Monday, February 15, 2010

on the day of love...

In the morning I was the first to unleash the Valentine surprize for Bobby. I got up early because I knew Bobby wouldn't even notice that I was absent from bed since he is pretty much dead asleep and figured that it would be the best time to set up my master plan. I dressed up warm because the surprize was inside my Gray Ford Focus Rental Car's trunk, headed outside, hauled the gift up and put it into place. This is what I bought my man for this years Valentines Day!!--
Yes, he LOVED it! I know, best gift ever! Bobby deserves it and more. He is always wonderful to me and spoils me without a doubt. I'm admitting it. What more do you want from me. BUT I spoil him right back ;) That's how it's done. And how it should be.
It fabulous because the PlayStation is also a BlueRay DVD player and what do you know? We actually were in the market for a new DVD player. So, I got that right out of the way as well.
Okay back to my story. I also bought Bobby a game to go with it (some kind of big time racing game, don't ask me the name 'cause I have no idea) which I put in a seperate gift bag and Sebastian gave it to him right when they woke up. Bobby opened it with a puzzled look. Not only puzzled because he has a PS3 game in his hand and we don't have a PS3...but also because he just woke up & he usually needs a good hour to really wake up and be able to process things. You read me. So, right when he was about to say "Hun, we don't have a PlayStation 3", I grabbed his hand and basically pulled him into the living room were the box, PS3 inside, was sitting on the TV stand with a nice little red bow and a card next to it. People. It seriously brings so much warmth to my heart seeing his face as I pulled him and he saw his new toy :)
The best everrrr!!!

Sebastian got a Snoopy card and a plastic heart filled with M&M, which are his favorite candies for special occasions. Of course lots and lots of kisses from me!!!!!!!!

Now for me. It shows that some men out there really do listen, like mine! He is definitly one in a million. It's impossible you say? Nope. I know for a fact that a while back I told Bobby that I felt like I had too much costume jewerely and that I wanted to get something that is small yet pretty, just something that I could wear everyday. For it to be nice yet mean something to me and that will still match with informal outfits. So because he is the best he got me something perfect, take a look--
It's not the best view but it's a beautiful Everlon Diamond Knot Necklace. I adore it!

I wanted to cook Brittany something for dinner since she had worked all day and was so kind to come and spend the evening with Sebastian so we could go out on our hot date. I decided to cook my speciality, Chicken Marsala. It's just one of those dishes that I've perfected to an art and just love for it's richness and colors--
The mushrooms & zucchinis all cut up and sauteed together are so captivating. It was very hard for me not to dish out some onto a plate and make it a quick snack before our dinner out. But I controlled myself. Licking the spoon doesn't count though.

My outfit for the night was just something I threw together. Casual but still somewhat chic.
Tee-shirt is from Forever 21, cardagian from Target, my favorate jeans--Hippie Brand (who are worn way too much by yes, me but HEY they are soooo comfy) and the shoes are from Target. I just could not leave without them the other day and all I came for was diapers because I had a coupon. Curse you everythingatyourfingertips Target.

Valentines Day the movie was alright. I thought it was cute to watch on Valentines Day but I don't think it will be one of those movies that I will watch again. I did however enjoy the wide varity of actors in it. Made it fun!

Dinner at Iron Abby was great. The inside had a very authentic Rennaisance feel to it with the stone walls, old fashioned chandleirs, the dim lighting and of course the knight's crusade helment in each corner. It's mellow feeling with flat screen TVS on every wall made it so relaxing. To our right we had the Olympics and to the left we had a soccer match. My head was stationed to the left. Food was seriously wonderful. I think my favorite had to of been our crab dip appetizer. Best i've ever had.

Well, my day was full of tons of xoxo's

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