Friday, April 30, 2010

on the weekly roundup...

Feeling like my posting was a bit light this week- the days have flown by. Has it for you? I feel like it has for me and everyone that surrounds me too. I've come to a conclusion that the week goes quicker when Bobby is doing the night shift. None the less, I had a busy & exhausting week. Hoping for some downtime this weekend. No really. Wayyyyy downnnn. I plan to do NOTHING. Ya hear? NOTHING. There I said it. Will I hold true to it, most likely not. My man is working tomorrow night anyways so, it will be one of those "blah" weekends.

Today was a beautiful day. Temp went up to 80 today! And will be a high of 90 tomorrow!! Almost time to whip out the little kiddie pool for Sebastian. I want to get him a fun sprinkler this year, I think he would enjoy that very much :)

I've lost 3 pounds this week! Wooohooooo. No, lower numbers on the scale was not the reason why I went vegetarian, per se (even though that is a plus!), but because I am in the process of transforming none other than my body but also my mind to be healthier. I have always been pretty healthy no doubt, but I want to be even more healthy and watch everything that goes into my body. It can be done. I've been packing breakfast & lunch for work everyday. Not skipping any meals like I've done in the past (not by choice just by being too busy and not eating). Counting calories & reading nutrition information. And still I've lost some weight and I feel great! Discovering that I feel much more wholesome and fresh. Really loving it!

This morning after talking to my man as he was actually on his way home from work (he worked lastnight) he told me he had brought home a little surprize for me. Nothing big he explained just something simple that he thinks I will love. I didn't have much of a chance to wonder what this little surprize was because I was at work and it was set aside inside my brain so I could focus on things at hand. Anyways, I got home today and this is what I found sitting in my kitchen waiting for me...
A little surprize turned out to be HUGE for me! I'm sure most of you know but Great Harvest Bread Company was my first job, my first home and is where I met an amazing family. Bobby picked some bread up for me at the GHB in Wayne which is sort of a distance from our place but on the way home from work for him. We don't get there much on our free time since it's in the complete other direction from everywhere that we go. I think it's safe to say I've had GHB maybe 1-2 times a year since I've moved to Philly! Which I am very ashamed of and slightly disturbs me. Bobby was a sweetheart since he knows I'm on a health kick got me the Honey Wholewheat Bread which I'm a softy for anyways. As soon as I opened the bag and got a wiff of that delicious scent I couldn't put that twist tie back around the plastic bag and had to have a little sample. One slice with a healthy thick coat of butter made my day. It was pure bliss. Brought many memories flooding back of bagging a million and one bags of bread. The good ol' days, when I got to smell the fresh bread baking in the oven everyday. I will be having another slice with a much healthier amount of butter and a cup of tea tonight. I am much more excited about this than you would be, trust me. I ♥ GHB!

I've been meaning to bring this up this week but I've either forgotten or just didn't get to it but...have you seen the new Eclipse Movie trailer. Dakota Fanning -via Skype- introduced the second trailer on the Oprah show last Friday. It's very good. I wasn't a fan of the first trailer so I was happy to see that this one finally came out. Also there is only 60 days until the movie comes out in theater. Not bad! Right? I'm thrilled that this one is coming out in the summer instead of having to suffer and waiting until the fall. Which was brutal by the way, at least for me :) Here is the trailer if you haven't seen it. Enjoy!

Regina Spektor's new album Far is great. She is totally gorgious and I love her lyrics and voice. Folding Chair-- I think, is my favorite on the album :)

Any plans for your weekend?
I'll be kicking back with Regina, wanna join?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

on what I am loving...

This little boy, not only because he is my precious son but because of what his teacher at daycare told me today. She said that Sebastian has a couple boys in his class that always look forward to him coming. One of the boys she explained every morning asks "Bastian here?". First of all I think it's super cute that he has friends that can't wait until he comes since he doesn't attend every single day, only between 2 & 3 days. Secondly, I love that they call him 'Bastian'! Adorable :)

(via ohjoyeats-new blog I am loving too! Check it out!)
Sac it to me baby! These are pretty much darling. I try my best to use my reuseable bags when we go shopping but these darlings do not compare. How great is the little tube to hold a baguette, newspaper or a bundle of flowers!

(via tagabike)
Stroller/BIKE! HOLY COW :) Ashley at work showed me this today in Star Magazine. Cool right? No doubt it costs two grand.

