Sunday, February 28, 2010

on the morning after...

It's nice when you know a certain someone who works in a flower shop and who brings you darling flowers everytime you have a get-together. Nicole is a sweetheart...sometimes ;)
Best part is I get to keep the vase. I'm starting to have a very extensive collection!

Damage control. Always somthing that you must deal with the morning after. I'm fortunate because this morning once we woke up Bobby got right to the pile of dishes in the sink without even a word from me. I was all smiles. Of course I told him not to worry about it and I'll get it later since I knew that he wanted to head down to his fathers shop to check up on my poor little Jeepy that is still in surgery. But, no he said that since yesterday was such a success and due to me cooking all day he was on dish duty. I love him! Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

I dub today to be opposite day. Yesterday was a very eventful busy day so now we do the inverse which is lazy do nothing day. I second that!!

Another earthquake! Jesus, what the heck is going on? It's so sad and my heart goes out to the people in Chile and of course to Haiti. I really can not imagine what it could be like and feel that I'm just so very blessed to be where I am. Hopefully this will be it with all these quakes so the people can try to regain themselves. Lots of positive vibes coming from me and shooting them all the way other there to you!

I've been looking for a nice practical food blog. One that is easy to follow yet interesting and that makes you crave for more. I found just that blog. Meet I really enjoy this blog mainly because the woman named Cathy is so down to earth and seriously funny. Before when I said that I wanted to find a food blog that is easy to follow well this one is, it's very friendly to the eyes where as so many blogs out there are just horribly jumbled and chaotic. Make sure you check it out because all the recipes are extremely charismatic and also make a point to read about Cathy. I think it's awesome that her & her family moved from California to Oregon so she can plant a vineyard and start a winery. If that's not inspiring then I don't know what is!

One more noteable thing I would like to announce because today is Courney's 23rd Birthday! Happy Birthday Court :)


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pillsbury Potluck!

My Pillsbury Potluck turned out amazing. It was so much fun. It ended up just being the in-laws and then Bobby's Aunt's family. Which sounds like nothing but when you added all the bodies up the total came to 10 plus two toddlers! In a small two bedroom apartment...I had a full house. We invited Matt & Bridgett who are one of our good friends but Bridgett was feeling under the weather and so they couldn't attend. However they did comment on how they have tons of Pillsbury in the fridge :) I thought that was funny and told them that we'll just have to come over and help them out with eating all of it!

Julee Cunningham's Pecan-Sweet Potato Appetizers! JULEE, they are frickin' delicious :) Everyone was buzzing about how flavorful the pouches of goodness were and once I told them what was actually in it, they just couldn't believe it. I'm sorry all you other finalists but this one is a WINNER!!
I also made--
Roast Beef & Gorgonzola Hoagies
Made with the Pillsbury French Loaf. Such a quick and easy recipe, which was a huge hit with the father-in-law.
(Half eaten) Deep-Dish Courdon Bleu.
Made with PIllsbury crescent dinner rolls but is not on the Bake-Off list however still is a legit Pillsbury recipe, I promise! Tell you the truth I wasn't too sure about this one since it does kind of look like puke in a deep dish (I know I am so gross) but actually when I put looks aside the thing was very mouthwatering.
These are probably my new favorite desserts. Pecan Pie Surprize Bars, got the recipe off Julee's Blog and just had to give them a try. Believe it or not this recipe is really a Pillsbury recipe that won the Bake-Off in 1971 by a lady named Pearl Hall. Cool huh?

I do have to tell you this because I thought it was very cool and something that I did not tell them to do but that they did on their own is that mother-in-law and Aunty Cheryl printed out the finalist recipe that they chose and brought it in for me. How thoughtful was that! Just so I knew which recipe belonged to which Bake-Off finalist.

Here is what my lovely Mom-in-law made up for the potluck--
Parmesan Crostini with Spinach-Pesto Spread created by Joan Duckworth from Lee's Summit, MD. Boy was this heavenly!
Made with Pillsbury French loaf that she just cut in thin slices, dipped in olive oil and topped with a parmesan garlic mixture. Then you just spread that creamy pesto dip and eat, eat and eat some more!

Fudgy Chocolate Chip-Toffee Bars created by Sarah Fuchs from Ozark, MO.
Made with Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Of course she just had to make these crazy rich squares that, and I'm not joking when I say this, put a spell on me and made me coming back for seconds even though my butt was screaming "No don't do it"! But, I did. We'll see if I fit into my pants in the morning.

