Wednesday, April 21, 2010

on another day...

This week has been flying by. Work has been so busy for me. Now that I've taken over many more duties I feel like I am always doing something! Paperwork, cleaning, organizing, managing, stocking, ordering, making customers happy & basically everything. I like it. I like what I do. I do it well and the work day goes by super fast. Which is always nice.

Sebastian is doing better than I thought in his bed :) He still gets out some days and sandwiches in between Bobby and I in the early morning but secretively I really truely love that. I love feeling him next to me, his warmth is so comforting.

Pretty much jealous that my dad, step mom, michelle & krisztina are in Waikiki, Hawaii. Soaking up the sun. My dad says he is red as a crab, which is always the case with him no matter if he coats himself with a whole bottle of sun block. Michelle & Krisztina are basically making friends with DOLPHINS! Yep, that's right. My dad and step mom bought them a day with the good ol' dolphins. At this point I am pretty much feeling like I got jipped in this deal. At the same time though, whenever I get to talk to my dad on the phone or just even think about him being in Hawaii my heart plumps with happiness. My dad deserves to be in paradise. He's a good man and is worthy of everything great out there :)

This week I have been satisfying my morning hunger with Fage greek yogurt. I add a squeeze of honey, pinch of cinnamon & a dash of granola! Soooooo gooooood. It's super great because it is first of all a very nutritious and also filling meal. I get through the morning with a pleased tummy until lunch.

Slightly depressed about the fact that I've missed two weeks worth of Glee. I can't even stand writing it or thinking about it for that matter. Glee is on every Tuesday and last week since we flew home from Florida on Monday naturally (since I am stupid) I thought it was Monday on Tuesday. So, then Wednesday I was thinking it was Tuesday and once I got home and sat down on the couch, turned the tv channel on to Fox and was in shock that some "not Glee" show was on. CRAP. Then lastnight we were out to dinner celebrating Nicole's 17th birthday (Bobby's baby sister). Ugghh! I will have to catch up and watch them online.

Some events that I am excited for are Mother's Day on May 9th which is also my sister Michelle's 17th Birthday. Who just now in Hawaii got to swim with dolphins and also got a early birthday present--A KINDLE! Repeat after me...SPOILED!!!!
The annual Ford Car Show in Carisle on June 4-6 then once we get home Bobby's birthday on the 8th. He will be 26 and he will love that I just posted that on my blog. He is a little sensitive about his old age. I guess that's what happens when you are with a young momma ;) We are also looking at going to Seattle in early July. Try to squeeze it in before Sebastian turns two and we have to pay for a seat. Boo.

Here's some big news for you. I've decided I'm going fully Vegetarian! As of today. I will still cook meat for my boys but will not take part in digesting it. I really only ate chicken anyways and I feel like I don't need that in my diet. I've read a few books on the side to get more educated on Vegetarianism and now am realizing that being Vegatarian doesn't just limit you to salads and veggie burgers. But, I am not going Vegan. I do love the idea but I love so many animal products like yogurt, eggs & cheese. I could not live with out cheese. I am excited for my new vow and hoping it will help me shed a few more unwanted pounds.
That being said I would really like the looks of this Greek-Style Quinon Burger. Something that I would like to try out soon!

I am loving a few newer bands. At least new to me. Sort of. Metric is a great one with a female leadsinger. Their song Help I'm Alive is my favorite. Crash Kings is another that I can't get enough of, their song Mountain Man I am fond of. This band has almost a WhiteStrips feel to it & the lead singer has the same type of vocals as Jack White does. Also Phoenix with their song Lisztomania. These guys are French. That's pretty much what does it for me!

It is something we all have but it is more precious than the rarest diamond.

It is time.


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  1. sometimes I just can't believe how much we think alike! excellent commitment on the veggie thing baby. You look ownderful though -- no getting obsessed on weight. Love you