Thursday, February 11, 2010

attention shoppers...& feeling this or that...

A note: this post is actually from yesterday Feb.10th. Our power went out right before I was going to publish..of course!

No work for me since the mall is closed today! Again, due to snow. There is a good foot out now and is suppose to be still snowing until 11 tonight. Although I should be excited for the snow day, I am so NOT! Here's why...
So, this morning I wake up because there is no way of knowing that the mall is closed til I go online to their website to check (they post it on their website). I go on and look but see no sign of any announcement saying that everything is closed. I check one more time around 7:15am because I must leave my place by 7:30am to have enough time to travel to work.
Of course (because my life sucks) I get to the mall and as soon as I hit the lot I know for sure that I just drove all this way for absoultly nothing since there were no cars to be seen! Great right? At this point I am fuming! Not cool. I'm thinking to myself that they should of posted this way before 7am. I gather myself in my car and head back home.
Maybe 15 minutes from the mall I hit some ice, do a 360 and smash my car into the thick wire that is bolted into the ground that holds the electric poll...Yup. You heard me right. So now my poor Jeep is smashed up front on the drivers side where the tire is.
I'm pissed...and hate snow more than ever.
ohh yeah, I'm fine. A little shaken up and sore but fine.
Our house. Yes, that's Bobby T-Bird right there in the front...barly visable.

On feeling this or that...

...feeling tired. Is it Friday yet? Since last weekend was a bust I need this weekend to rejuvenate myself. I really need it!
...I have too many thoughts, too many concerns, too many ideas, too many aggrevations. Just too much to say!

...feeling emotionally worn out. Father is due for surgery tomorrow! Shoulder surgery. Scares the poop out of me. I tried talking him out of it. Tried telling him to do some more therapy to see if that will do something! Anything! I know I'm being selfish by doing this but I just can't help it. Evidentally, there is too much pain. Numbness down his arms to the point were he at times can't grip things. Question is how come I'm just hearing about this? See, my dad is an incredibly modest man. Question answered..So, recovery time is estimated to be 4 weeks!! What we're hoping for is that this surgery will fix his shoulder and also have a positive effect on his neck as well because if not then the next step will be surgery on his neck. Not good. Too many nerves & important stuff going on there. Hoping it won't come to that.

...feeling a little fortunate. feeling like there are some nice & collected people in this world, who like to do nice things and don't expect anything in return. Yesterday at work I had a guy come and get his usual Large Decaf Soy British Islander Latte, who's name is Will (yes, I like to learn all my regulars names) and is an Optician, handed me a Gift Certifiate for Lenscrafters which is where he works. This shows me that people actually do listen to the tattooed & pierced chick at the coffee shop. At the end of last week is when I found out he works at Lenscrafter and is when I brought up the fact that I've been meaning to go there to look at sunglasses because I've been wanting to get some prescription ones. I was so happy when he handed me that Gift Certifiate and said that I can get 50% off any prescription glasses or sunglasses!! What an nice guy :) Maybe now I can actually afford those Burberry shades that I've been eyeing.

...feeling proud of my hair. It's growing so long. Such a weird feeling having hair actually touch my neck. And very impressed that I now can put mine in a tiny pony. SEE, SEE!
(even though I say I'm proud of this little ponytale, still not that proud to wear it out in public. Still too small & pointy)

...feeling antsy for Valentines Day. We will just be doing movie & dinner and it will be a later night out since we weren't able to get a babysitter (aunty Britt) until the evening. Bobby and I are going to enjoy a movie and what better movie to see than Valentines Day. Then we are going to try out a new restuarant called Iron Abby Gastro Pub! We've never been there but once I looked the menu up and saw everything, it just sounded divine so we decided to give it a try. It will be a nice night out since Britt will be coming to our place to sit and so I won't have that rushed feeling, thinking that we have to hurry to pick Sebastian up and put him to bed. I always feel so guilty having to put him in the car and go home when he is already sleeping and tired.

...feeling hypnotized by the aroma of my Pumpkin Cookies that are baking in the oven. I don't care if you think 'pumpkin' is out of season. I WILL continue to bake my pumpkin favorites until my skin turns orange or I start shaping plump and round like the pumpkin itself. Thank you very much! 

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