Tuesday, March 30, 2010

on the new hair...

Here it is! And I love it. Perfect for the Spring & Summer. The color is beautiful even though the picutures don't do any justice. I'll try to take a picture soon in the daylight.
Tonight I will be doing a super short post due to the fact that I'm am very pooped and lots has gone down the past couple hours. I will update you on the events but just need to have some R&R with Bobby while we watch Heroes. Hopefully I will get through an episode since I am already having a hard time keeping my eyes open and it's only 8pm! I know!! What.the.HELL.
Oh, I made Buffalo Chicken Macaroni Bake for dinner tonight. First time I've made it and got it off NoblePig. We'll see how that turned out. I'll let you know.
Can't believe that next week we are going to FLORIDA :)
It's nice thinking about it. But sucks that there will be tons of things to get done until then. Ugh. Easter Sunday. Really? Already? I'll be making Deviled Eggs & a Blueberry Pie. Plus I am getting an Egg Hunt together for the boys. They will have fun finding colorful eggs hidden around the backyard of the in-laws house & I will have fun watching their faces light up & will love taking pictures of those faces!

Hope all is well with you.

Monday, March 29, 2010

on 608 days ago...

On this day 608 days ago I gave birth to him
My little bean :)
Where did the time go.
It was quite an adventure. He was four days late and I remember pretty much sitting/laying on the couch for those four days just weeping in agony (just ask my sister). I would put my hand on my tummy and ask him why he won't come out. I was ready. Then when the day came of my last doctor appointment Mr.Doc said he was so sure I would go into labor that day, I was skeptical. But once those darn contractions hit I was filled with joy, excitment & relief. Relief because being induced was my worst fear, I wanted it all to happen the "real" way. I remember sitting in the car laughing at each contraction for it was so alien and was happy that each painful knife in the gut feeling was bringing my baby closer and closer to me.
Labor was quite an experience. One that I will never forget. I always thought that once he popped out that I wouldn't be able to contain myself and cry my eyeballs out, but on the contrary I didn't even shed a tear. I couldn't take my eyes off of him and followed the nurses where ever they took him. Those first moments seeing him, finally seeing his nose, eyes and especially his ears (thank god he didn't inherit his fathers ears, have you seen them?) I didn't want to have those tears blurring my vision :) The tears flowed when I was able to call my dad and talk to him. I wish he could of been there in the hospital even if he did come a couple days later to see Sebastian. In the end I really could not have been able to poop out that 7 pound and 11 ounces hunk of baby without Bobby there to hold my hand and cheer me on (although after birth he had no feeling) and of course Michelle, my sister who held my head up for those couple hours. Mad props to her. She definitly grew some muscles in her arms that day.
That day changed my life as well as many others :) I can't believe there is only 4 months until he'll be two years old. Almost time to start planning for a parrr-tayyy!! 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

on being happy & other things...

[Note: Everything in this post will be bold and keep in mind that this is my point of view & thoughts. If you have any problems with what I have to say, ignore this post.]

[via on youaremyfave]

I am feeling very spiritual in my own way today. Very happy to be who I am and where this life is taking me. I am not a religious person. I don't believe in God. My parents never took me to church and never handed me a Bible to read.
I don't blame them for not bringing that part into my life because I am just fine without it. They had other things more important to worry about and so did I.
I believe in people. That is my faith. People. I think people in this colossal world are the ones that make a difference. The ones that have the power to make whatever it is that we are making. Good or bad. I like the good!

Sure people can argue with me about how everything started and who the heck made it all to begin with, and okay that's fine because I myself have no idea. I don't have any answers for that. All I know is that I am here because of my parents and their here because of their parents, and so on. For that I am thankful, because I wouldn't have the amazing people in my life, a job that I enjoy, a man that completes me more than anyone could ever, & a beautiful son that makes my life light up like fireworks every time I look at him!
I believe in destiny. No one person is the same. We are all unique and have a purpose in this world. Everyone is born to do some great in the world today. Your a doctor saving lives, a pilot taking people to see their families, a teacher educating children, a manager at a coffee shop making sure there is order & smiles on peoples faces as you hand them their small double shot latte :), or just a mother who's doing everything in her power to bring children into the world that will grow into someone who will make a difference.
We're all connected, we are all in life doing what we can to survive. Some more than others. I am happy to be here. This very moment sitting next to my son watching UP and loving knowing that I made this little being and someday he will have his own beliefs and dreams and someday will be saying the same things about his own children.

