Sunday, February 28, 2010

on the morning after...

It's nice when you know a certain someone who works in a flower shop and who brings you darling flowers everytime you have a get-together. Nicole is a sweetheart...sometimes ;)
Best part is I get to keep the vase. I'm starting to have a very extensive collection!

Damage control. Always somthing that you must deal with the morning after. I'm fortunate because this morning once we woke up Bobby got right to the pile of dishes in the sink without even a word from me. I was all smiles. Of course I told him not to worry about it and I'll get it later since I knew that he wanted to head down to his fathers shop to check up on my poor little Jeepy that is still in surgery. But, no he said that since yesterday was such a success and due to me cooking all day he was on dish duty. I love him! Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

I dub today to be opposite day. Yesterday was a very eventful busy day so now we do the inverse which is lazy do nothing day. I second that!!

Another earthquake! Jesus, what the heck is going on? It's so sad and my heart goes out to the people in Chile and of course to Haiti. I really can not imagine what it could be like and feel that I'm just so very blessed to be where I am. Hopefully this will be it with all these quakes so the people can try to regain themselves. Lots of positive vibes coming from me and shooting them all the way other there to you!

I've been looking for a nice practical food blog. One that is easy to follow yet interesting and that makes you crave for more. I found just that blog. Meet I really enjoy this blog mainly because the woman named Cathy is so down to earth and seriously funny. Before when I said that I wanted to find a food blog that is easy to follow well this one is, it's very friendly to the eyes where as so many blogs out there are just horribly jumbled and chaotic. Make sure you check it out because all the recipes are extremely charismatic and also make a point to read about Cathy. I think it's awesome that her & her family moved from California to Oregon so she can plant a vineyard and start a winery. If that's not inspiring then I don't know what is!

One more noteable thing I would like to announce because today is Courney's 23rd Birthday! Happy Birthday Court :)


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