These leapord print pants from Pixie Market. I want them!

These sandals from Anthropologie my new favorite place to drool over.

I am going to dedicate a wall in my kitchen for being a chalk board. Shopping list & To-Do list will have a nice clear straight forward home. Perfect.

What are you loving?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...loving my new leapord print shirt from H&M! Plus a few other gems I picked up today. So afforadable :) Yeaahhhh baby!

...sad that my dad had to go through another surgery yesterday. Didn't I tell you? Guess what it was this time?! Nasal surgery. Yep. He had a deviated septum. So they fixed it right up. Another surgery to add to the list. What's next.

...admitting that I am only semi-vegetarian for I cooked this lastnight--
Creamy dill & lemon Salmon, how I adore you. Can't give this up just yet. Sorry.

...pumped the Love Mine by J.R Ward released today. I however was speechless when I never received it via my Kindle! Turns out I checked my email and Amazon sent me a message saying the book is not released for the Kindle yet, just paperback. I'm mad.

...proud that I am saving the world one cup at a time. See, see!!
Pick this up today :) thought it was time to get myself a wonderful double walled ceramic travel cup. Isn't it cute! With all the coffee & tea I drink this will come in handy. OH, and it's dishwasher & microwave safe. Can you beat that? I think not!

...sick of Justin Beaver Bieber. Period.

...repeating myself. Did I mention how much I love Glee. It's corny, hilarious, touching & portrays highschool life so well. Best of all I get to see Sebastian get loowwwww to the flooooorrr :) He loves all the music.

...going to brush up on the Harry Potter books soon. I hunger for Hogwarts the school of Witchcraft & Wizardry!

...realizing that it is okay to sometimes have something go in one ear and right out the other.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

on the weekend...

My weekend started out a little rocky. I woke up Saturday with a mad sore throat which I absolutley hate. No matter I woke up did the rest of the cleaning and then just lounged around all morning and early afternoon. Bobby was down the shop doing things on the Volvo and didn't get back home until 1ish. At that point we packed ourselves up and headed downtown. I love going downtown. I love all the little shops & bars plus I just love the people. So many and so many varieties. The only thing I hate about downtown is parking. I feel like whenever we go down the big part of our stay is just searching for parking. We always try to find street parking since lot parking is super pricey. But I'm not sure if it's even worth the aggrevation.
We first started going to the playground by Brittany's place. It's what I would call a new age sort of playground for more of the older kids but doesn't really matter because Sebastian tries everything. We had fun together :)

By the time we were finished at the playground it was time to find some grub. I didn't have to ask Bobby twice about what he wanted to grab down there for everytime we go for some odd reason he always is in the mood for Potbelly, which is sort of like a Panera. He naturally got a Chicken Salad Sandwich. I however found a cute little vegetarian shop called Maoz. I got a homemade baked pita bread filled with homemade Falafel balls which are amazing and made out of chickpeas! Then you get to fill the pita full of whatever you like in the salad bar that they provide. It was the best thing ever and am sad that the only locations are downtown. I couldn't finish the whole pita so I'm excited for tomorrow after work since that will be my snack once I get home :)

After dinner we walked around for a bit looking in windows and I got a tea for my throat. The weather was fine for most the time but then it felt like the tempature dropped very fast and we ended up walking back to the car. We took the car to scope out a frozen yogurt shop that I've been wanting to go to called Sweet Endings. This was another self serve shop with tons of flavors, some super weird ones too like Black Sesame and Cream Cheese. Bobby got Peanut Butter with Chocolate and I Green Tea. It was pretty good but from some reason I liked the Lemon Tree back in Florida better, I guess it depends on the brand of yogurt.

After frozen yogurt we went over to Brittany's place to hang out and visit. She is awesome and Sebastian loves playing around with her. They are goofballs together and I enjoy Sebastian's excitement.

On our way home we stopped to get me some Pho vegetable soup. I started to again feel crappy with my throat on fire but dry at the same time. I don't know how those little Vietnamese people make this delicious soup but all I know is that it makes me feel better.