Aunt Cheryl made--
Mediterranean Three-Tomato Tart created by Catherine Heers from Simpsonville, SC.
Made with Pillsbury Pizza Crust. I thought this dish gave tonight a great feel with it's mishmash of all the Mediterranean zest.
Pepperoni-Pesto Popovers created by Laura Stanke from Maple Grove, MN.
Made with Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough.
Now, first let me tell you that this pictures is really from the Pillsbury website on the Bake-Off page. The reason for not having a photo of the real thing is because by the time I got a chance to get my camera out all these little bundles were GONE! Yep, GONE! And they were so good that I didn't even get ONE. Not ONE. They were gone before they even hit the table. I will definitly have to make some of these bad boys up sometime. And when I do I'll be indulging in a few extra just to make up for tonight ;)

Now more some classic pictures of the rest of the evening--
Take 1:
Aunt Cheryl to my left who is mother-in-law's sister, then there's the mother-in-law to the right who's face you can't see, the blonde is little Nicole Bobby's youngest sister and lastly Courtney Bobby's cousin with the long brown beautiful hair that I wish I had. But did you notice my hair, cute right? Took me a good half and hour to do it up like that!
Take 2:
Must I say anything?

Take 3:
Getting there...

Take 4:
Finally, four takes isn't all too bad. Really. Sometimes I just give up :)
If your wondering where all the men are at, well Bobby's taking the picture and the rest just scurry away when the camera comes out. Hmmph.
And Sebastian was too busy playing with his Uncle Chris and eyeing up the Fudgy Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars on the table...

So, there you have it. My Pillsbury Potluck. Lots of yummy food and great fun!
Let's do it again soon!


Well my dear readers, I'm already back from the doctors. Wasn't too bad. Glad it's out of the way. Now I just need to hear some good results!
I'm in the kitchen were I am already nearly done with my Pecan Pie Surprize Bars that I stole from Julee's Blog. Thanks Julee, I know it will be a big hit!

I am very excited for tonight. Not only to be able to take refuge in my kitchen all day and cook/bake delicious food, but also to see some family and friends. Bonus will be to see their faces when they bite into the Pecan-Sweet Potato Appetizers or my Deep-Dish Chicken Cordon Bleu that I may add is also a Pillsbury recipe but is not actually on the Bake-Off Finalist List.

Enough chit-chat, time to really get down to business.



Friday, February 26, 2010

on a few things...

I did my shopping for my legendary Pillsbury Potluck for tomorrow (which is dedicated to none other than Julee Cunningham, finalist of the Pillsbury Bake-Off!!) .I am offically all ready to start cooking & baking for my guests. Now that I think about it I don't think I've ever bought this much Pillsbury stuff in my whole life!!

I've We've been doing a little cleaning everyday. Which is something I don't usually do because I always end up procrastinating the cleaning part and leaving it for the very last minute. Bobby is a big help with that so with him doing a little while he is at home and then me as well it seems like it goes much faster!
As you can already tell, I am looking forward to tomorrow :)

Sebastian woke up with a fever & slight runny nose Monday morning but with no other symptoms. Bobby was the one that called me at work to tell me and my first reaction was that I was going to get someone in to cover my shift so I could get my butt home. Fast! Bobby talked me out of it and I'm glad he did because it would have been pointless. I really wasn't needed...Bobby was there...It's just that worried mother thing I have going on. Anyways, I went about work as usually and then it dawned on me!!!! I know why he has a fever. He must be getting his molars in. I realized all last week and in to this week his hands have been in his mouth. And when I mean in his mouth I mean all the way in there. So, what do you know, I came home the other day and shoved my finger back into his mouth (poor kid) and felt some teeth poking through. Yep. Those suckers are very much coming in and boy is it painful for my little man.
The plot thickens. I guess that it wasn't his molars (even though they are coming in) because yesterday I started feeling slightly off at work. Then I come home and took my temperature and of course I have a fever of 100 degrees. Obviously he must of had a bug then because I was feverish all of yesterday into today morning. What's up with that? Who needs a 24 hour fever. Not me. I'm just glad that's all it was for my Potlucks sake.