I am happy to say the least. I hope you are too. And remember that what's meant to be will always find it's way to come about.
Make today count like all the rest!

Thank you for doing what you do :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...a hot mess. All week I've been just doing the whole ponytale & headband thing. Thank god I made a hair appointment for Tuesday! Couldn't come soon enough.

...learning more and more about my camera. It is very fasinating and I hope to be able to find a class to take in the summer :)

...loving getting some extra sleep today since Sebastian slept in until 9:30am, mostly due to him being sick. It was still very needed for both of us.

...thinking that some smothered in grease bacon and scrabbled eggs would be an ideal breakfast however I'm much too lazy to make it and I know that it would be awfully criminal to do to my tighs. Soooo, I'll just stick to a nice hot cup of tea and a granola bar. Humph.

...aware that I've been devoting too much emotion into things that I know I can't really help or change. (I get this trait from my father). I need to accept that I can't change everything and that hopefully whatever it may be will find peace. Along with my mind.

...on top of the world! At least when it comes to motherhoods trials & tribulations. I am unstoppable. Throw anything my way and WHAM! It's as good as done. No doubt it's easier having a man like Bobby by my side :)

...excited that there is only 14 days until Florida. It will be such a great escape!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

on things you should know...

You should know...

Sebastian now has an ear infection. Bobby stayed home with our sick little boy today because he still has been running a fever off and on. We wanted him to get as much rest as he could. Once I got home from work today the first look at him, I knew right away there was something very wrong. It's like a sixth sence when it comes to Sebastian. Right away I called the doctors office and got a five o'clock appointment. Sure enough as soon as the doctor put the scope in his ears there was no doubt that his poor ears were infected. His first ear infection, which we're lucky that he made it being a year and a half before his first one. He's having a hard time with it, of course its understandable. Bobby took off tomorrow as well and I already have planned to stay home on Friday (three day weekend anyone?). All things considered Sebastian is a tough cookie and will beat this thing with the help of antibiotics!

We have our flight out to Florida all booked. We found a great deal on AirTran and were able to get tickets for only $484! Gotta love it. Then we also scored with the hotel because we rock and collect Coke rewards. Yes, we buy Coke, because we like it. We ended up collecting so many points and got us a $50 gift card for a hotel. Hooray!

Depending on how Sebastian is feeling, Saturday we will be going to the annual 15,000 egg hunt at Curtis Arboratum! 15,000 eggs!!! Wowza. It will be the first year attending and I know Sebastian will have a blast with finding eggs at this favorite place to explore. Afterwards we plan to hit up the Easter bunny at the mall to get pictures and I want to end the day with taking him to see the new moive How to train your Dragon. Should be a fun day, fingers crossed that the plans will stick.

On April 27th Love Mine book #8 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is coming out. And. I. Am. Overwhelmed. With. Glee. I've been waiting for so long and the time is coming near. Already ordered it via Kindle and will be sent to me that morning. Eeekk!

Let's not forget that Sebastian got his first real hair cut at the salon yesterday. Much needed by the way. The place that we went to was a great find for it was geared towards kids. He was able to sit inside a racecar and the lady put on his favorite movie Cars to watch while she snipped away. Her name was Wendy and she was a doll. Such an upbeat and patient person with a bubbley personalitly, perfect for my boy. He didn't have any trouble and sat through the whole thing with without a peep. They even gave us a certificate to remember this first hair cut. Of course I snapped a few pictures myself.
The new do!
Certificate with a lock of hair :)

 A nice hot cup of Kenyan coffee with a white chocolate biscotti is right now my favorite thing to indulge in. Yuuumm.

Monday, March 22, 2010

on just another day at the park...

Sebastian was representing the Seattle Mariners on Sunday, the hoodie Julee & Glen gave him way before he was even born! It finally fits :)
Sebastian is sicky poo again. At first we thought he might be getting some alergies since yesterday his nose was running and eyes were itchy/irriated. Then lastnight he developed a fever and a cough which now sounds horrible. I went to work today morning but then ended up asking Ashley to coming in early. I am so lucky to have such understanding co-workers & boss. They didn't ask any questions. I just can't do it, I can't be at work while my little baby is at home coughing up a storm and feeling like death. Doesn't matter that I was up all night with him next to me and didn't slept a wink, nope that does not stop me. So, the doctor lady said that he aquired a respitory bug :( He has to get drops put into his eyes three times a day and is on Tylenol. Sebastian's chart is full of visits from the last couple months and once I told the doctor that he attends daycare for a few days a weeks she didn't ask another question. She assured me they pick up so much yucky stuff there with all the kids and adults. It sucks but I'd rather him build immunities now rather than when he starts Kindergarden.