Today was food shopping/family day. We heading down to Warminster to spend the evening with my Schuler family to celebrate Nicole's Birthday once again, this time with cake!
Bobby and I have decided that we are going to be doing our big load of food shopping on Sundays down by the inlaws at Wegmans. I love that store. It has a great selection of Organic and non-Organic things which is up my ally. I think their produce is much more wholesome and stays fresh longer. They have a great Mediteranian bar with all sorts of things but I always enjoy the fresh Hummus and Babaganoush, yummmmm. The best part is that today we spend the best $160 ever with tons of goodies that I can't wait to eat :) So, Wegmans satisfies me in everyway.

I can't believe the weekend is over yet again. I feel like this week will be a little more mellow since I've caught up with most everything. Hooray!
How was your weekend?


Saturday, April 24, 2010

on a morning cheer...

Good Morning.
Glad the weekend is finally here. I got a head start on my cleaning yesterday! Two thumbs up for me.  Yeeeesssssssss.

I got caught up on my Glee episodes. I'm sorry for all of you that don't watch this show because it really brings so much joy in my life. First of all I think life would be so entertaining if we would all just break out in song whenever we felt like it. Secondly, I would love to just be able to have Jane Lynch who plays Sue Sylvester the gym teacher as a friend. For all you that are lame and don't watch Glee I have to show you a clip of one of the preformances on the lastest episode called 'The Power of Madonna'.
How awesome was that? Hope that made your morning as cheerful as it just made mine :)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

on Earth & some luvies...

    Happy Earth Day!
(via here)

I ♥ my blog :) I never in a million years would have thought I would be so involved and so in love with my blog. I take joy in everything I share and it's such a breath of fresh air, so to speak for me. With all the time and myself I put into this blog I don't really know my audience. Sure I know some family members & definitly know about one co-worker ahem..Ashley :) that read my blog but other than that who knows. And I'm not sure there is any more than that. But, I am fine with that because I simply don't care. I like having my imaginary audience.

Other than this women being stunning and I so love her style, what actually caught my eye were her sandles. Aren't they darling?! Who are you mysterious lady? What size are your feet? I'm not a creeper. Would you be so kind as to lend me your sandles so I could prance around pretending I am you, the mysterious lady?! Thanks.
Oh & maybe that ring. Yes. That would complete my mysterious-ness.

So you already know about my obsession over book selves over doorways, book shelves INSIDE steps & just book shelves in general. Well, sleeping nooks are another obsession I have. I know, oh em gee. Another obsession to join the many I already have.  The gray walls make the bed pop out as well as the window in the middle. Splendid!

Last night I got a call from Xenia (step mom) around 10pm and because I was already in bed she made me get up and look something up online. I'm so glad that I did! She told me to go to this website-- 
So I did. She told me to wait until the little video screen loaded. And I did. You won't guess what I saw? My dad and Xenia!!!! Uh huh. This particular website is the home to the Waikiki Beach web cam. It's a web cam on the beach that you can check out and is live! I was in a half awake merriment of being able to see my daddy wave to me from his paradise. That was a very nice treat before bed last night. If you want, go check out the web cam and see what the beach looks like for yourself. You might even get the chance to see someone wave to you :)

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday! I am happy for that. Saturday Bobby is planning to spend most of the morning down at his father's car shop to work on his Volvo project car. While he's doing that I will be doing some much needed cleaning in the apartment and I'm thinking that it will be a great time to start showing Sebastian what the toliet brush looks like and what to do with it...Or just have him tidy his toys :) I feel like every time we go on a mini vacation it takes forever for me to get caught up with cleaning. Frustrating but it's whatever. Then later in the day we are planning to go downtown and do some walking around. I really want to hit up a frozen yogurt shop that I heard was great called Sweet Ending. Hoping Brittany or Courtney can join us :)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

on another day...

This week has been flying by. Work has been so busy for me. Now that I've taken over many more duties I feel like I am always doing something! Paperwork, cleaning, organizing, managing, stocking, ordering, making customers happy & basically everything. I like it. I like what I do. I do it well and the work day goes by super fast. Which is always nice.

Sebastian is doing better than I thought in his bed :) He still gets out some days and sandwiches in between Bobby and I in the early morning but secretively I really truely love that. I love feeling him next to me, his warmth is so comforting.

