Monday, March 01, 2010

I can't stop talking that blah, blah, blah...

I hope ya'll had a nice relaxing weekend. I know I sure did! I am still raving about my Potluck to everyone I possibly know. I was even telling random customers at work about it and Julee's story. Fun, fun, fun.

I know I said yesterday that I was going to do nothing all day and just be a bum but of course, being me that could not be done. Upon Bobbys return from the shop, with a surprize up his sleeve too. Can you guess the surprize he had waiting for me outside??? MY JEEEEEEEP! Yep, it's finally back home looking all brand new and what not. The whole entire front end is newly painted and super shiny. Although Bobby wasn't fully satisfied with the place that did the work and found miniscule things that NO one would ever see, where as I was just happy to see my damn thing. But I don't blame him because that is his line of expertise not mine.
 Anyways...getting back to Bobbys return, we packed up our things and headed to the mall. We decided to go to the Oxford Valley Mall which is around 45 minutes away, one of the farther ones. I thought it would be a nice change to take a drive and also because there is a Plato's Closet right next to the mall ;) I love Plato's Closet. Yes, it's gentley used clothing but Hey! I have no problem with recycled clothes. At this place it's very hard to not find great looking stuff! I always end up finding something that I like and the outstanding part is that everything is so afordable. Love that! This visit I happend to find me a brand new pair of gray Gap skinny slacks, size 6...sorry I just had to add that in there because I love saying 'size 6' :)

The mall was fun. I like all the stores but don't like all the people. I guess I am so used to the Plymouth Meeting Mall that I work at. If you've been there you know what I mean because most the population inside the mall are old mall walkers. What? It's the truth.
I figured since I was at the mall I would buy some shoes. Went into Journey's and came out with a pair of thin sole blue Vans. Next stop was Pacsun. I went in there to buy jeans but ended up not finding anything that tickled my fancy but did find a Fox coat on the clearance rank priced for twenty dollars!! I walked out the mall on cloud nine.

Let me introduce you to Silly Bandz :) Nicole, Bobby's little sister familiarized me with these, I think, super cool bracelets. See...
This is what they look like on my wrist.
And this is what they look like off your wrist! Cool huh?!
You can find them at Halmark. They come in all different themes like; animals, dinosaurs, and even ones that are shapes of the alphabet! Naturally, I had to start my collection with the Rock 'n' Roll theme :) Nicole and I made a deal where she buys some and then me and we trade!! Yessssss!

Tonight I tried out my very first recipe that I got off that blog I told you about, NoblePig. I saw it yesterday and after consulting with Bobby we picked up the some of the ingredients that were needed. I made Egg Foo Yong--
Yummm! I give this a five thumbs up, Bobby & Sebasitan too. Very easy recipe which was great since after food shopping and picking up our VW Golf from Bobby's dad's shop (since he left it there yesterday to drive the Jeep home) we got home a little late. I totally recommend it!

Speaking of food shopping I got to pick up the newest addition to my Professional Cookware. I accumulated 70 points and I decided to cash it in for a 27cm Square Grill Pan--

Looking forward to the weekend already. I made plans with one of the girls I work with, Ashley to go see Alice in Wonderland. Can't wait to see Johnny Depp's crazy bug eyes and Helena Bonham Carter's alien shaped head :)

Time for Heroes...

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