I've been over hearing from many people now that Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island is an awesome movie. I was sort of turned off by the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is the lead but everyone so far says he did an astonishing performance. Now I really do want to see it, but most likely will wait until it comes out on DVD since there are just too many movies coming soon in theater that I just HAVE to see.

No big deal. Try not to be too envious of my coolness. But remember when I told you I've already reserved my copy of New Moon (special edition I might add) well I am automatically invited to F.Y.E's New Moon release party!! That's right. On March 19th it starts at 9pm and they will be showing Twilight and New Moon back to back, then at midnight you can get your copy of New Moon! I'm so excited. Courtney (Bobby's cousin) and I are going together :) We'll fit right in! Oh and don't forget theres going to be free food & drinks :) Niiiice.
Now that I've brought up Twilight...Have you seen the new lame Verizon commerical that's been on tv? Did I say it's so totally lame. If you haven't take a look--

Well, It will be an early night for me due to the fact that I have the pleasure in waking up extra early to go to the doctors office and have them suck blood out of me for some labs that need to be done. Not my favorite thing to do and not because of the needle because if you know me ;) I have no problem with needles. It's just the getting up early on a Saturday.
I'll let you know how the Potluck goes!!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

is that you sun??

Awwweee what a beautiful day. I woke up to this looking out my back fire escape porch--
Oh sun, glorious sun. Where have you been all my life?! I stood out on the 'porch' face up breathing in the fresh air, eyes closed and soaking in the sun. Then I heard a knock at the door where Bobby was standing on the otherside with a "what are you doing?" expression on his face. That about killed the moment, but I enjoyed you sun as long as I could!

Yesterday was the same. Sun was out with a little chill to the air but not bad. Sebastian and I had the day together since Bobby had work 7am-7pm. I decided to get some usual chores done so then Sebastian and I could just go out and do stuff. I first drove out to our favorite playround to see if it was snow free, but unfortunately it wasn't so we had to scratch that idea. After a little drive/nap for Sebastian we hit up Starbucks for a little treat. I got a soy Cappiccino and then got a Pumpkin Loaf to share with Sebastian :) Our usual choice. Which ends up being gone in 2 minutes flat. Anyways, I got a kick out of this particular visit to my fellow competitor coffee shop that I truely don't visit often but only when I have nothing else in my vacinity...because of this...
See that little girl in the background? Well, Sebastian had his eye on her the whole time! He was turned around trying to engage in conversation from all the way other there and was just a plain ol' flirt. I couldn't believe my eyes! The little girl however wanted nothing to do with him...I just reassured him that she probably wasn't into younger guys ;) and also that there are tons of other fish in the sea :)

Once we got home we played outside for a good while trying to take advantage of the nice weather and also to just relieve some energy. We always have so much fun together.
Sebastian found a pinecone and was carrying it around for a long while thinking it was the coolest thing ever..
Then we whipped out his Quad to give it a ride and he ended up trying to be Evel Knievel and ride up the mounds of snow on the side of our driveway...

That was our Saturday. Today is actually a little warmer outside :) I woke up, took the picture up top, got dressed into some sweats, put a hat on (major bedhead today), and went out to pick up some fresh bagels and coffee for breakfast.

We figured with the nice weather that we would go up North to the outlets and take a few things back that Sebastian got for Christmas that don't fit. I know, it's about time! While we are out I'll be keeping a close watch out for a new handbag and some shoes...Bobby doesn't know this yet so I will break the news when we actually get to the outlets. That's my plan of action.
Later after our family outing we will end the day at the Schuler residence. Who I miss very much by the way. It's so hard getting out to see them. When I was Stay At Home I would be at their house a couple times a week. But now I'm lucky if I can get up there on the weekend. It will be a nice way to end the weekend!!

One more thing before I have to get up and start my day. Bobby and I started Season 1 of Heros! Have you seen it? It's so addicting!! OMG. We are almost done the first season and didn't go to bed until midnight lastnight because I just wanted to keep watching episode after episode to see what happens! I love having this PS3!

Also, I am almost half way through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I'll be honest the beginning was a very slow read and I was tempted to quit and find something else but I forced myself to keep going. It did get better and now I am very much absorbed and want to find out the thousand-dollar question "Who Killed Harriet???". Well, that is if she really is dead...At this point I have not even a clue or assumption. Interesting.

Make today count people! Another week ahead of us..can you believe we're already so close to March?

This was taken on Friday. I really like it.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

on being random...