Pretty much jealous that my dad, step mom, michelle & krisztina are in Waikiki, Hawaii. Soaking up the sun. My dad says he is red as a crab, which is always the case with him no matter if he coats himself with a whole bottle of sun block. Michelle & Krisztina are basically making friends with DOLPHINS! Yep, that's right. My dad and step mom bought them a day with the good ol' dolphins. At this point I am pretty much feeling like I got jipped in this deal. At the same time though, whenever I get to talk to my dad on the phone or just even think about him being in Hawaii my heart plumps with happiness. My dad deserves to be in paradise. He's a good man and is worthy of everything great out there :)

This week I have been satisfying my morning hunger with Fage greek yogurt. I add a squeeze of honey, pinch of cinnamon & a dash of granola! Soooooo gooooood. It's super great because it is first of all a very nutritious and also filling meal. I get through the morning with a pleased tummy until lunch.

Slightly depressed about the fact that I've missed two weeks worth of Glee. I can't even stand writing it or thinking about it for that matter. Glee is on every Tuesday and last week since we flew home from Florida on Monday naturally (since I am stupid) I thought it was Monday on Tuesday. So, then Wednesday I was thinking it was Tuesday and once I got home and sat down on the couch, turned the tv channel on to Fox and was in shock that some "not Glee" show was on. CRAP. Then lastnight we were out to dinner celebrating Nicole's 17th birthday (Bobby's baby sister). Ugghh! I will have to catch up and watch them online.

Some events that I am excited for are Mother's Day on May 9th which is also my sister Michelle's 17th Birthday. Who just now in Hawaii got to swim with dolphins and also got a early birthday present--A KINDLE! Repeat after me...SPOILED!!!!
The annual Ford Car Show in Carisle on June 4-6 then once we get home Bobby's birthday on the 8th. He will be 26 and he will love that I just posted that on my blog. He is a little sensitive about his old age. I guess that's what happens when you are with a young momma ;) We are also looking at going to Seattle in early July. Try to squeeze it in before Sebastian turns two and we have to pay for a seat. Boo.

Here's some big news for you. I've decided I'm going fully Vegetarian! As of today. I will still cook meat for my boys but will not take part in digesting it. I really only ate chicken anyways and I feel like I don't need that in my diet. I've read a few books on the side to get more educated on Vegetarianism and now am realizing that being Vegatarian doesn't just limit you to salads and veggie burgers. But, I am not going Vegan. I do love the idea but I love so many animal products like yogurt, eggs & cheese. I could not live with out cheese. I am excited for my new vow and hoping it will help me shed a few more unwanted pounds.
That being said I would really like the looks of this Greek-Style Quinon Burger. Something that I would like to try out soon!

I am loving a few newer bands. At least new to me. Sort of. Metric is a great one with a female leadsinger. Their song Help I'm Alive is my favorite. Crash Kings is another that I can't get enough of, their song Mountain Man I am fond of. This band has almost a WhiteStrips feel to it & the lead singer has the same type of vocals as Jack White does. Also Phoenix with their song Lisztomania. These guys are French. That's pretty much what does it for me!

It is something we all have but it is more precious than the rarest diamond.

It is time.


Monday, April 19, 2010

on "the bed"...

Sunday was the day we changed the crib over to the "big boy bed". Bobby put it together  with Sebastian's help of course, while I was at work. Bobby said that it didn't take that long and that it was surprizingly easy to assemble. Sebastian even took a nap during the day in the bed and did fine! I was so proud hearing that while I was at work and it made my day go that much quicker. Once I got home Sebastian didn't miss a second and brought me right into his room, hopped on to his new and improved bed to show his momma how cool he thought it was :) Here's what it now looks like--
And this is what it looks like when there is a cute little bug inside.

Had to show you. This is BIG!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

on some things I am loving...

I am loving...

I saw a women at the airport wearing these and naturally I was loving them. So of course I went up to her and asked her the brand and where she had got them. Vibram FiveFingers are the new shoe. I actually saw them on the News last night. People are buying them for running or any outdoor activity and just for fun. They say that it simulates your foot and lower muscles and also keeps them stronger and healthier. They help with balance and agility too! Cool huh? They remind me of Ninja Turtle feet. Ha. I want a pair. They range from $75+ dollars. There's so many different styles of them, check out the website.

I know, I already have a camera but this is different! It's the FujiFilm Instax mini 7. A polaroid camera that prints out wallet sized polaroids instantly. Super cool and I want one.

