Tuesday, February 02, 2010

on having some fun

Very fun day I must say.
Let me show you :)
Such a cutie in the poncho, kept him nice and dry!
Dad showing him how it's done :)
My heart & soul
Tea party. What can I say, the kid brings out my imaginations hahaaa!

Just like dad...

After having a fun day at Please Touch we went to the mall. Bobby needed a winter hat/beeney since his were getting pretty tattered. Well, we ended up finding two of them at Zumiez and I ended up leaving the mall with two shopping bags with one longsleeve, two tee-shirts and cute shortsleeve cardigan for the spring. But the best part is I only spent about twenty dollars!!! Deals my friend, deals! That is how I roll. I'm happy!

Later on tonight I had to go to the doctors. This happend to be my first time with this new doctor lady and I did like her. She was very easy going and had a sense of humor. The best part is that she knew what she was talking about. I am very picky about my doctors, as you should be. Right? I just have a hard time with those doctors that spin you around in circles and still you end up right back where you started or not anywhere at all. I've had too much experience with those kinds. For me, after a while dealing with the constant stupiditiy makes me not want to go and I tend to let whatever is bothering me run it's course. I know, I know...not good but, come on! It does get old. Finally, I've found someone that I am comfortable with and hopefully will help me out in figuring out what the hell is wrong with me. hahaha.


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