I'm extremely tired of winter and would love to see the warmth & sun back. God knows we need it to melt all this dumb snow.

Learning more and more about this PS3. Found out today that it can stream thousands of movies and TV shows through Netflix right onto my TV!!!! Can you belive that??? We are already memebers of Netflix. So, now we don't have to wait for movies. We can just go on Playstation and browse all the instant movies. How cool is that!

Very much missing Glee and hope April 13th comes fast. 

The leather jacket that I've been eyeing is finally down to a price that I can afford. Fox Racing came out with a womens motorcyle jacket that I think is hot! When they first put it up on sale on their website the price was $395 and now it's down to $149.99! Yay! Now finally I can get the jacket of my dreams. Here is what it looks like--
Now picture it on me :)

I've been slacking on my reading. I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson and I mean just started..I'm on like page 5 maybe. I got to get movin'!

Slightly annoyed with men (that I don't know) creating nicknames for me when i'm behind the counter being a barista like; "Hun", "Sweety" or my favorite "Babe". Creeper much?

This is what happens when I gave my son CocoPops with some nutella for a treat..

Want to know something that makes me furious. BestBuy hasn't even sent my computer out to the technicians. Bobby called them today to find out what the hell is taking so long and there you have it, they've done absolutely nothing. They gave us some run around about our warrenty and that they had to clear it with corporate. It's been a MONTH! I have the pleasure in waiting another two weeks. Will I be able to do that? Not sure.

Counting down the days until these two movies hit the theater--
Alice in Wonderland coming out March 5th

Remember Me with my lovey coming out March 12th!!!!

Relieved that my father is coping with post surgery pretty well. Rough times here and there but mostly I'm overwhelmed with pride. Two surgeries in a couple mouths time. He is such a trooper!

Sebastian is keeping me from even sitting down for too long these days. He comes up to me grabs my hand and takes be places; into the kitchen to look out the back door or to his play area to help him read a book. He even comes up to me while I am on the laptop and closes that laptop which basically means "get off and pay attention to me". This little boy keeps me on my toes, can you imagine what it's going to be like in a  few years? Oh boy. I wouldn't change it for the world!

I'm waiting for tickets to the WMMR BBQ to go on sale because I would really love to go. It will be a the chance to see Stone Temple Piolets and Alice in Chains together in May. I think I could just crawl in a hole and die if I saw them. Hopefully I will be able to score tickets! If you want to join Bobby and I let me know, group tickets are so much cheaper!

Enough of my random-ness.



Monday, February 15, 2010

on the day of love...

In the morning I was the first to unleash the Valentine surprize for Bobby. I got up early because I knew Bobby wouldn't even notice that I was absent from bed since he is pretty much dead asleep and figured that it would be the best time to set up my master plan. I dressed up warm because the surprize was inside my Gray Ford Focus Rental Car's trunk, headed outside, hauled the gift up and put it into place. This is what I bought my man for this years Valentines Day!!--
Yes, he LOVED it! I know, best gift ever! Bobby deserves it and more. He is always wonderful to me and spoils me without a doubt. I'm admitting it. What more do you want from me. BUT I spoil him right back ;) That's how it's done. And how it should be.
It fabulous because the PlayStation is also a BlueRay DVD player and what do you know? We actually were in the market for a new DVD player. So, I got that right out of the way as well.
Okay back to my story. I also bought Bobby a game to go with it (some kind of big time racing game, don't ask me the name 'cause I have no idea) which I put in a seperate gift bag and Sebastian gave it to him right when they woke up. Bobby opened it with a puzzled look. Not only puzzled because he has a PS3 game in his hand and we don't have a PS3...but also because he just woke up & he usually needs a good hour to really wake up and be able to process things. You read me. So, right when he was about to say "Hun, we don't have a PlayStation 3", I grabbed his hand and basically pulled him into the living room were the box, PS3 inside, was sitting on the TV stand with a nice little red bow and a card next to it. People. It seriously brings so much warmth to my heart seeing his face as I pulled him and he saw his new toy :)
The best everrrr!!!

Sebastian got a Snoopy card and a plastic heart filled with M&M, which are his favorite candies for special occasions. Of course lots and lots of kisses from me!!!!!!!!

