Monday, March 22, 2010

on just another day at the park...

Sebastian was representing the Seattle Mariners on Sunday, the hoodie Julee & Glen gave him way before he was even born! It finally fits :)
Sebastian is sicky poo again. At first we thought he might be getting some alergies since yesterday his nose was running and eyes were itchy/irriated. Then lastnight he developed a fever and a cough which now sounds horrible. I went to work today morning but then ended up asking Ashley to coming in early. I am so lucky to have such understanding co-workers & boss. They didn't ask any questions. I just can't do it, I can't be at work while my little baby is at home coughing up a storm and feeling like death. Doesn't matter that I was up all night with him next to me and didn't slept a wink, nope that does not stop me. So, the doctor lady said that he aquired a respitory bug :( He has to get drops put into his eyes three times a day and is on Tylenol. Sebastian's chart is full of visits from the last couple months and once I told the doctor that he attends daycare for a few days a weeks she didn't ask another question. She assured me they pick up so much yucky stuff there with all the kids and adults. It sucks but I'd rather him build immunities now rather than when he starts Kindergarden.

Our Sunday was so much fun. We spend all day with the whole family and went to one of the parks around where the in-laws live. Peace Valley Park. It almost reminds me of Green Lake from back home with the body of water & path running all around. We brought all the bikes-- one with a bike seat for Sebastian (he loves to ride with the wind in his hair!), we picked up some hoagies to have a nice picnic, chairs, blankets & ended up having a very lovely time.
No denying those two are father & son :)
Getting ready to cruise with his Mom-mom.
Couldn't resist taking a couple a million family photos on the dock.
The best picture of the whole bunch. There's no way to get a them all to hold still & smile (nicely) for the camera, although that is Dad's real smile ;)

It's raining today which I'm hoping Mother Nature won't make a habit of. Anywho. I need to start planting my indoor garden that way all my fresh herbs will be all ready for the summer. I love the thought of just stepping outside and gathering some basil or dill for dinner!!

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  1. I love the pictures of the three of you! So cute. And Sebastian looks darling in his Ms sweatshirt. Just in time for baseball season! Sure hopes he feels better soon.