Sunday, February 21, 2010

is that you sun??

Awwweee what a beautiful day. I woke up to this looking out my back fire escape porch--
Oh sun, glorious sun. Where have you been all my life?! I stood out on the 'porch' face up breathing in the fresh air, eyes closed and soaking in the sun. Then I heard a knock at the door where Bobby was standing on the otherside with a "what are you doing?" expression on his face. That about killed the moment, but I enjoyed you sun as long as I could!

Yesterday was the same. Sun was out with a little chill to the air but not bad. Sebastian and I had the day together since Bobby had work 7am-7pm. I decided to get some usual chores done so then Sebastian and I could just go out and do stuff. I first drove out to our favorite playround to see if it was snow free, but unfortunately it wasn't so we had to scratch that idea. After a little drive/nap for Sebastian we hit up Starbucks for a little treat. I got a soy Cappiccino and then got a Pumpkin Loaf to share with Sebastian :) Our usual choice. Which ends up being gone in 2 minutes flat. Anyways, I got a kick out of this particular visit to my fellow competitor coffee shop that I truely don't visit often but only when I have nothing else in my vacinity...because of this...
See that little girl in the background? Well, Sebastian had his eye on her the whole time! He was turned around trying to engage in conversation from all the way other there and was just a plain ol' flirt. I couldn't believe my eyes! The little girl however wanted nothing to do with him...I just reassured him that she probably wasn't into younger guys ;) and also that there are tons of other fish in the sea :)

Once we got home we played outside for a good while trying to take advantage of the nice weather and also to just relieve some energy. We always have so much fun together.
Sebastian found a pinecone and was carrying it around for a long while thinking it was the coolest thing ever..
Then we whipped out his Quad to give it a ride and he ended up trying to be Evel Knievel and ride up the mounds of snow on the side of our driveway...

That was our Saturday. Today is actually a little warmer outside :) I woke up, took the picture up top, got dressed into some sweats, put a hat on (major bedhead today), and went out to pick up some fresh bagels and coffee for breakfast.

We figured with the nice weather that we would go up North to the outlets and take a few things back that Sebastian got for Christmas that don't fit. I know, it's about time! While we are out I'll be keeping a close watch out for a new handbag and some shoes...Bobby doesn't know this yet so I will break the news when we actually get to the outlets. That's my plan of action.
Later after our family outing we will end the day at the Schuler residence. Who I miss very much by the way. It's so hard getting out to see them. When I was Stay At Home I would be at their house a couple times a week. But now I'm lucky if I can get up there on the weekend. It will be a nice way to end the weekend!!

One more thing before I have to get up and start my day. Bobby and I started Season 1 of Heros! Have you seen it? It's so addicting!! OMG. We are almost done the first season and didn't go to bed until midnight lastnight because I just wanted to keep watching episode after episode to see what happens! I love having this PS3!

Also, I am almost half way through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I'll be honest the beginning was a very slow read and I was tempted to quit and find something else but I forced myself to keep going. It did get better and now I am very much absorbed and want to find out the thousand-dollar question "Who Killed Harriet???". Well, that is if she really is dead...At this point I have not even a clue or assumption. Interesting.

Make today count people! Another week ahead of us..can you believe we're already so close to March?

This was taken on Friday. I really like it.


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