Saturday, February 13, 2010

on some thoughts...

I think we have an epidemic. Why is it that life is one big competition for some? I think it's starting to become a sickness in the world.
Families competing with other families to see who has the most expensive car. Women competing to see who's diamonds have the most karats. Dads competing with other dads to see which of their son's can shoot the most hoops.
I just can't understand it. It's disturbing and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. People should take pride in what they have and accomplish without having to prove anything to someone else. I feel, if your guilty of this affliction that you must not truely be happy with yourself. But then again maybe you are...maybe what your're doing, like buying that IPhone just because Joe from school got one, or a mom taking her daughter shopping and picking out every outfit for her daughter just because she deep down wishes she could wear those outfits and be young again is how you actually get your rocks off. Maybe this is how your surviving.
All I'm saying is that I wish people would realize we in some way or another are all connected in this colossal world. Whether you and someone graduated from the same class, or you work in the same building and never knew it, or something as simple as wearing the same shoes. There is someone out there that at this precise moment is wearing the same shoes as you! (If your wearing shoes that is). I think you can always find something that connects you to someone else. Small or big doesn't matter because we are all in it together. We are all doing the same thing. LIFE.
Trust me I like the finer things in life but there is a difference between having a passion for something and just getting something to make another being jealous.
I think the world would be a better place if everyone had this understanding.

That was my thought of the day. Thank you very much.

Now to the juicy details (as juicy as it gets for me)--

  • Got a rental car today since my Jeepy will be going into the body shop on Monday. I picked out a 2009 Ford Focus. It's pretty nice. Not a car I would pick out of all the cars that Enterprise has but when insurance is paying for all of it I'm not going to complain.
  • So dad had his surgery on Thursday. After being a nervous case all day long all week long the surgery was a success. I was on the edge in the beginning because the surgeon was late a good hour and a half. Xenia was keeping in touch with me via text message so thanks to her I was up to date with all the progress otherwise who knows what the hell I would of done, lets not forget Vampire Diaries & Supernatural was on which kept my mind off things. Anyway everything went great considering and now he just needs to heal!
  • Very excited for tomorrow. Valentines Day. Mostly because I am just estatic to give Bobby his gift. I know for sure he will love it. Sorry I can't say what it is just yet since he might be reading this, he is sneaky that way.
  • Movie & dinner will be a nice getaway. Although I've already made up my mind on the movie, Valentines Day, I also really want to see but I've already made my mind. Plus if I get to see more of my hunky man Tyler Lautner I'll be one happy camper! Just don't tell that small little detail to Bobby because I'll surely be sitting in the theater on my own. He for some reason has a vendetta towards the men in the Twilight Saga... I just can't imagine why?!?!
  • Guess MotherFrickinNature didn't get my petetion because they say we are going to get another foot of snow on Monday. Shootmenow.
  • My choice of drink lately has been a nice extra dry cappuccino. So refreshing.
  • Don't care what you think but I like these boots...
  • (photo via
    ...just wish they weren't fourhundreddamndollars!

keep watch out for cupids arrow ;)


  1. Hey you -- I'm reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo too!

    Love you -- stay warm!

  2. I really like those boots!