I thought this recipe was very cute and such a great idea for the spring & summer.
Mini watermelons made out of jello & lime. Clever huh? Spotted this on How About Orange which is also another something I am loving. This blog rocks so check it out! It gives you alot of DIY projects and ideas plus lots of resources at your fingertips.

Stairs aren't just for climbing. Love, love, love this. Books under the steps, can't get enought of it!

Really? How creatively amazing is this photoshoot. And I just love how the baby is peering over :) So adorable.

I feel like I must learn how to make this straw wrapper rose :)
It's on my list of to do's!

What are you loving at the moment?


on who I am...

...disgusted with the fact that I've still have not unpacked. What is wrong with me?!

...excited for my future at this lovely little coffee shop. On a little update. My shop was finally franchized out. I was a little uneasy when I first found out that there was someone looking to buy my shop but it turned out for the best. Dave is the new owner. A very nice down to earth family man. He already has owned a Saxbys location but the location wasn't as successful as he wanted. So far so good and I've had many great conversations about the future with him. Everything works out in the end!

...bloated, crampy, tired, impatient. Pretty much dying!

...proud to annouce that I've finally finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. Took me long enough. Well, it was just alright. I like the history to it and the characters had me interested. The big question throughout the whole book was "what happend to Harriet?". I knew from the get go what happend and I was right at the end. Speaking of the end, the ending was horrible and it truely made me furious. Other than that I was just proud of myself for even finishing it because usually I stop and move on to another when the books gets to be such a slow read. I've already started another book Lover Avenged, Lover Mine the next book of the Blackdagger Brotherhood series is coming out on the 28th this month! I just had to re-read the last book to make sure I remember everything that was going on.

...a little nervous about what Bobby and I will be working on this weekend. That is changing Sebastian's crib into a bed. Yes, it's time. He barely sleeps in the crib anymore just climbs out and gets into bed with us during the night. We've decided to make the change, teach and really buckle down on him staying in his bed. I'm nervous because I just can't wrap my head around the thought of him sleeping in a tiny bed of his own. All this time and before I had him I always thought that he would be in the crib until we was ready to go to kindergarden. Yeah! What the heck. He's still my little baby. Next week we will be playing the firm strict parents who will do anything to discipline no matter what it takes. Not going to be the easiest thing since Sebastian is pretty headstrong...wonder who he got that from? Joy.

...very proud of Julee and her Pillsbury BakeOff adventure. Who cares that she didn't win the big bucks. She won in my heart and so many others! I thought her recipe was very creative and so delicious! Hoping to be able to live up to half the person she is and also hoping she'll coach me for maybe entering the BakeOff next year :)

...not fond of the "weekend" being here. Bobby is working today and I will be working tomorrow. Not much of a weekend huh? Oh well, I don't feel that bad since they say the weather is going to be crappy anyways.

...never going to become a casualty of society. Sick of people creating these stereotypical views on how people should look or act. If you are happy and love you for you than so be it. Falling victim of conformity is something I will not stand for. If that means that I will have a body full of tattood artwork or crazy hair do. I am who I am. Don't question it. Or you will be shot down my friend. People have been testing my nerve with this subject. Not good for you :)

...trying to make myself realize that it's okay to sit around and do nothing once in a while.

I am happy...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

on Florida highlights...

Well, we're back at home, back to reality. Florida was just plain old FUN! No other way to describe it. Very easy breezy and relaxing. It was definitly worth going down and spending a day at Disney even though Sebastian is so young. We all had a blast and the crowd at Magic Kingdom did not make a dent in our mood. There was so much to do and look at that we payed no mind to all the people. It really is a magical place and did truely bring the kid out in me :) As you can tell from the pictures...I had no shame and got down & boogied with Woody. I know he enjoyed that very much. No doubt.

I really loved all the palm trees everywhere. The weather was perfect for it wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze blowing. I found Magic Kingdom very nice with it's huge palm trees that cast lots of shade all around with many places to seek out to get away from heat of the sun.

I don't think that I was the only one feeling like a kid again :) Bobby was litterally on the ground looking at these guys whenever they would go pitter pattering across the pavement.
We found this little guy on a tree near the hotel pool! They are super fast and camouflage right into whatever they are resting on. Way cool.

Downtown Disney was also something that I really enjoyed. It would be, I think, tons of fun to get a group together and just enjoy an evening down there. Definitly an adult feel to it. Although we did find some small rides for Sebastian to have fun on and also a few restaurants that are geared towards kids like the T-Rex restaurant.