Our Sunday was so much fun. We spend all day with the whole family and went to one of the parks around where the in-laws live. Peace Valley Park. It almost reminds me of Green Lake from back home with the body of water & path running all around. We brought all the bikes-- one with a bike seat for Sebastian (he loves to ride with the wind in his hair!), we picked up some hoagies to have a nice picnic, chairs, blankets & ended up having a very lovely time.
No denying those two are father & son :)
Getting ready to cruise with his Mom-mom.
Couldn't resist taking a couple a million family photos on the dock.
The best picture of the whole bunch. There's no way to get a them all to hold still & smile (nicely) for the camera, although that is Dad's real smile ;)

It's raining today which I'm hoping Mother Nature won't make a habit of. Anywho. I need to start planting my indoor garden that way all my fresh herbs will be all ready for the summer. I love the thought of just stepping outside and gathering some basil or dill for dinner!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

on Spring thinking...

I'm up a little earlier this morning and loving this sun.

Spring had me thinking...

  • In dire need to go clothes shopping for Sebastian. He needs lots of t-shirts and shorts. The kid is getting way too big anymore.
  • Now that the sun is out I realize how pale I am. I might consider to fake 'n' bake a few times epically before Florida. That way I don't look albino among all the already vacationers & locals.
  • I really need to make some time and get to my hair salon. I need my Spring do!!
  • It sucks to live on the top floor apartment since heat does rise. It gets super hot in our place even with the windows open and ceiling fans on..
  • Time to start planting my indoor herb garden, that way I can transfer everything to my wonderful patio garden! I will be taking a trip to Loews with the mother-in-law to buy all our supplies. (Also thinking about planting some tomatoes, zucchini & eggplant).
  • I am sort of jealous happy for my dad & his family because they will be heading to Hawaii on my sisters Spring break from school. They so deserve paradise :)
  • Spring means that some of my shows will be coming back to me like Vampire Diaries & Glee. It will be so exciting to see what is in store for them both. I can't help my dorkness.
  • I want to get some more outdoorsy toys for Sebastian. He has his quad and his way.to.small.for.him slide but he needs change...
  • My poor car needs a good wash, wax & detailing. I might just have to charm Chris, Bobby's brother into doing it. Muwwwahahaha.
  • Work will starting slowing down since people would rather be outside sun bathing than inside a mall. Then they will all realize that we have awesome iced/blended drinks, smoothies & yummy frozen yogurt!!
  • Did you know in Australia it is Autumn right now? Weird right?
  • Really need to get on it and get my prescription sunglasses, I need them before FLORIDA!
Well, today we have tons of wash to do. Lots of playing outside to do. Some shopping to to get done. And I'll try convincing the sun to shine extra onto my chicken legs ;)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

on some tid-bits...

I celebrated St. Patty's Day by listening to extra amounts of Flogging Molly, The Cranberries & Dropkick Murphys while eating way too many Irish Potatos :)
Today at work I had many hung over people come buy coffee from me, you poor suckers!

Because I work inside that mall I see alot of weird, interesting & funny things. Today I was very astonished by the type of stroller I saw a lady pushing. It was so unique, one that I've never seen before, that as she walked by my shop I couldn't help myself and ask where she got it from. Her response was actually from the United Kingdom (in a English acsent). My response was of course. This is what it looked like, I found it online at this website Phil&Teds
I think it looks great. And I love how you could totally go jogging with it. This company makes alot of unique things, check it out when you have time.

Today I took a trip to LensCrafters and tried on a bazillion different frames for sunglasses. And I think i've found a winner people.
Yep. Who would of thought i'd be wearing Burberry...
What do you think?

