Monday, March 29, 2010

on 608 days ago...

On this day 608 days ago I gave birth to him
My little bean :)
Where did the time go.
It was quite an adventure. He was four days late and I remember pretty much sitting/laying on the couch for those four days just weeping in agony (just ask my sister). I would put my hand on my tummy and ask him why he won't come out. I was ready. Then when the day came of my last doctor appointment Mr.Doc said he was so sure I would go into labor that day, I was skeptical. But once those darn contractions hit I was filled with joy, excitment & relief. Relief because being induced was my worst fear, I wanted it all to happen the "real" way. I remember sitting in the car laughing at each contraction for it was so alien and was happy that each painful knife in the gut feeling was bringing my baby closer and closer to me.
Labor was quite an experience. One that I will never forget. I always thought that once he popped out that I wouldn't be able to contain myself and cry my eyeballs out, but on the contrary I didn't even shed a tear. I couldn't take my eyes off of him and followed the nurses where ever they took him. Those first moments seeing him, finally seeing his nose, eyes and especially his ears (thank god he didn't inherit his fathers ears, have you seen them?) I didn't want to have those tears blurring my vision :) The tears flowed when I was able to call my dad and talk to him. I wish he could of been there in the hospital even if he did come a couple days later to see Sebastian. In the end I really could not have been able to poop out that 7 pound and 11 ounces hunk of baby without Bobby there to hold my hand and cheer me on (although after birth he had no feeling) and of course Michelle, my sister who held my head up for those couple hours. Mad props to her. She definitly grew some muscles in her arms that day.
That day changed my life as well as many others :) I can't believe there is only 4 months until he'll be two years old. Almost time to start planning for a parrr-tayyy!! 

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