Doesn't that look awesome? Julee actually tried to get us a reservation but of course the earliest spot would of been around 10pm. This place will be one of the many things we would love to check out on our next visit when Sebastian is a few years older!

Daytona Beach was alright. The weather was not the best. Very cloudy and rained here and there. At the end of our stay the sun decided to come out. The ocean was extremely cold. Like freezing. We let Sebastian go in but I had to drag him out of the water since it was far too cold for him to spend a long period of time in. It was very dramatic for him to be pulled out and he didn't understand when I told him that he would catch Hyphothermia, alas we found a nice park for him to release his energy at and he completely forgot about the ice water.
I adore that hat, he looks like a natural Crocodile Dundee :)

Our last day there, Monday we spent time doing a load of wash and packing. The hotel wouldn't let us have a late check out without paying another $30 dollars so we just decided to get everything packed and hand in our key at 11am. Our flight didn't leave until 6:30pm and we wanted to get to the airport around 3:30pm so we would have plenty of time to return the rental. Until then we left the car in the hotel parking lot and walked around the area. Sebastian fell asleep in his stroller and took about a two hour nap! While Bobby and I discovered the best frozen yogurt joint ever called Lemon Tree. It was just a simple small shop 100% self serve. You walk in, grab a cup, pour yourself some yogurt, add topping if you want, then just weigh & pay. I thought it was the best thing. So many flavors to choose from like: tart, chocolate, pomagrante, philadelphia cheesecake or mango sherbert!! You were able to also try whatever flavor and however many flavors you wanted before choosing, helped us alot by the way. I however chose a flavor that I never heard of and thought was intersted and just super tasty called Taro. Have you heard of that? I never had. I asked the dude that was working he told me that Taro is grown in Hawaii. It's a tropical vegatable plant. When he told me that I was kind of weirded out but once I tasted the yogurt I loved it! It was purplish in color and the flavor wasn't overpowering but unique. I acutally can't describe it.

Flight home was exhausting. We were lucky that the plane wasn't full and the man in the isle seat moved to the other side to give us a seat for Sebastian. We've been so lucky to have such nice people sit next to us. Either that or they just want to get as far away from him as they can. Ha. He was AWAKE THE WHOLE RIDE. I think that was the first. Since he slept for so long before the flight we had the pleasure in having him wide awake and thinking he was cute. He colored in his 'UP' coloring book and made lots of friends in every seat :) He tends to do that everywhere. He even picked up a chick a little too old for him. My boy has the mooooves!

What can I say? Life is great. Florida was amazing. I can say that I am very blessed to have such a great man who strives for the best for his family and I can say the same for myself. More lovely memories to add :)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

on Florida day #2...

Words can not describe how amazing day number two in Florida was! Magic Kingdom was so whimsical and fun for both of us and Sebastian. By the end off the day I took 300 pictures! Of course I would love to show you all of them but I can't. I do plan on putting every single one on to my Flickr once I get back so you can see every shot of this amazing experience.

The day started out with the drive to Disney World. It wasn't far at all from the hotel. Took us about 15-20 minutes which was very nice.  We got there right around 9am and the park opens at 8am, I was very proud of us for that! The parking lot was set up in tons of sections with each one having a different name. We happend to park in the Pluto Parking lot :) We had to take a tramcar to get to the other side which was nice so we didn't have to walk all that way. Once we got to the other side we were a little confused to where we had to go since we've never been there. We thought that everything was suppose to be right there but of course we were just too excited and didn't realize that we still had to take a ferry to get to the actual park. All we had to do is follow the crowd to the ferry. I thought that was so cool, ferrying to the park. It was a very slow ride and I was bubbling with excitement.
As soon as we arrived and boarded off the ferry we walked right into Main Street! It was so overwhelming seeing everything. I didn't know what to look at first. I'm sure Sebastian was the same way because his eyes were wide and looking all around. Cute!
We were very hungry by the time we got there so we decided to go and have some breakfast at Main Streets Bakery. It was a very nice place to eat and I loved it. Even though a simple breakfast cost thirty dollars!! I know! But it was worth it.
Then we had to walk up to Cinderella's Castle, which by the way is just as magical as they say. I was 8 again jumping up and down with glee and feeling like a little princess! If you can believe that.