So, if you payed close attention to the Eclipse trailer you would have noticed that Victoria isn't the same Victoria. Bryce Dallas Howard, who is also in The Village & Lady in the Water will now be the new vicious Victoria. From just going by the trailer, make-up artists did a pretty good job keeping her look consisted but there is alot more to making a character convincing than just make-up. We just have to wait for July to find out!!

Cutting it short tonight
Friday tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

on inspiration...

There are so many moments in the day that can show us beauty, enjoyment & tranquility. The poetry in the everyday is so inspiring. All we have to do is pay attention. It might be as simple as the hue of the sky as the sun sets, the laughter of children outside playing, an old couple holding hands at a park, or even the words in someone's blog. Inspiration is all around us and I am so blessed to feel it all soak into my soul.
Some things that are inspiring me at the moment:

(spotted on you are my fave)
Love, love, love these revamped bobby-pins! Aren't they just fabulous? You can find these beauts on here. I love the look of them as well as the fact that a person actually created these with their own hands. Makes me want to go out and hug a tree right now!

I can stare at this photo for minutes upon minutes. First of all the baby is cuter than words can discribe and makes my uterus ache for another (ahem. just a figure of speech). Secondly, the photo is just brilliant. I love all the colors and how the child is wrapped such a way that really captures the miracle that is happening in that tight little bundle :)
Lastly, because I too would love to achieve this level of photography at some point of my life!

This week one of my regulars at work came up to me and asked if she could put a jar for pennies to donate for finding a cure for Huntingtons Disease. And that very jar is almost half way full. Today she came to get her same large cup of coffee and left with a huge smile. Kindness and hope is a great inspiration.

This pretty much is hilarious and I couldn't pass up showing you, because you are so dear to my heart & you look like you need a good laugh. Plus all you dog lovers out there will get a kick of this...


Now do not tell me that you don't think this is super funny! I want a dog just for this...and other reasons of course :)

Sebastian, who is growing smarter, stronger & taller everyday before my eyes and who is the biggest inspiration out there for me. Nothing can truely compare!


What inspires you?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

on a little makeover...

So, what do you think? I finally got the motivation to do a complete makeover to my blog. I've always wanted to do my blog up to be more "me". Were as my old blog was just a premade layout that I found, which was just quick and easy so I could start blogging as soon as possible!
At first I started to search online for help to see how I actually go about creating the perfect look for me. I was pretty frustrated because even though there are alot of resources out there, I just don't have the patience to read and then do. Then it dawned on me that I had a man sitting right next to me on the couch that is a computer nerd and so most likely could do everything I want with a few clicks! He did make it look easier than I thought and was able to make everything come true that I had visioned. He is just so great, and I am so lucky to have him! I told him that from now on I'll just be coming to him to upgrade or do-over my blog whenever I need...his response was "grrreeeaaaat" with a sarcastic smile.
As you can see the background has changed to a lovely floral print, which at the moment I am very found of. Then I added another column to the whole page. Now I have three columns with more room to have fun with. 
Yes, that is my little makeover story. Not sure why I am so giddy about this wee change but I am.

Today has been a slightly more productive than yesterday, basically due to the fact that the storm has subsided and we could actually step outside without the wind carrying us up, up and away. That storm was frightening. I would look outside and see trees way to close to us swaying back and forth wishing and hoping that one would not come crashing down on top of us (since we are on the top floor and technically inside the roof).
Today I've tidied up, cleaned the toliet bowl (joy), cleaned out the fridge/orginized, baked & cooked plus done major food shopping. Think I've done pretty good!
Speaking of food shopping, I've observed that I always have such kind people that stand infront of me at the check-out line. Today the lady infront ended up spending 89 dollars (don't ask me why I always look at what people end up spending, it's weird) and so she turned to me and handed me a coupon for 10 dollars off your purchase over one hundred dollars!! How sweet is that? I had no doubt that we were spending over a hundred since we had to do a good week and a halfs worth of shopping. There really are people out there that do care and makes me feel so good inside. I however after being given this coupon couldn't stop thinking about why the hell I didn't have this coupon in the first place. I was about to ask her where she got it because I look in the newspaper every week and there was no 10 dollars off..? Hhhmmm.

I want to share with you my new guilty pleasure. Guilty because it's not exactly the most healthiest snack there is but it's also not horrible for you. A nice in-between sort of happiness--
Wis Pride Garden Vegetable Cheese Spread. Yummmy! So good with Snyders Pumpernickle & Onion Pretzel Sticks. I devoured half the container & pretzels just all while putting groceries away, with Bobbys help of course.

