Saturday, January 09, 2010

at the moment

Life at the moment:

  • I still have no power cord to my computer. I ordered one off Amazon a couple days ago, but who knows when it is going to get here...

  • Bobby started his new job on Thursday! It will be tough for him at first to get used to the crazy schedule as will Sebastian and I. Just to give you a little feel for what it's like-- He works Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & every other Saturday. For the first two weeks his shift will be Graveyard, so he starts at 7pm and ends at 7am. Then the following two weeks his shift is 7am to 7pm. The days will always be the same. So far he is enjoying it and says that he has a great bunch of people that he works with. However much our lifestyle is sort of jumbled we as a family are going to try the best to adjust and greet the beautiful things that will follow :) 

  • Speaking of our schedule Sebastian started his first full day of daycare on Friday. It did start off rocky just because this too was my first day of dropping him off and to be frank it was so HARD! NO it was horrible. To start out with it being new for him to be there at 7:30 in the morning but also being taken out of his Momma's arms was just devasting for him. Not to mention as he was crying crocodile tears in his teachers arms, I too was doing the same as I was hugging myself with my arms. Yes, I was crying-- which I don't do that often but everything to do with Sebastian gets me emotional. I'm just glad that I still had a 15 minute drive to work and was able to pull myself together. After all the drama queen king episode, I called as soon as my morning rush at work ended and was told that he was playing with all the kids and even managed to take his shoe off which made me smile at that point since that totally sounded like something he would do. All in all his day went super for it being the first day and he even took an hour and a half nap!!!!!! Plus painted his first art project :)

  • Finished Book 7 of the Riley Jension Series by Keri Arthur and am now on the last book out until the summer when the 9th book will be released. I am so addicted to this series. I think mostly because the main character is a women-- Riley. Duh. She is half vampire half werewolf and is a memeber of the Directorate of Other Races-- an elite group that regulates all the supernatural races and protects humans. It's crazy because she starts out just being a office assistant then ends up becoming one of the Guardians and fights along side of her twin brother Rhoan. Talk about a love life, this girl gets to have a little taste of both vamp and were. She's one lucky lady.  I'm so excited to see what happens in this next book!

  • I will be having my first ever meeting at work that I have put together! I'm looking forward to getting all that I must say and express to all my employees out & on to the table, plus I made Oatmeal ChocolateChip Cookies for all my girls :) See I'm a pretty rockin' boss!

  • DAYBREAKERS came out yesterday!! I really really really want to see it.

  • Feeling like Bobby and I need a date night. And soon.

Well, hoping I will have a laptop by the begining of the week so I can actually post on a regular basis. First our trip to Seattle put a damper on my blogging and now not having a computer! It's quite frustrating. OHHHHH well.


PS- Only 36 days until Valentine's Day :)

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