Wednesday, February 17, 2010

on being random...

I'm extremely tired of winter and would love to see the warmth & sun back. God knows we need it to melt all this dumb snow.

Learning more and more about this PS3. Found out today that it can stream thousands of movies and TV shows through Netflix right onto my TV!!!! Can you belive that??? We are already memebers of Netflix. So, now we don't have to wait for movies. We can just go on Playstation and browse all the instant movies. How cool is that!

Very much missing Glee and hope April 13th comes fast. 

The leather jacket that I've been eyeing is finally down to a price that I can afford. Fox Racing came out with a womens motorcyle jacket that I think is hot! When they first put it up on sale on their website the price was $395 and now it's down to $149.99! Yay! Now finally I can get the jacket of my dreams. Here is what it looks like--
Now picture it on me :)

I've been slacking on my reading. I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson and I mean just started..I'm on like page 5 maybe. I got to get movin'!

Slightly annoyed with men (that I don't know) creating nicknames for me when i'm behind the counter being a barista like; "Hun", "Sweety" or my favorite "Babe". Creeper much?

This is what happens when I gave my son CocoPops with some nutella for a treat..

Want to know something that makes me furious. BestBuy hasn't even sent my computer out to the technicians. Bobby called them today to find out what the hell is taking so long and there you have it, they've done absolutely nothing. They gave us some run around about our warrenty and that they had to clear it with corporate. It's been a MONTH! I have the pleasure in waiting another two weeks. Will I be able to do that? Not sure.

Counting down the days until these two movies hit the theater--
Alice in Wonderland coming out March 5th

Remember Me with my lovey coming out March 12th!!!!

Relieved that my father is coping with post surgery pretty well. Rough times here and there but mostly I'm overwhelmed with pride. Two surgeries in a couple mouths time. He is such a trooper!

Sebastian is keeping me from even sitting down for too long these days. He comes up to me grabs my hand and takes be places; into the kitchen to look out the back door or to his play area to help him read a book. He even comes up to me while I am on the laptop and closes that laptop which basically means "get off and pay attention to me". This little boy keeps me on my toes, can you imagine what it's going to be like in a  few years? Oh boy. I wouldn't change it for the world!

I'm waiting for tickets to the WMMR BBQ to go on sale because I would really love to go. It will be a the chance to see Stone Temple Piolets and Alice in Chains together in May. I think I could just crawl in a hole and die if I saw them. Hopefully I will be able to score tickets! If you want to join Bobby and I let me know, group tickets are so much cheaper!

Enough of my random-ness.



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