Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pillsbury Potluck!

My Pillsbury Potluck turned out amazing. It was so much fun. It ended up just being the in-laws and then Bobby's Aunt's family. Which sounds like nothing but when you added all the bodies up the total came to 10 plus two toddlers! In a small two bedroom apartment...I had a full house. We invited Matt & Bridgett who are one of our good friends but Bridgett was feeling under the weather and so they couldn't attend. However they did comment on how they have tons of Pillsbury in the fridge :) I thought that was funny and told them that we'll just have to come over and help them out with eating all of it!

Julee Cunningham's Pecan-Sweet Potato Appetizers! JULEE, they are frickin' delicious :) Everyone was buzzing about how flavorful the pouches of goodness were and once I told them what was actually in it, they just couldn't believe it. I'm sorry all you other finalists but this one is a WINNER!!
I also made--
Roast Beef & Gorgonzola Hoagies
Made with the Pillsbury French Loaf. Such a quick and easy recipe, which was a huge hit with the father-in-law.
(Half eaten) Deep-Dish Courdon Bleu.
Made with PIllsbury crescent dinner rolls but is not on the Bake-Off list however still is a legit Pillsbury recipe, I promise! Tell you the truth I wasn't too sure about this one since it does kind of look like puke in a deep dish (I know I am so gross) but actually when I put looks aside the thing was very mouthwatering.
These are probably my new favorite desserts. Pecan Pie Surprize Bars, got the recipe off Julee's Blog and just had to give them a try. Believe it or not this recipe is really a Pillsbury recipe that won the Bake-Off in 1971 by a lady named Pearl Hall. Cool huh?

I do have to tell you this because I thought it was very cool and something that I did not tell them to do but that they did on their own is that mother-in-law and Aunty Cheryl printed out the finalist recipe that they chose and brought it in for me. How thoughtful was that! Just so I knew which recipe belonged to which Bake-Off finalist.

Here is what my lovely Mom-in-law made up for the potluck--
Parmesan Crostini with Spinach-Pesto Spread created by Joan Duckworth from Lee's Summit, MD. Boy was this heavenly!
Made with Pillsbury French loaf that she just cut in thin slices, dipped in olive oil and topped with a parmesan garlic mixture. Then you just spread that creamy pesto dip and eat, eat and eat some more!

Fudgy Chocolate Chip-Toffee Bars created by Sarah Fuchs from Ozark, MO.
Made with Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Of course she just had to make these crazy rich squares that, and I'm not joking when I say this, put a spell on me and made me coming back for seconds even though my butt was screaming "No don't do it"! But, I did. We'll see if I fit into my pants in the morning.

Aunt Cheryl made--
Mediterranean Three-Tomato Tart created by Catherine Heers from Simpsonville, SC.
Made with Pillsbury Pizza Crust. I thought this dish gave tonight a great feel with it's mishmash of all the Mediterranean zest.
Pepperoni-Pesto Popovers created by Laura Stanke from Maple Grove, MN.
Made with Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough.
Now, first let me tell you that this pictures is really from the Pillsbury website on the Bake-Off page. The reason for not having a photo of the real thing is because by the time I got a chance to get my camera out all these little bundles were GONE! Yep, GONE! And they were so good that I didn't even get ONE. Not ONE. They were gone before they even hit the table. I will definitly have to make some of these bad boys up sometime. And when I do I'll be indulging in a few extra just to make up for tonight ;)

Now more some classic pictures of the rest of the evening--
Take 1:
Aunt Cheryl to my left who is mother-in-law's sister, then there's the mother-in-law to the right who's face you can't see, the blonde is little Nicole Bobby's youngest sister and lastly Courtney Bobby's cousin with the long brown beautiful hair that I wish I had. But did you notice my hair, cute right? Took me a good half and hour to do it up like that!
Take 2:
Must I say anything?

Take 3:
Getting there...

Take 4:
Finally, four takes isn't all too bad. Really. Sometimes I just give up :)
If your wondering where all the men are at, well Bobby's taking the picture and the rest just scurry away when the camera comes out. Hmmph.
And Sebastian was too busy playing with his Uncle Chris and eyeing up the Fudgy Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars on the table...

So, there you have it. My Pillsbury Potluck. Lots of yummy food and great fun!
Let's do it again soon!

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  1. Sometimes it is so hard being a coast away! This party looks like so much fun! I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of what a fantastic host you are. This is party giving extraordinaire level stuff! :)And everything looks super delicious. I am so going to try a couple of these. Mhy favorite picture though -- of course -- is you with my entry. Love you big baby. Super proud! Excellent job.