Friday, March 26, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...a hot mess. All week I've been just doing the whole ponytale & headband thing. Thank god I made a hair appointment for Tuesday! Couldn't come soon enough.

...learning more and more about my camera. It is very fasinating and I hope to be able to find a class to take in the summer :)

...loving getting some extra sleep today since Sebastian slept in until 9:30am, mostly due to him being sick. It was still very needed for both of us.

...thinking that some smothered in grease bacon and scrabbled eggs would be an ideal breakfast however I'm much too lazy to make it and I know that it would be awfully criminal to do to my tighs. Soooo, I'll just stick to a nice hot cup of tea and a granola bar. Humph.

...aware that I've been devoting too much emotion into things that I know I can't really help or change. (I get this trait from my father). I need to accept that I can't change everything and that hopefully whatever it may be will find peace. Along with my mind.

...on top of the world! At least when it comes to motherhoods trials & tribulations. I am unstoppable. Throw anything my way and WHAM! It's as good as done. No doubt it's easier having a man like Bobby by my side :)

...excited that there is only 14 days until Florida. It will be such a great escape!


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