Now for me. It shows that some men out there really do listen, like mine! He is definitly one in a million. It's impossible you say? Nope. I know for a fact that a while back I told Bobby that I felt like I had too much costume jewerely and that I wanted to get something that is small yet pretty, just something that I could wear everyday. For it to be nice yet mean something to me and that will still match with informal outfits. So because he is the best he got me something perfect, take a look--
It's not the best view but it's a beautiful Everlon Diamond Knot Necklace. I adore it!

I wanted to cook Brittany something for dinner since she had worked all day and was so kind to come and spend the evening with Sebastian so we could go out on our hot date. I decided to cook my speciality, Chicken Marsala. It's just one of those dishes that I've perfected to an art and just love for it's richness and colors--
The mushrooms & zucchinis all cut up and sauteed together are so captivating. It was very hard for me not to dish out some onto a plate and make it a quick snack before our dinner out. But I controlled myself. Licking the spoon doesn't count though.

My outfit for the night was just something I threw together. Casual but still somewhat chic.
Tee-shirt is from Forever 21, cardagian from Target, my favorate jeans--Hippie Brand (who are worn way too much by yes, me but HEY they are soooo comfy) and the shoes are from Target. I just could not leave without them the other day and all I came for was diapers because I had a coupon. Curse you everythingatyourfingertips Target.

Valentines Day the movie was alright. I thought it was cute to watch on Valentines Day but I don't think it will be one of those movies that I will watch again. I did however enjoy the wide varity of actors in it. Made it fun!

Dinner at Iron Abby was great. The inside had a very authentic Rennaisance feel to it with the stone walls, old fashioned chandleirs, the dim lighting and of course the knight's crusade helment in each corner. It's mellow feeling with flat screen TVS on every wall made it so relaxing. To our right we had the Olympics and to the left we had a soccer match. My head was stationed to the left. Food was seriously wonderful. I think my favorite had to of been our crab dip appetizer. Best i've ever had.

Well, my day was full of tons of xoxo's

Saturday, February 13, 2010

on some thoughts...

I think we have an epidemic. Why is it that life is one big competition for some? I think it's starting to become a sickness in the world.
Families competing with other families to see who has the most expensive car. Women competing to see who's diamonds have the most karats. Dads competing with other dads to see which of their son's can shoot the most hoops.
I just can't understand it. It's disturbing and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. People should take pride in what they have and accomplish without having to prove anything to someone else. I feel, if your guilty of this affliction that you must not truely be happy with yourself. But then again maybe you are...maybe what your're doing, like buying that IPhone just because Joe from school got one, or a mom taking her daughter shopping and picking out every outfit for her daughter just because she deep down wishes she could wear those outfits and be young again is how you actually get your rocks off. Maybe this is how your surviving.
All I'm saying is that I wish people would realize we in some way or another are all connected in this colossal world. Whether you and someone graduated from the same class, or you work in the same building and never knew it, or something as simple as wearing the same shoes. There is someone out there that at this precise moment is wearing the same shoes as you! (If your wearing shoes that is). I think you can always find something that connects you to someone else. Small or big doesn't matter because we are all in it together. We are all doing the same thing. LIFE.
Trust me I like the finer things in life but there is a difference between having a passion for something and just getting something to make another being jealous.
I think the world would be a better place if everyone had this understanding.

That was my thought of the day. Thank you very much.

Now to the juicy details (as juicy as it gets for me)--

  • Got a rental car today since my Jeepy will be going into the body shop on Monday. I picked out a 2009 Ford Focus. It's pretty nice. Not a car I would pick out of all the cars that Enterprise has but when insurance is paying for all of it I'm not going to complain.
  • So dad had his surgery on Thursday. After being a nervous case all day long all week long the surgery was a success. I was on the edge in the beginning because the surgeon was late a good hour and a half. Xenia was keeping in touch with me via text message so thanks to her I was up to date with all the progress otherwise who knows what the hell I would of done, lets not forget Vampire Diaries & Supernatural was on which kept my mind off things. Anyway everything went great considering and now he just needs to heal!
  • Very excited for tomorrow. Valentines Day. Mostly because I am just estatic to give Bobby his gift. I know for sure he will love it. Sorry I can't say what it is just yet since he might be reading this, he is sneaky that way.
  • Movie & dinner will be a nice getaway. Although I've already made up my mind on the movie, Valentines Day, I also really want to see but I've already made my mind. Plus if I get to see more of my hunky man Tyler Lautner I'll be one happy camper! Just don't tell that small little detail to Bobby because I'll surely be sitting in the theater on my own. He for some reason has a vendetta towards the men in the Twilight Saga... I just can't imagine why?!?!
  • Guess MotherFrickinNature didn't get my petetion because they say we are going to get another foot of snow on Monday. Shootmenow.
  • My choice of drink lately has been a nice extra dry cappuccino. So refreshing.
  • Don't care what you think but I like these boots...
  • (photo via
    ...just wish they weren't fourhundreddamndollars!

keep watch out for cupids arrow ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm starting a petition to hand over to MotherFrickinNature...NO MORE SNOW!