Tonight I wanted to try a new receipe and since we haven't had any sort of pasta for a while I chose to cook up some scrumptious Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Jumbo Pasta Shells.
32 jumbo pasta shells
2 cups ricotta cheese
2 eggs
1 packages frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese 
2 teaspoons dried basil
4 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste
3 1/2 cups spaghetti sauce
First, boil up the pasta shells. I made my sauce beforehand because I don't care for jarred sauces. Then you must combine the riccota cheese, egg, spinach, salt & pepper.
Once that is all done and the pasta shells are tender you are ready to stuff them! Now this step can get extremely messy & time comsuming. After stuffing 10 out of 32 shells I threw the spoon into the sink and just dug straight in with my hands! Much easier.
My first shell...after that one they kept getting messier and messier.
Once all are stuffed I put about a 1/2 cup of the sauce on the bottem of a 9x13 baking dish, lined up the shells, topped them off with a little more sauce and parmesan cheese and ALLAKAZAAAMM--

Perfect with a nice tossed salad and a warmed rosemary & garlic crusty bread.
Honestly, I'm a damn good cook my friend. Great for the family. Let's just say my boys gobbled everything down. Sebastian couldn't get enough of the bread & kept wanting me to dip it into the sauce :) Such a ham!

To sum everything up Bobby and I watched Avatar lastnight. I loved it and then hated it all at the same time...uh huh. I loved the whole Avatar world and everything about it. The people were intersting and I sort of envied how everyone was so "one" with everything around them. On the other hand I didn't really care for the war aspect of the movie, I'm sure they could of made do with out all that.

Hope you had a swell weekend!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

on some things I am loving...

Today is already feeling like a very lazy day. Outside is beyond yucky! Total gloom, rain & wind going on which is making it very hard for me to even think about stepping outside.

Some things that I am loving at the moment--

I love wallpaper! Wallpaper can make a room so much for dignified and rich.
(photos via design sponge)
Same goes for wall decals. I think they are definitly a great way to add something unique to a plain looking wall or just to spice up a room.

(via space for inspiration)
Crates for shelves! Come on, how cool is that? I think it looks so simple and you could have so much fun with it. You could set them up on the wall any which way. It looks great to store books and the vase with flowers on the one side is unreal. 
I just love the idea!

I fancy this Betsey Johnson dress.
I almost would enjoy wearing this as wedding dress....

Ta-Da. I found the perfect cut and even color all in one! I think this will be great for spring. Put some layers in the back to bring it up a bit and give it some more shape. What do you think about the colors? I think this is a winner :)

Oh.My.God! Have you seen it yet???
108 days left!

after that trailer, I must catch my breath ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

on being a little fair, a little fabulous & a tiny bit of joyous-- Frabjous!

Happy Friday. This week has been a weird one. Monday felt like Monday. Tuesday felt like Monday again. Wednesday felt like Tuesday. Thursday felt like Wednesday and today was just a very long day.
Although nothing would make me leave my boys, it would be nice if I could just teleport myself here and sit for a few hours just to...breeeeethe.

(via the unreliable girl)
If you could snap your fingers and be somwhere that would take you to complete enlightenment, where would you go?

Sebastian has discovered how to plug his ears. Uh huh. So, now he plugs his ears when he doesn't want to listen to me blabber. Not a good sign. Like today in the car, I started singing some song that I made up that I will title "driving home in the car with my favorite mommy" and half way through my song he decided that he didn't want to listen anymore. Yep, he plugged his ears. Yeah, yeah, yeah I get the hint...hey! at least the kid is honest ;)

I was very disappointed to have one of the dudes from F.Y.E come over to my shop today and tell me that the New Moon release party is cancelled. It was pretty much the end of my world. I'm serious. I was grumpy the rest of the day. I still am. I guess I'll have to have my own little party. Do you wanna come? Please come. Otherwise it will be just Bobby and I...BOOOOOOO!

