Friday, February 26, 2010

on a few things...

I did my shopping for my legendary Pillsbury Potluck for tomorrow (which is dedicated to none other than Julee Cunningham, finalist of the Pillsbury Bake-Off!!) .I am offically all ready to start cooking & baking for my guests. Now that I think about it I don't think I've ever bought this much Pillsbury stuff in my whole life!!

I've We've been doing a little cleaning everyday. Which is something I don't usually do because I always end up procrastinating the cleaning part and leaving it for the very last minute. Bobby is a big help with that so with him doing a little while he is at home and then me as well it seems like it goes much faster!
As you can already tell, I am looking forward to tomorrow :)

Sebastian woke up with a fever & slight runny nose Monday morning but with no other symptoms. Bobby was the one that called me at work to tell me and my first reaction was that I was going to get someone in to cover my shift so I could get my butt home. Fast! Bobby talked me out of it and I'm glad he did because it would have been pointless. I really wasn't needed...Bobby was there...It's just that worried mother thing I have going on. Anyways, I went about work as usually and then it dawned on me!!!! I know why he has a fever. He must be getting his molars in. I realized all last week and in to this week his hands have been in his mouth. And when I mean in his mouth I mean all the way in there. So, what do you know, I came home the other day and shoved my finger back into his mouth (poor kid) and felt some teeth poking through. Yep. Those suckers are very much coming in and boy is it painful for my little man.
The plot thickens. I guess that it wasn't his molars (even though they are coming in) because yesterday I started feeling slightly off at work. Then I come home and took my temperature and of course I have a fever of 100 degrees. Obviously he must of had a bug then because I was feverish all of yesterday into today morning. What's up with that? Who needs a 24 hour fever. Not me. I'm just glad that's all it was for my Potlucks sake.

I've been over hearing from many people now that Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island is an awesome movie. I was sort of turned off by the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is the lead but everyone so far says he did an astonishing performance. Now I really do want to see it, but most likely will wait until it comes out on DVD since there are just too many movies coming soon in theater that I just HAVE to see.

No big deal. Try not to be too envious of my coolness. But remember when I told you I've already reserved my copy of New Moon (special edition I might add) well I am automatically invited to F.Y.E's New Moon release party!! That's right. On March 19th it starts at 9pm and they will be showing Twilight and New Moon back to back, then at midnight you can get your copy of New Moon! I'm so excited. Courtney (Bobby's cousin) and I are going together :) We'll fit right in! Oh and don't forget theres going to be free food & drinks :) Niiiice.
Now that I've brought up Twilight...Have you seen the new lame Verizon commerical that's been on tv? Did I say it's so totally lame. If you haven't take a look--

Well, It will be an early night for me due to the fact that I have the pleasure in waking up extra early to go to the doctors office and have them suck blood out of me for some labs that need to be done. Not my favorite thing to do and not because of the needle because if you know me ;) I have no problem with needles. It's just the getting up early on a Saturday.
I'll let you know how the Potluck goes!!!


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