Sunday, January 31, 2010

on a few good things

Yesterday was Saturday. I had to work. It's a bummer working on the weekends but it's a must every once in a while. Today wasn't too bad since, thank god, the shop was busy and I was on the move all day.
I figured since I was working that Bobby and Sebastian would meet me at work and we would find something to do (it's nice to work in a mall at times). So decided we would check out Krazy City. It's a family fun zone. Best way I can describe it is that it's an up scale Chuckie Cheese geared fowards younger children. It was fun! Sebastian's favorite was the ball pit. He spent most of his time there and eventually browsed around and ended up playing some Skee Ball with me & shot some Hoops with his dad.
Great Fun.

Now today is Sunday. And what a beautiful Sunday it is! I was happy to see the sunshine (after it snowed last night) when I woke up to my little boy talking away. The best part was looking at my clock next to my bed that read 8:30am!!! YES! Sebastian rocks! He is very very good to me :)
Today will just be an errands/shopping day. We will be hitting up Samsclub to buy all our bulk needs, like all paper products and frozen foods. I also buy my meats there too. It's great because I use alot of chicken breast and they have huge packs that last me a long while, I just put the extra in the freezer. So convenient. Then we just end our shopping adventure at Acme (which for everyone on the Westside is also known as Albertsons).
Okay, now that I mentioned Acme I NEED to tell you something I'm very excited about. Granted my verion of "excited" might not be so exciting for you but it is for this lady.
Anyways, Acme is doing an awesome limited time deal where every time you spend ten dollars you have a chance to be earning FREE professional cookware. So every ten dollars you recieve a sticker that you place in a booklet that they give you. Once you hit the 40th sticker you can get the first piece of cookware which is 7.8-inch nonstick frying pan , if you choice too. See at first I was confused because I thought (and thought way wrong) that everytime you hit a maker you get the cookware, but no. If you want to you can cash in your stickers but then you lose all of them to get that one cookware. Does that make sense?? Yeah, so I was a little disappointed at first but then quickly forgot about it since we shop at Acme all the time and didn't think it would be all that hard to collect me some cookware! Now there are one hundred stickers and on the 100th sticker you get a roasted pan with rack. Naturally that's what I want! Why? Because first of all it's valued at $89.99 and second because it's something I don't have and I know I will never really spend the money in getting myself one.
This what my booklet looks like--
I'm pleased to announce that I was able to finally cash my stickers in--

Isn't it a beaut?!?! I know I won't be using it everyday but it's fantastic to know I have it!
Also, the offer will be going up until April 1st so I have plenty of time to earn some more cookware. I am either shooting for the 10.6-inch Square Grill Pan which is 70 stickers or the 9.4-inch Dutch Oven with lid which is 80 stickers...
Gotta love it!

My kitchen is evolving at a steady pace. Thanks to Lori, the mother-inlaw. She was a sweetheart and got me lots of nice things at Christmas time for my kitchen. My two favoirtes are my William-Sonoma mixing bowls and Acuto stainless steal knife!
My bowls are so handy. Three different sizes of bowls plus the mixing bowl with handle is just fab!

You won't even imagine how amazing this knife is. It's made out of stainless steal and cuts every thing like butter! Cutting potatos is a breeze along with meats & veggies! Plus the color is so eye catching and with it's hygienic nonstick surface it's so easy to clean. Makes cooking pleasant.

Well, I think I've about summed up a few good things. Now time to get things done!

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  1. I have "rack" envy! I got a knife like that form my sister at Christmas and I love everything about it. Great gift! Great blog entry baby. You're a natural at it.