No particular plans for this weekend. Of course according to the weather report it shall rain all weekend so the playground or Curtis Arbouretum down the street from us, which is somewhere we enjoy going to on lovely sunny days, is out of the question.
I, however, am going to start my hunt for prescription sunglasses. Bobby ended up calling our insurance and found out that they cover a portion of the cost. Uber cool! It will definitly help out since I really want to get a nice pair that I will be comfortable in wearing on a daily basis and for a long while. Of course they have to be fashionable, duh! Alot of people have been telling me to just go and get some contacts that way I don't have to spend so much on prescription sunglasses and can just get any ol' pair of sunglasses. But I don't like contacts! Okay! I just can't get used to them. It's not the part about putting them in, I'm fine with doing that but it's the fact that they dry my eyes out and I feel them in there-- on my eyeball. After wearing them for a few hours my eyeballs feel like the Sahara desert. I can't stand it. They are not for me.

If you didn't already know, I thrive on all things creative. I try to bring a little creativity to everything I do. Just because I like to. Ever since I've seen Alice in Wonderland the whole world is infused into my brain. I loved all the colors and designs of all the clothes. Just everything about it makes me wish that our world was just as vibrant and magical. Here is a book that I came across while searching for all things Underland (as Tim Burton rechristens it). It's called Eat Me!: The Stupendous, Self-raising World of Cupcakes and Cookies According to Cookie Girl--

This gem is by Xanthe Milton a.k.a Cookie Girl, which is her Blog alias. Xanthe began making cookies and selling them door to door in London's Notting Hill. Crazy huh? And by now she has made a sort of celebrity of herself. I was very enchanted by the photographs of all these tasty treats.
Passion fruit sandwich
Such darling Cupcakes!
Lemon fingers--this photo really is such a creative way to capture these yellow tarts!
(photos via Tea For Joy)
My favorite, Homemade Macaroons. These babies are on my list of things to bake. I've always wanted to try. Loving the teapot in the background :)

Well, on this most frabjous Friday I wish you a fair weekend! Ta-ta.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

I would first like to say...
Dear Sebastian,
This is what happens when you refuse to take a morning nap and run around the whole house like a mad man! I think you've learned your lesson :)

Sunday I went with my friend/co-worker Ashley to see Alice in Wonderland. I loved it! Certainly thought Johnney Depp was brilliant and his whole get up was so captivating. Alice's adventure was very fun and the world had so much detail to it. By the way, I was very pleased to see that they put in the talking garden of flowers in the beginning of the movie, which is one of my favorite things of Wonderland!

Got a call yesterday from Aunt Cheryl which shows me that someone out there really does read my blog. YES! She called because she happend to read a couple posts back about me wanting to get a couple bikes. Sure enough she has a wonderful bike to give to us :) I'll be picking that gem up very soon now that the sun is showing itself more often. She's such a doll.

We are officially planning our FLORIDA trip. I am so frickin' excited. First-- because of course, we'll be going to Orlando and of course it's the home of Disney World which Sebastian will love. I know he most likely won't remember it once he gets older but he will enjoy it anyways and I'll have the memories to cherish in my heart and the pictures to prove it :) Secondly--Julee & Glen will be there!!! Yes, that's right. She will be in Florida the same weekend that we are planning on being there. Except she isn't going there to see Minnie Mouse but to KICK SOME BUTT in the Pillsbury Bake-Off. I. can. not. wait.

It's so refreshing to be able to keep my window open at night (and not freeze to death) and hear all the crickets.

April 9th is when The Runaways will be coming out to theater. I'm a softy for these kind of movies...like have you seen Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg & Jennifer Aniston? One of my favorite movies. Check out Kristen & Dakota--

That's Kristen with Joan Jett herself and Dakota with Cherie Currie. The original gals of the 1970s all girl rock band. Loving Dakota's boots!

Tomorrow is Thursday and then Friday!
Sweet deal.

Monday, March 08, 2010


JoAnn Weinburg is a women I not yet have had the pleasure in meeting but I do know her son, Mike Weinburg. Who by the way is totally awesome and I'm not just saying that because he is my boss..Ahem. Let's just say I was in awe when Mike told me about his mom having a rare blood disorder and has been battling it on since 1990. Essential Thrombocythemia is a chronic blood disorder in which the overproduction of platlets is happening by megakaryocyte (a name for an important cell located in the bone marrow). However, just this year Mike's mother was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, the last stage of this blood disorder. Due to this terrible turn in events, doctors say that she must receive a Bone Marrow Transplant to be able to hang on. Now you can only imagine how much this life changing Transplant can cost and of course the aftermath care she must get just to be certain her body will welcome the new Bone Marrow.
I am asking you, my reader to keep Mike's mom, JoAnn in your thoughts and if you by any means are able to donate to JoAnn Weinburg's Fund please go HERE!

