the only ride we were able to go on. There was tons of people everywhere and wait time for his sort of rides had waits up to 50 minutes! It was a little to long to wait for him but none the less he had fun.

While we were in Adventureland I got a hair wrap. I just had to! It was funny sitting in line with 10 year olds next to me but I didn't care.

When we were through with Adventureland we headed back up front to the castle because we heard that there was parade starting. I'm so glad we did because it was the best EVER! Why? Well, let me show you.
Sebastian and I DANCED WITH WOODY!!!!!! AHHHHHH!
I still can't believe it. We weren't allowed to go into the area while the parade was moving but once they stopped everyone was able to come inside the join the parade. Music was awesome and all the characters were dancing around. I pretty much got down and jiggy with Woody and Sebastian thought it was the coolest. What can I say I'm just a hip momma!

Frontierland was next. Where we hitched a ride on the Disney Railroad. It stopped at all the different areas in the park. It was nice to sit and enjoy the ride plus just relax our feet. Oh and get away from the sun for a little while.

Afterward we wanted to go visit Woody & Jesse to take a picture and get their autographs. Since Woody is Sebastian's favorite.
Sebastian wanted to play peek-a-boo with them and so they played along. Haha!
Isn't that the cutest thing ever!
I think so :)

Fanstaseyland was next. We just walked through and found Pooh's Playful Spot! Sebastian loved all the hunny pots! He enjoyed being able to have an area to run around without tons of people in the way and having other kids to play around with. I was very happy we found this so he could stretch his legs and not have to worry about losing him amoung the crowd.

Lastly, we strolled through Tomorrowland. We didn't really stop to do much here just looked around. Too many long lines and alot of bigger kid stuff.
Tomorrowland dumped us right back to the Castle where another parade was happening.
That was the end of our stay at Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
An amazing experience with 300 pictures to prove it. We had the time of our lives and can't wait to go back again hopefully when Sebastian is much older!
It will be fun to show Sebastian his first visit once he is older!!!

Back to the hotel to shower and give Sebastian a much needed bath. Then drove back, this time to Downtown Disney. I was so looking foward to this part of our trip because he finally got to see Julee & Glen. We had a wonderful dinner at Reglan Irish Pub. I got a portabello burger with fries and Bobby got the chowder along with Julee. Sebastian just ate off our plates. It was a nice time eating good food and catching up with my favorite people in the world. I love them with all my heart and had the time of my life spending the evening walking, talking and goofing around.
Julee, Glen and I infront of the Sea Monster completely made out of LEGOS! Crazy huh?! It was incredible.

This is my Momma :)
It made this trip a million times happier for me to be able to spend time with these two. They mean the world to me and I love them with all my heart. Along our walk back upfront to the entrance I lost my boys and found them inside a store called Ride Makerz (a car model shop) and I knew that would be bad. So did Julee :) That was when we parted, for they had to catch the monarail back to their hotel. I hugged on them both and it wasn't until they left that the water works started for me. I had to cling onto Bobby for support. It was alot of happiness for me and then once they left it was back to reality knowing that I go back to Philly and they back to Seattle. It's hard to be so far from these people that I cherish so much but all I know is that we keep each other in the heart and talk all the time. So, I pulled myself together and let my boys have fun in the store of their dreams or should I say Bobby's dream!

Day number two was beyond words. I had a blast so did my boys. Wonderful memories to share with you and to hold on to.
Today is a nice relaxing day. We are soon heading down to Daytona Beach were we will soak up some sun. Splashing in the OCEAN and just enjoy ourselves and each other.
I live a good life and feel so blessed for EVERYTHING!
Oh yea and guess what??? Sebastian got to pet a baby gator this morning!!!


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  1. aaaaahhhhh baby, thank you. You will always,always be our girl and we will always, always feel Philly is too far away too. But every single day, every day, in every way, we are EXTREMELY proud of you -- who you are, who you are becoming, the life you are building for you and your boys and the future you have in front of you. You enrich our lives in ways you can never know and we feel so totally rockin thankful to have you in it. Lucky us! Big love!
    P.S. you are not going to believe this -- I had to show Glen the photos on your blog for him to believe it -- but we are staying next door to that hotel and went golfing at the Congo Golf place tonight! We think the same!!! : )