Wednesday, March 24, 2010

on things you should know...

You should know...

Sebastian now has an ear infection. Bobby stayed home with our sick little boy today because he still has been running a fever off and on. We wanted him to get as much rest as he could. Once I got home from work today the first look at him, I knew right away there was something very wrong. It's like a sixth sence when it comes to Sebastian. Right away I called the doctors office and got a five o'clock appointment. Sure enough as soon as the doctor put the scope in his ears there was no doubt that his poor ears were infected. His first ear infection, which we're lucky that he made it being a year and a half before his first one. He's having a hard time with it, of course its understandable. Bobby took off tomorrow as well and I already have planned to stay home on Friday (three day weekend anyone?). All things considered Sebastian is a tough cookie and will beat this thing with the help of antibiotics!

We have our flight out to Florida all booked. We found a great deal on AirTran and were able to get tickets for only $484! Gotta love it. Then we also scored with the hotel because we rock and collect Coke rewards. Yes, we buy Coke, because we like it. We ended up collecting so many points and got us a $50 gift card for a hotel. Hooray!

Depending on how Sebastian is feeling, Saturday we will be going to the annual 15,000 egg hunt at Curtis Arboratum! 15,000 eggs!!! Wowza. It will be the first year attending and I know Sebastian will have a blast with finding eggs at this favorite place to explore. Afterwards we plan to hit up the Easter bunny at the mall to get pictures and I want to end the day with taking him to see the new moive How to train your Dragon. Should be a fun day, fingers crossed that the plans will stick.

On April 27th Love Mine book #8 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is coming out. And. I. Am. Overwhelmed. With. Glee. I've been waiting for so long and the time is coming near. Already ordered it via Kindle and will be sent to me that morning. Eeekk!

Let's not forget that Sebastian got his first real hair cut at the salon yesterday. Much needed by the way. The place that we went to was a great find for it was geared towards kids. He was able to sit inside a racecar and the lady put on his favorite movie Cars to watch while she snipped away. Her name was Wendy and she was a doll. Such an upbeat and patient person with a bubbley personalitly, perfect for my boy. He didn't have any trouble and sat through the whole thing with without a peep. They even gave us a certificate to remember this first hair cut. Of course I snapped a few pictures myself.
The new do!
Certificate with a lock of hair :)

 A nice hot cup of Kenyan coffee with a white chocolate biscotti is right now my favorite thing to indulge in. Yuuumm.

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