Let's help JoAnn KICK some Myelofibrosis BUTT!!!


Saturday, March 06, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...realizing that I am floating between seeing myself with complete love and being entirely to critical. I would very much love to lose another 15 pounds. Would love if it would happen before summer. Thanks.

...most likely never going to get used to Bobby working nights.  

...thinking it would be awesome to be 17 again. Even if it's just for a little while. I miss the days with my best friend, who is always in my thoughts.

...making a pledge to start buying lots of cute sun dresses and flats for my spring attire.

...thinking more and more about how wonderful it will be to finally get a house. I can't wait for a place to truely call our own. Have my own place to decorate and finally put all my creative ideas in effect.

...craving the Northwest more than ever (thanks to Julee!). I miss all the green. I miss the fresh smell after it rains. I miss the fog. I miss ferry rides. I miss driving on I-5. Most of all I miss my family & friends. Can't wait until the summer :)

...so grateful that I am with a man who's my perfect fit, full of all the ups, downs and all the in-betweens. 

...feeling a little bit frustrated at the stage Sebastian is at-- you know, the one where he attempts to see how much he can get away with before I crack and also laughs in my face because he thinks it's funny that I am getting mad. Uh huh, is this normal or is my kid just...special. My dad's answer to this question would be-- He's a Hulitza, and that everything that I just described used to be me at Sebastian's age. Well, that's just GREAT!

...really wishing I could knock on the downstairs neighbors door and smack both of them with a baseball bat and not go to jail. Do you not understand that your music, video games and tv is much, much too loud? Are you frickin' deaf or something? Mind you it's 11:30pm and I'm in bed actually able to sing along to your stupid music since I can hear the lyrics clear as day. Geez!

...(speaking of) yearning for a more affectionate nighborhood. Don't get me wrong the area is very safe and I love living here, other than the retards downstairs. But it's too quite at times. For example, yesterday I almost expected kids to be running around playing and yelling and or people just to be outside doing stuff. But nope. I guess it's mainly because the whole area is full of old people. Also, It would be nice to befriend a trustworthy highschool babysitter so Bobby and I could get out to dinner or movies more often. Did that just sound as bad as I think it sounded??? Ahem. By befriend I mean meet a nice kid that I would trust to watch Sebastian in my home, and not to mention be cheap. I'm horrible, I know.

...wanting a change to my hair. No, I am not going to chop it off. GOD NO. I can't even think of doing that! I just need something done to it like a cut that will give it a nice shape and some color to brighten it up. I am on a hunt to find something that I will actually do and not back out of. Because my goal at this point is to have my hair grow down to touch my shoulders!! Oh please help me god, I so want my hair to touch my shoulders :)

...a very proud person. I'm straight forward and at times somewhat crude. I don't usually let people get to me but if you are someone that I have the up most respect for I take everything with a extreme sensitivity. I can't explain it more than that.

...giddy when I think that next Friday is the New Moon dvd release party at F.Y.E. Can't wait to get my hands on my very own copy.

...totally going to try to find some afforable, nothing-special bicycles on craigslist for Bobby and I plus find a bicycle seat for Sebastian. I want to go and take bike rides once the weather really starts getting nice. Granted, my legs aren't in the best shape and once we get to the day where we actually ride the bikes I'll probably regret saying all this!


...on a new page + few weekend highlights

This week has been a crazy one. I'm glad to have the weekend here even though I know it will go fast and I guarentee it won't feel much like a weekend at all. I roll with the punches.

First, this week I found out that I have a slightly overactive Thyroid so, now I have to deal with thinking about that and take a medication that I absolutely hate-- for it makes me sleepy by 8pm. That is one thing I can't stand. I'll be giving my doctor a call to see if there is anything else she can give me that won't make me so darn tired.

