Monday, February 01, 2010

"kick 'n' punch for the first of the month!!"...

...and your're suppose to say "punch 'n' kick for being so quick". What is up with Philadelphia and not knowing about this little quirkey saying?! I was at work explaining to people and all I got was puzzled looks. I guess it's a Seattle thing.

Here are some noteworthy things for the this month--

This proves to show how much my little boy is growing up! We got him his very own potty :) We thought it was time to introduce our friend the "potty". Sebastian was very intrigued by it and did sit for a long while pushing Elmo's hand who would say some cute encouraging stuff to get him loving potty time! I am very excited to show Sebastian the ropes and get my little man potty savey.

Staying on the topic of Sebastian. I am excited for Valentines Day! All because he will be having his first party at daycare with all his friends :) V-day is actually on a Sunday but his group (which is called the Gummie Bears!) will be having a very sweet party on Friday. I am excited for him passing out his Valentines cards and some yummy cuppy cakes that his momma (that's me!) made. I already signed up on the parent sign up sheet for what I will be making :) Sooooooooooo cool!

I think I've decided on the reciepes that I will be making at my Pillbury Potluck--
Asian-Spiced Cashew-Chicken Piadinis
Roast Beef and Gorgonzola Hoagies
And how can I forget of course the Million Dollar winner Pecan-Sweet Potato Appetizers!!
Bobby and I have planned on having our little dinner party on the 27th :) Can't wait!

Well, tomorrow I am off of work and so we will be going to have a nice fun day at the Please Touch Musuem with my boys. We've been there once before but Sebastian was only about 6 or 7 months and wasn't able to get the full effect of all the fun-ness. Then I must unfortunatly go to the doctors for a quick check up since I've been experiencing some lame stomach problems and must go before they get any worse. Not something I enjoy doing but It's a must.
Have a good week. Remember to be happy & thankful. I'd say the world needs more of that.

ps: 32/365--got my new lip jewlery in! I love them.

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  1. punch and a kick! way to teach those Philly people!

    Your menu sounds super fun for your party and you look beautiful in your picture like always.