Thursday, December 31, 2009

seattle highlights

Finally getting some time to sit down and write. I miss my blog! I have so much to say and such little time to sit down and type.
Wanted to share with you some of the good times in Seattle...

So let me start out with saying Xenia my stepmom got Sebastian this really cool cardboard house. It was still in the box when we got there and all we had to do was set it up. Sebastian loved it! It was his very own little fort.
We even colored it with crayons!! I thought it was the best thing ever, how come they didn't make things like this when I was a kid?? I had to actually work and make my forts out of couch cushions and blankets. Kids these days got it so easy. HAHA.
I really can't explain how much my dad loved having Sebastian around. They are such goofball together!

Of course, thanks to Lisa, I was able to get together with my Great Harvest Gang! It's funny how all these years nothing has changed. What I mean is that I don't get to see these wonderful people only once every year (if that) and it still feels like we are back in the shop bagging bread & kneading a whole lota love! Such a warm and comforable grasp of the past.
The very stunning Mrs. Cunningham. Julee, who is actually one of the first influential & mother figures in my life and my sister next to her.
Mr. Cunningham, Glen is my man! He always has such a great spirit & is the man that taught me so much plus he can give the best hugs :-)
Not to forget my girl Tanya. She is probably one of the biggiest most important things I miss from Seattle. She is my bestfriend, my partner in crime (literally) and the funnest person I know. I never leave without making new memories with her. And many more to come!!

Despite the fact that I had a crazy amount of fun and memories with my family & friends, I think one of my personal highlights of our trip was FORKS! It took a ferry ride and a six hour drive to get there and back but it was worth it. I took both my sisters, Michelle & Krisztina, who did not need asking twice since they too are much beloved Twilight Saga fans. Represent! Anyways, we hit up Forks first and started out at the Chamber of Commerce where we got to see Bella's truck with Bella's actual licence plate!! SOOOO COOL! The two ladies that worked there were such darlings and very enthusiastic to see us, which made things that much more fun. They were nice enough to hand us a map with all the important site seeing labeled with directions and in return kindly asked us to sign their guest book. I wrote HULITZA FAMILY--all the way from Philly! It was crazy seeing people signed in from Florida and Texas. Talk about die hard fans :) Represent! Next for  some lunch at the Forks Coffee Shop which was really a little hometown diner. I got Bella's Garden Burger, so yummmmm! Then we all shared a piece of the Berry Cobbler Pie with some vanilla ice cream. Double yummmmm! Once we were done admiring the town we ran into probably the most breathtaking Twilight themed store  you can ever find called Dazzled by Twilight. I'm serious! I was like a kid in a candy store. Check out it out--

I ended up buying myself a $20 car window decal. I know I'm a total nerd but you, my friend will poop your pants when you see how wicked awesome it will come soon.
Now for the last part of our trip we just had to go and visit La Push. It took forever to get down to the water and after some complaining on my part we got there and boy was it beautiful. It happend to be pretty chilly by the water and the waves were crashing down and played cat & mouse with us up the shore. The entire beach had tons of logs scattered around so my sisters and I had some fun with them.
Well that's all the juicey details! It was a great time and I'm really looking forward to our next trip to Seattle, hoping to make it this summer!!

It's nice to be back home and I'm so ready for what's in store for the new year

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  1. Love this update and LOVE the picture of you with Glen and Tea! Try hard to come home this summer -- it would be excellent. Love you. Hsppy New Year!!!