Then on Wednesday a new page was turned in 'The Adventures of Motherhood'. Can you guess what it is?? Sebastian can offically climb right out of this crib. Yep, you heard me right. Can you believe it?!
Here is how it happend. Play by play. I put him down for bed around 8:30pm with no problems. I went into the kitchen to start getting his lunch ready for daycare the next day. All of a sudden I hear his door knob shifting. I really had no idea what to think so I hurried to go see what the heck was going on and who ends up being on the other side trying to open the door...Ahem..my son! I was shocked. Like, bug eyes and mouth open shocked. So, I am standing there with this paralized look on my face and he naturally has a super evil smile on HIS face! Oh boy. That wasn't the end of it. I think I put him into his crib a total of 6 times. Each time he would just hop out and follow me right as soon as I've stepped out his door way. It was almost like a game he was playing, like in his little mischievous brain he was plotting this master plan to keep Momma up until the crack of dawn...
On his finally attempt I was able to catch a glimpes of this little boy doing the deed. Let me say, and I'm not exagerating, this boy had the escape down to a science. It's full on Gymnastics stuff. He gets a hold of the rail, then uses this mattress as a spring board like a tiny girl gymnists then just jumps, swings both legs over and ends with just simply lowering himself down to the ground (he isn't far from the bottom at this point).
Now, both Bobby and I are debating on whether it's time to convert the crib into a bed or just try to draw this out as long as we can. I've been getting mixed opinions on the subject. Some say it's too early for a bed, other say once he is climbing out you got to switch. "The Book" says the same that once the child is climbing out it is time to make the switch. I personally think he is too young. Sebastian is only 19 months. Is he ready to learn the concept of "the bed"? I'm not sure. I think he would do okay since at daycare he sleeps on a mat on the floor and does fantastic...I just don't know. For now we are just going to keep him in the crib until he shows more signs that he is ready for the switch. Once we switch there's no going back..YIKES ;)
All in all the last couple nights he has not climbed out. Did he forget his new ability? I don't know..wishful thinking much?
That's the newest!

Bobby is working tonight. He actually just got home a couple hours ago since he is doing the Graveyard shift this week and next. Right now he is in bed snoring away trying to get enough sleep to do another 12 hour shift tonight. I don't know how he does it and I give him mad props! & love him for all of it.

I got a call from BestBuy saying my laptop is FINALLY DONE! Sebastian and I are taking a trip down there today to pick it up and boy are those so called "Geeks" going to get an ear full. It has been almost 2 months!!! Unexceptable. My next post will be made from my own precious lappy :) Makes me swell with joy!

Alice in Wonderland is out. Yay. I'm going out tomorrow evening to see it. I made plans to see the movie with Ashley, who is one of the girls I work with. I am super excited to spend some time with her outside of work. She is a very smart, down-to-earth kind of person who is always lots of fun. It will be nice to enjoy some time with good company!

I made another recipe that I got of NoblePig. Maple Mustard-Glazed Chicken--

(this picture does not do justice)
Very simple and yet so tasteful! Go make this now. RIGHT NOW. I loved it so much and it took me nearly half and hour to make. Which was wonderful because I was worried I wasn't going to get done cooking before Bobby had to leave for work. But I did! I sounds weird to have maple syrup and mustard but really combining such great sweet and savory elements makes the chicken so much more inviting. It's freshing to find different things to do with chicken since it's really the only meat I enjoy eating and the only meat that doesn't make me gag or make fearful faces at.

Lastly, I'd would like to say that today the tempture will reach 50 degrees! So, Sebastian and I will hit up one of the playgrounds on our way to BestBuy. And by the way today is going he surely needs to relieve some energy!!


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

on the results...

So, I got the phone call from the doctor and ended up not being the results I was hoping for. The doctor told me that my blood work shows I have an over active Thyroid. The medical term is actually Hyperthyroidism. Which basically means that my Thyroid gland is producing too much Thyroid hormones. Now I have to be on medication that I must take everyday. Joy. It's not serious or anything but definitly has to be monitored. Once three months has past I get to go back for some more blood work to check it all over again.
That's that.

Today was a horrid day. I was already in a foul mood to begin with and then having difficult customers at work didn't help. That's just part of the deal. Let's just say it was one of those days and I'm glad it's over!

I did however get a tiny break in my mood when after work I went into Kid's Footlocker and found Sebastian some cute new shoes! I adore them and so does he :) Hey, and can you believe they were only 10 dollars!! I know, I've been scoring big lately.
New Balance Sesame Street Addition with Grover :) Aren't they the coolest?
My little man is so hip.

Tonight you will find me in the tub full of hot steamy water with my Kindle! Very much needed indeed!!