Saturday, March 13, 2010

on some things I am loving...

Today is already feeling like a very lazy day. Outside is beyond yucky! Total gloom, rain & wind going on which is making it very hard for me to even think about stepping outside.

Some things that I am loving at the moment--

I love wallpaper! Wallpaper can make a room so much for dignified and rich.
(photos via design sponge)
Same goes for wall decals. I think they are definitly a great way to add something unique to a plain looking wall or just to spice up a room.

(via space for inspiration)
Crates for shelves! Come on, how cool is that? I think it looks so simple and you could have so much fun with it. You could set them up on the wall any which way. It looks great to store books and the vase with flowers on the one side is unreal. 
I just love the idea!

I fancy this Betsey Johnson dress.
I almost would enjoy wearing this as wedding dress....

Ta-Da. I found the perfect cut and even color all in one! I think this will be great for spring. Put some layers in the back to bring it up a bit and give it some more shape. What do you think about the colors? I think this is a winner :)

Oh.My.God! Have you seen it yet???
108 days left!

after that trailer, I must catch my breath ;)

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  1. you goof! you are a Twilight nut! I love the color and cut on that style you're looking at. And I also love the picture from a couple of days ago of Sebastian sleeping at his high chair. So cute!!