Sunday, March 21, 2010

on Spring thinking...

I'm up a little earlier this morning and loving this sun.

Spring had me thinking...

  • In dire need to go clothes shopping for Sebastian. He needs lots of t-shirts and shorts. The kid is getting way too big anymore.
  • Now that the sun is out I realize how pale I am. I might consider to fake 'n' bake a few times epically before Florida. That way I don't look albino among all the already vacationers & locals.
  • I really need to make some time and get to my hair salon. I need my Spring do!!
  • It sucks to live on the top floor apartment since heat does rise. It gets super hot in our place even with the windows open and ceiling fans on..
  • Time to start planting my indoor herb garden, that way I can transfer everything to my wonderful patio garden! I will be taking a trip to Loews with the mother-in-law to buy all our supplies. (Also thinking about planting some tomatoes, zucchini & eggplant).
  • I am sort of jealous happy for my dad & his family because they will be heading to Hawaii on my sisters Spring break from school. They so deserve paradise :)
  • Spring means that some of my shows will be coming back to me like Vampire Diaries & Glee. It will be so exciting to see what is in store for them both. I can't help my dorkness.
  • I want to get some more outdoorsy toys for Sebastian. He has his quad and his slide but he needs change...
  • My poor car needs a good wash, wax & detailing. I might just have to charm Chris, Bobby's brother into doing it. Muwwwahahaha.
  • Work will starting slowing down since people would rather be outside sun bathing than inside a mall. Then they will all realize that we have awesome iced/blended drinks, smoothies & yummy frozen yogurt!!
  • Did you know in Australia it is Autumn right now? Weird right?
  • Really need to get on it and get my prescription sunglasses, I need them before FLORIDA!
Well, today we have tons of wash to do. Lots of playing outside to do. Some shopping to to get done. And I'll try convincing the sun to shine extra onto my chicken legs ;)


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