Wednesday, March 03, 2010

on the results...

So, I got the phone call from the doctor and ended up not being the results I was hoping for. The doctor told me that my blood work shows I have an over active Thyroid. The medical term is actually Hyperthyroidism. Which basically means that my Thyroid gland is producing too much Thyroid hormones. Now I have to be on medication that I must take everyday. Joy. It's not serious or anything but definitly has to be monitored. Once three months has past I get to go back for some more blood work to check it all over again.
That's that.

Today was a horrid day. I was already in a foul mood to begin with and then having difficult customers at work didn't help. That's just part of the deal. Let's just say it was one of those days and I'm glad it's over!

I did however get a tiny break in my mood when after work I went into Kid's Footlocker and found Sebastian some cute new shoes! I adore them and so does he :) Hey, and can you believe they were only 10 dollars!! I know, I've been scoring big lately.
New Balance Sesame Street Addition with Grover :) Aren't they the coolest?
My little man is so hip.

Tonight you will find me in the tub full of hot steamy water with my Kindle! Very much needed indeed!!


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