Finally our power is back. Came back around 11am, and was out since 6pm yesterday! We had to start putting our milk and yogurt etc. out on our deck for the snow to keep everything refridgerated. Thank god my stove & oven are gas powered so I was able to finish making dinner (which was Chicken Cordon Bleu & mashed potatoes!) and had some way of making Sebastian hot breakfast this morning . We were in the process of packing things up to head over to the in-laws house because they had power, so we could charge phones, and so I could shower & blow dry my hair. Just as Bobby was done warming the car the power kicked on! Hallelejuah!!

Another day without work. Snow day. The mall was open today but with later hours and so there was not much sense to go in to work when I would only be able to do a couple hours since Bobby has to head to work in the late afternoon. Plus I highly doubt people will be rushing to the mall in the blizzard like conditions outside, so one person can handle the shop.

I'm sore. My back hurts. Definitly going to see my chiropractor next week.

It's back to daycare for Sebastian tomorrow. Happy that the stupid snow didn't ruin Sebastian's First Valentines Day Party that's tomorrow. Already done with baking his cupcakes and done putting together his Toy Story Valentines Day cards that he will hand out to all of his friends :) They even come with temporary Toy Story tattoos!!!

Dad will be in surgery today. It will be a two hour procedure. Xenia, my step-mom will be there at the hospital and will be the one calling me to give updates. I talked to my dad and I hate how there isn't any sign of anything in his voice like maybe being nervious or scared! I will be...thinking good thoughts. thinking good thoughts. thinking good thoughts.

Time to cook dinner. Tonight will be Chicken Tacos.


ps: I think I'm fine with it if I never ever, ever, ever see snow for another good 10+ years!

attention shoppers...& feeling this or that...

A note: this post is actually from yesterday Feb.10th. Our power went out right before I was going to publish..of course!

No work for me since the mall is closed today! Again, due to snow. There is a good foot out now and is suppose to be still snowing until 11 tonight. Although I should be excited for the snow day, I am so NOT! Here's why...
So, this morning I wake up because there is no way of knowing that the mall is closed til I go online to their website to check (they post it on their website). I go on and look but see no sign of any announcement saying that everything is closed. I check one more time around 7:15am because I must leave my place by 7:30am to have enough time to travel to work.
Of course (because my life sucks) I get to the mall and as soon as I hit the lot I know for sure that I just drove all this way for absoultly nothing since there were no cars to be seen! Great right? At this point I am fuming! Not cool. I'm thinking to myself that they should of posted this way before 7am. I gather myself in my car and head back home.
Maybe 15 minutes from the mall I hit some ice, do a 360 and smash my car into the thick wire that is bolted into the ground that holds the electric poll...Yup. You heard me right. So now my poor Jeep is smashed up front on the drivers side where the tire is.
I'm pissed...and hate snow more than ever.
ohh yeah, I'm fine. A little shaken up and sore but fine.
Our house. Yes, that's Bobby T-Bird right there in the front...barly visable.

On feeling this or that...

...feeling tired. Is it Friday yet? Since last weekend was a bust I need this weekend to rejuvenate myself. I really need it!
...I have too many thoughts, too many concerns, too many ideas, too many aggrevations. Just too much to say!

...feeling emotionally worn out. Father is due for surgery tomorrow! Shoulder surgery. Scares the poop out of me. I tried talking him out of it. Tried telling him to do some more therapy to see if that will do something! Anything! I know I'm being selfish by doing this but I just can't help it. Evidentally, there is too much pain. Numbness down his arms to the point were he at times can't grip things. Question is how come I'm just hearing about this? See, my dad is an incredibly modest man. Question answered..So, recovery time is estimated to be 4 weeks!! What we're hoping for is that this surgery will fix his shoulder and also have a positive effect on his neck as well because if not then the next step will be surgery on his neck. Not good. Too many nerves & important stuff going on there. Hoping it won't come to that.

