Saturday, March 06, 2010

...on a new page + few weekend highlights

This week has been a crazy one. I'm glad to have the weekend here even though I know it will go fast and I guarentee it won't feel much like a weekend at all. I roll with the punches.

First, this week I found out that I have a slightly overactive Thyroid so, now I have to deal with thinking about that and take a medication that I absolutely hate-- for it makes me sleepy by 8pm. That is one thing I can't stand. I'll be giving my doctor a call to see if there is anything else she can give me that won't make me so darn tired.

Then on Wednesday a new page was turned in 'The Adventures of Motherhood'. Can you guess what it is?? Sebastian can offically climb right out of this crib. Yep, you heard me right. Can you believe it?!
Here is how it happend. Play by play. I put him down for bed around 8:30pm with no problems. I went into the kitchen to start getting his lunch ready for daycare the next day. All of a sudden I hear his door knob shifting. I really had no idea what to think so I hurried to go see what the heck was going on and who ends up being on the other side trying to open the son! I was shocked. Like, bug eyes and mouth open shocked. So, I am standing there with this paralized look on my face and he naturally has a super evil smile on HIS face! Oh boy. That wasn't the end of it. I think I put him into his crib a total of 6 times. Each time he would just hop out and follow me right as soon as I've stepped out his door way. It was almost like a game he was playing, like in his little mischievous brain he was plotting this master plan to keep Momma up until the crack of dawn...
On his finally attempt I was able to catch a glimpes of this little boy doing the deed. Let me say, and I'm not exagerating, this boy had the escape down to a science. It's full on Gymnastics stuff. He gets a hold of the rail, then uses this mattress as a spring board like a tiny girl gymnists then just jumps, swings both legs over and ends with just simply lowering himself down to the ground (he isn't far from the bottom at this point).
Now, both Bobby and I are debating on whether it's time to convert the crib into a bed or just try to draw this out as long as we can. I've been getting mixed opinions on the subject. Some say it's too early for a bed, other say once he is climbing out you got to switch. "The Book" says the same that once the child is climbing out it is time to make the switch. I personally think he is too young. Sebastian is only 19 months. Is he ready to learn the concept of "the bed"? I'm not sure. I think he would do okay since at daycare he sleeps on a mat on the floor and does fantastic...I just don't know. For now we are just going to keep him in the crib until he shows more signs that he is ready for the switch. Once we switch there's no going back..YIKES ;)
All in all the last couple nights he has not climbed out. Did he forget his new ability? I don't know..wishful thinking much?
That's the newest!

Bobby is working tonight. He actually just got home a couple hours ago since he is doing the Graveyard shift this week and next. Right now he is in bed snoring away trying to get enough sleep to do another 12 hour shift tonight. I don't know how he does it and I give him mad props! & love him for all of it.

I got a call from BestBuy saying my laptop is FINALLY DONE! Sebastian and I are taking a trip down there today to pick it up and boy are those so called "Geeks" going to get an ear full. It has been almost 2 months!!! Unexceptable. My next post will be made from my own precious lappy :) Makes me swell with joy!

Alice in Wonderland is out. Yay. I'm going out tomorrow evening to see it. I made plans to see the movie with Ashley, who is one of the girls I work with. I am super excited to spend some time with her outside of work. She is a very smart, down-to-earth kind of person who is always lots of fun. It will be nice to enjoy some time with good company!

I made another recipe that I got of NoblePig. Maple Mustard-Glazed Chicken--

(this picture does not do justice)
Very simple and yet so tasteful! Go make this now. RIGHT NOW. I loved it so much and it took me nearly half and hour to make. Which was wonderful because I was worried I wasn't going to get done cooking before Bobby had to leave for work. But I did! I sounds weird to have maple syrup and mustard but really combining such great sweet and savory elements makes the chicken so much more inviting. It's freshing to find different things to do with chicken since it's really the only meat I enjoy eating and the only meat that doesn't make me gag or make fearful faces at.

Lastly, I'd would like to say that today the tempture will reach 50 degrees! So, Sebastian and I will hit up one of the playgrounds on our way to BestBuy. And by the way today is going he surely needs to relieve some energy!!


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