Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm starting a petition to hand over to MotherFrickinNature...NO MORE SNOW!

Finally our power is back. Came back around 11am, and was out since 6pm yesterday! We had to start putting our milk and yogurt etc. out on our deck for the snow to keep everything refridgerated. Thank god my stove & oven are gas powered so I was able to finish making dinner (which was Chicken Cordon Bleu & mashed potatoes!) and had some way of making Sebastian hot breakfast this morning . We were in the process of packing things up to head over to the in-laws house because they had power, so we could charge phones, and so I could shower & blow dry my hair. Just as Bobby was done warming the car the power kicked on! Hallelejuah!!

Another day without work. Snow day. The mall was open today but with later hours and so there was not much sense to go in to work when I would only be able to do a couple hours since Bobby has to head to work in the late afternoon. Plus I highly doubt people will be rushing to the mall in the blizzard like conditions outside, so one person can handle the shop.

I'm sore. My back hurts. Definitly going to see my chiropractor next week.

It's back to daycare for Sebastian tomorrow. Happy that the stupid snow didn't ruin Sebastian's First Valentines Day Party that's tomorrow. Already done with baking his cupcakes and done putting together his Toy Story Valentines Day cards that he will hand out to all of his friends :) They even come with temporary Toy Story tattoos!!!

Dad will be in surgery today. It will be a two hour procedure. Xenia, my step-mom will be there at the hospital and will be the one calling me to give updates. I talked to my dad and I hate how there isn't any sign of anything in his voice like maybe being nervious or scared! I will be...thinking good thoughts. thinking good thoughts. thinking good thoughts.

Time to cook dinner. Tonight will be Chicken Tacos.


ps: I think I'm fine with it if I never ever, ever, ever see snow for another good 10+ years!

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