...feeling a little fortunate. feeling like there are some nice & collected people in this world, who like to do nice things and don't expect anything in return. Yesterday at work I had a guy come and get his usual Large Decaf Soy British Islander Latte, who's name is Will (yes, I like to learn all my regulars names) and is an Optician, handed me a Gift Certifiate for Lenscrafters which is where he works. This shows me that people actually do listen to the tattooed & pierced chick at the coffee shop. At the end of last week is when I found out he works at Lenscrafter and is when I brought up the fact that I've been meaning to go there to look at sunglasses because I've been wanting to get some prescription ones. I was so happy when he handed me that Gift Certifiate and said that I can get 50% off any prescription glasses or sunglasses!! What an nice guy :) Maybe now I can actually afford those Burberry shades that I've been eyeing.

...feeling proud of my hair. It's growing so long. Such a weird feeling having hair actually touch my neck. And very impressed that I now can put mine in a tiny pony. SEE, SEE!
(even though I say I'm proud of this little ponytale, still not that proud to wear it out in public. Still too small & pointy)

...feeling antsy for Valentines Day. We will just be doing movie & dinner and it will be a later night out since we weren't able to get a babysitter (aunty Britt) until the evening. Bobby and I are going to enjoy a movie and what better movie to see than Valentines Day. Then we are going to try out a new restuarant called Iron Abby Gastro Pub! We've never been there but once I looked the menu up and saw everything, it just sounded divine so we decided to give it a try. It will be a nice night out since Britt will be coming to our place to sit and so I won't have that rushed feeling, thinking that we have to hurry to pick Sebastian up and put him to bed. I always feel so guilty having to put him in the car and go home when he is already sleeping and tired.

...feeling hypnotized by the aroma of my Pumpkin Cookies that are baking in the oven. I don't care if you think 'pumpkin' is out of season. I WILL continue to bake my pumpkin favorites until my skin turns orange or I start shaping plump and round like the pumpkin itself. Thank you very much! 

Sunday, February 07, 2010

who, who, who!!

I would be speaking lightly when I say that yesterday we had a blizzard! It was crazy I've never seen anything like it in my life. I wasn't too thrilled. To all you snow lovers out there...poo on you. I don't care what you have to say! Yes, I do think it's very pretty. Especially when it's untouched, just a smooth blanket of vanilla ice cream just itching to be scooped into a big snowball. On the other hand it can be a pain in the butt too. Bobby had work Friday night and he wasn't even able to make it home in the morning! His company actually paid and put him into a hotel. Which I was thankful, but Sebastian and I didn't get to see him all of Saturday :( Big bummer since today I had work and so my weekend was a total waste. What can you do?!?
So Sebastian and I were stuck at home, inside, together :) We started our morning in my bed together, Sebastian drinking his Organic Vanilla Milk and me sipping on a nice cup of coffee while snuggled next to my boy watching Finding Nemo (one of our favorites). It was a very cold morning (duh) but all I have to do is stay close to Sebastian since he radiates heat. Breakfast was french toast made with cinnamon bread, yummmmm. Although, I'm still not sure what that french toast does to my little one because once we were done eatting within 10 mintues tops this is what my living room looked like--
Classic "UH OH" face..Caught!!!!!

Later we dressed up in super duper layers and went outside to explore the fresh snow. Sebastian enjoyed it way too much.

Jeff, our maintenance man was outside at the time shovling the snow and Sebastian kept following him around trying to help him.

I practically had to drag him back inside!

I had work today. The day went slow. It was just one of those days. All I had on my mind was my boys and what kinds of things they were doing at home. Believe it or not I came home to a nice clean, vacuumed, swiffered, dishes washed and toys orginized place! Yes, ladies my boys rock :) and the beautiful thing is that I didn't even need to say a word. It was just done. All on it's own. Yay for me!
Another lovely surprise was what my boys did with their time today. I was very excited to see the pictures of the activity they ended up taking part in. Here is what they showed me--
Father and Son putting together their very first car model :)
1968 Mustang!
Bobby said Sebastian was a natural. He knew exactly what to do!
And the finished result...
I think it looks super rad and it just brings happiness to my heart that Bobby is doing things with Sebastian that he did with his father.
I truely am a very lucky lady!

