Saturday, January 02, 2010

smells like teen spirit

Guess Who?
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Soooooo, who is it? Any guesses?
Her name is Frances Bean Cobain also known as Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love's offspring! I ran into her while I was reading Harpers Bazaar. Don't you think she is a spitting image of her father?! I do! I thought it was interesting reading that she is going to be getting into Broadway and who will be headlining in Evita, Grease & Beauty and the Beast. Pretty funny for being the child of an extreme grunge legand and who's mother is a what Rolling Stone calls 'the most controversial women in the history of rock', and yet she is looking like she is pretty together and genuine. In an interview with People she said "These people are fasinated by me, but I haven't done anything. If you're a big Nirvana fan, a big Hole fan, then I understand why you would want to get to know me, but I am not my parents-- People need to wait until I've done something valid with my life."
C'mon! What 15 year old with crazy well-known acclaimed parents would even remotely think about telling the world that people need to recognize her for her and not just for who her parents are. If that makes any sense. All these other teenagers are famous because of their parents. Lame. I think she is great! And I'm hoping to see miraculous things come from this girl.

Next topic. One that I am very excited about. Introducing Ella's Kitchen. An all organic, all natural baby food, smoothies & snacks.
I found these at Toys'r'us! I am in love. They come in cute little pouches just like in the picture and have tons of neat flavors. Easy for Sebastian to hold and eat, basically a healthy mid-day smoothie of yummy fruits & veggies!

  • NO added sugar, salt or water.

  • NO preservatives or thickeners.

  • NO GM

  • NO high fructose corn syrup

  • NO dairy, egg or wheat

  • NO lactose or gluten

  • NO lumps or bits and nothing artifical
Just yummy organic food for babies :)
The best part is that Ella's dad Paul Lindley, who live in the UK by the way, was the one that created this awesome goodness with Ella his daughter and son in mind along with all the other kids in the world. How cool is that!
It would be nice to get Ella's Kitchen into the grocery store around here since Toys'r'us is currently the only supplier, until then you will find me there once a week stocking up!

Sebastian got his first train set today! Thanks Tanya :) Since we were limited with what we could take home from Seattle Tanya was a doll and got Sebastian a gift card. So, as I speak Bobby is on the floor setting it up so when Sebastian wakes up and waddles out to the living room he will be greeted with his new Choo-Choo train Aunty Te Te got him :)

Tomorrow we will be spending all day at my in-laws house. Lori- my mum in-law will be making a nice family dinner that is already making my mouth water just thinking about. It will be nice because I haven't seen them since before our trip out to Seattle. Will be a wonderful way to end our week!

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  1. Hey now that's the girl we know and love! lol

    And p.s., I think Frances Bean looks like you and Michelle.