Friday, March 12, 2010

on being a little fair, a little fabulous & a tiny bit of joyous-- Frabjous!

Happy Friday. This week has been a weird one. Monday felt like Monday. Tuesday felt like Monday again. Wednesday felt like Tuesday. Thursday felt like Wednesday and today was just a very long day.
Although nothing would make me leave my boys, it would be nice if I could just teleport myself here and sit for a few hours just to...breeeeethe.

(via the unreliable girl)
If you could snap your fingers and be somwhere that would take you to complete enlightenment, where would you go?

Sebastian has discovered how to plug his ears. Uh huh. So, now he plugs his ears when he doesn't want to listen to me blabber. Not a good sign. Like today in the car, I started singing some song that I made up that I will title "driving home in the car with my favorite mommy" and half way through my song he decided that he didn't want to listen anymore. Yep, he plugged his ears. Yeah, yeah, yeah I get the hint...hey! at least the kid is honest ;)

I was very disappointed to have one of the dudes from F.Y.E come over to my shop today and tell me that the New Moon release party is cancelled. It was pretty much the end of my world. I'm serious. I was grumpy the rest of the day. I still am. I guess I'll have to have my own little party. Do you wanna come? Please come. Otherwise it will be just Bobby and I...BOOOOOOO!

No particular plans for this weekend. Of course according to the weather report it shall rain all weekend so the playground or Curtis Arbouretum down the street from us, which is somewhere we enjoy going to on lovely sunny days, is out of the question.
I, however, am going to start my hunt for prescription sunglasses. Bobby ended up calling our insurance and found out that they cover a portion of the cost. Uber cool! It will definitly help out since I really want to get a nice pair that I will be comfortable in wearing on a daily basis and for a long while. Of course they have to be fashionable, duh! Alot of people have been telling me to just go and get some contacts that way I don't have to spend so much on prescription sunglasses and can just get any ol' pair of sunglasses. But I don't like contacts! Okay! I just can't get used to them. It's not the part about putting them in, I'm fine with doing that but it's the fact that they dry my eyes out and I feel them in there-- on my eyeball. After wearing them for a few hours my eyeballs feel like the Sahara desert. I can't stand it. They are not for me.

If you didn't already know, I thrive on all things creative. I try to bring a little creativity to everything I do. Just because I like to. Ever since I've seen Alice in Wonderland the whole world is infused into my brain. I loved all the colors and designs of all the clothes. Just everything about it makes me wish that our world was just as vibrant and magical. Here is a book that I came across while searching for all things Underland (as Tim Burton rechristens it). It's called Eat Me!: The Stupendous, Self-raising World of Cupcakes and Cookies According to Cookie Girl--

This gem is by Xanthe Milton a.k.a Cookie Girl, which is her Blog alias. Xanthe began making cookies and selling them door to door in London's Notting Hill. Crazy huh? And by now she has made a sort of celebrity of herself. I was very enchanted by the photographs of all these tasty treats.
Passion fruit sandwich
Such darling Cupcakes!
Lemon fingers--this photo really is such a creative way to capture these yellow tarts!
(photos via Tea For Joy)
My favorite, Homemade Macaroons. These babies are on my list of things to bake. I've always wanted to try. Loving the teapot in the background :)

Well, on this most frabjous Friday I wish you a fair weekend! Ta-ta.


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