Just got done watching The Who do a kick butt performance at Superbowl halftime! I can't help feeling a slight tinge of jealousy towards the people that are actually sitting there in person watching the legendary rock band and the crazy sick light show. Umpphh. I wish I was there waving my blackberry into the sky...

Well, who are you?
I really want to know.
Tell me, who are you?
'Cause I really want to know!

Have a spectacular Monday. Don't forget to order those flowers, buy those diamonds and reserve those dinners because this Sunday my friends is Valentines Day :D


Thursday, February 04, 2010

on this or that...

Still trying to get used to Bobby's work schedule. Every two weeks it changes. This week he is back to doing the night shift. So by the time I get home from work we have almost 3 hours to spend with each other before he heads to work around 6pm. Therefore I have that amount of time to get my blogging out of the way as well. I try to create some sense of what I want to tell you all in my head way before I get home. Like at work while I pour coffee :)
It was super weird lastnight, for some darn reason I could not sleep. I think it's the knowledge that Bobby won't be next to me. Before he got his promotion he was still doing 2nd shift and wouldn't get home til 1am. So, most the time I would already be in bed--but I think the fact that I knew he was going to be home next to me at some point made the difference. Now it's just me in our queen size bed. I don't know what to do with myself! Hoping tonight I can try to get some shut eye.

Last night I cooked up a new reciepe-- Sausage, Lentil & Spinach Soup. It's something that I got out of one of my older Everday Food magazines by Martha Stewart. The reciepe though, called for Kale instead of spinach but I knew Bobby would make a dreadful face once he found out Kale was inside his soup. I avoid that face as much as possible! The change is great though, I don't have a problem with Kale but spinach added a nice touch as well as the Tortallini that I snuck into it. Have you ever try to cook Kale in any of your dishes? To be honest, I think I've only had Kale once and that was at a dinner Bobby and I had at his friend Kashian's who is Thai and made a dish with Kale which was sauted..I believe. It was a while ago when Bobby and I first met, but I remember it was interesting eating it. Anywho, here is my Sausage, Lentil & Spiniach Soup!--
Not sure about you but I loooooove soup. The more 'stuff' in the soup the better. I don't think I've ever stuck with the reciepe when it comes to soup. This soup has Sweet Italian Sausage that you have to break up with a wooden spoon. First of all, let me stop there. Have you ever tried breaking Italian Sausauge up with a wooden spoon??? Ummmm impossible. I'm telling you right now it can't be done. I had to pull out a knife to cut the sausage and then eventually after cutting it up I was able to use the wooden spoon to break the pieces even smaller. Sorry, I had to add that in because I was thinking to myself (as I was cooking away) that Martha must have some sort of special wooden spoon. Mine was just not doing the trick. Moving on. Then add a little celery & onion. I used about 1/2 cup of dried lentils and 7 cups of chicken broth. Once I brought the soup to a boil I added about a handful of spinach cut into shreds and a handful of some cheese filled Tortallinis that I get at Samsclub. Those cook fast so you have to put them last otherwise they will cook too mush. And we so don't want that! There you are, my soup creation. I'm not so focused on measurment when it comes to soup because you really can't go wrong. Try it, not only do I recommend it but Sebastian gave it two thumbs up. That means something my friend!

I'm too pleased to say that everyone has r.s.v.p-ed back for my Pillsbury Potluck! Everyone has commented on how the idea is a great one!

The weather man is calling for snow tomorrow night. I guess it's going to start around midnight tomorrow and snow all the way into Saturday. Estimates about 6-12 inches. Boy, I'm so excited....NOT! Whatever. I can't wait for Spring. Yay for floral dresses and cute flats!

Did I mention I pre-ordered my New Moon dvd! I ordered it at F.Y.E. There is one right next to my coffee shop and I know the dude that manages it, Pete, who is a hoot! Well, don't be jealous, but I ordered the special addition movie--not only that but it comes with a box set that will hold all four of the Twilight Saga! Eeeeeeeeeek!(doing a little jig).

Time to get off and hand over this stupid laptop. I am not to happy with those Geeks. They are taking their good ol' time with my lappy.
OH SHOOT. I just realized that it's Thursday! That means Vampire Diaries and Supernatural on TONIGHT...did I tell you that I have this craving for popcorn lately. Don't ask.