Once we got up close to the Castle they started a show but we were pretty far and I couldn't get very good shots. It was super fun though and Sebastian was laughing and bouncing in his dad's arms!

Adventureland was our first destination. It had a very tropical Arabian look to it with all the people that worked there wearing Arabian costumes! Right in the front as we walked in we spotted Lilo & Stitch! And just had to go visit them.
Sebastian was very fascinated and was laughing at Stitch who tryed eating his Autograph book. Haha. Which they signed by the way!!

Sebastian's first ride was Aladdin's Magic Carpet.
Of course he love, love, loved it!
Unfortunetly this ride was the only ride we were able to go on. There was tons of people everywhere and wait time for his sort of rides had waits up to 50 minutes! It was a little to long to wait for him but none the less he had fun.

While we were in Adventureland I got a hair wrap. I just had to! It was funny sitting in line with 10 year olds next to me but I didn't care.

When we were through with Adventureland we headed back up front to the castle because we heard that there was parade starting. I'm so glad we did because it was the best EVER! Why? Well, let me show you.
Sebastian and I DANCED WITH WOODY!!!!!! AHHHHHH!
I still can't believe it. We weren't allowed to go into the area while the parade was moving but once they stopped everyone was able to come inside the join the parade. Music was awesome and all the characters were dancing around. I pretty much got down and jiggy with Woody and Sebastian thought it was the coolest. What can I say I'm just a hip momma!

Frontierland was next. Where we hitched a ride on the Disney Railroad. It stopped at all the different areas in the park. It was nice to sit and enjoy the ride plus just relax our feet. Oh and get away from the sun for a little while.

Afterward we wanted to go visit Woody & Jesse to take a picture and get their autographs. Since Woody is Sebastian's favorite.
Sebastian wanted to play peek-a-boo with them and so they played along. Haha!
Isn't that the cutest thing ever!
I think so :)

Fanstaseyland was next. We just walked through and found Pooh's Playful Spot! Sebastian loved all the hunny pots! He enjoyed being able to have an area to run around without tons of people in the way and having other kids to play around with. I was very happy we found this so he could stretch his legs and not have to worry about losing him amoung the crowd.

Lastly, we strolled through Tomorrowland. We didn't really stop to do much here just looked around. Too many long lines and alot of bigger kid stuff.
Tomorrowland dumped us right back to the Castle where another parade was happening.
That was the end of our stay at Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
An amazing experience with 300 pictures to prove it. We had the time of our lives and can't wait to go back again hopefully when Sebastian is much older!
It will be fun to show Sebastian his first visit once he is older!!!

Back to the hotel to shower and give Sebastian a much needed bath. Then drove back, this time to Downtown Disney. I was so looking foward to this part of our trip because he finally got to see Julee & Glen. We had a wonderful dinner at Reglan Irish Pub. I got a portabello burger with fries and Bobby got the chowder along with Julee. Sebastian just ate off our plates. It was a nice time eating good food and catching up with my favorite people in the world. I love them with all my heart and had the time of my life spending the evening walking, talking and goofing around.
Julee, Glen and I infront of the Sea Monster completely made out of LEGOS! Crazy huh?! It was incredible.

This is my Momma :)
It made this trip a million times happier for me to be able to spend time with these two. They mean the world to me and I love them with all my heart. Along our walk back upfront to the entrance I lost my boys and found them inside a store called Ride Makerz (a car model shop) and I knew that would be bad. So did Julee :) That was when we parted, for they had to catch the monarail back to their hotel. I hugged on them both and it wasn't until they left that the water works started for me. I had to cling onto Bobby for support. It was alot of happiness for me and then once they left it was back to reality knowing that I go back to Philly and they back to Seattle. It's hard to be so far from these people that I cherish so much but all I know is that we keep each other in the heart and talk all the time. So, I pulled myself together and let my boys have fun in the store of their dreams or should I say Bobby's dream!

Day number two was beyond words. I had a blast so did my boys. Wonderful memories to share with you and to hold on to.
Today is a nice relaxing day. We are soon heading down to Daytona Beach were we will soak up some sun. Splashing in the OCEAN and just enjoy ourselves and each other.
I live a good life and feel so blessed for EVERYTHING!
Oh yea and guess what??? Sebastian got to pet a baby gator this morning!!!