Tuesday, December 01, 2009

my feet hurt

Aren't we just adorable?! I know. We are. I really can not describe what I would do without the man next to me. He is my better half, my best friend, my lover, my 'baby's daddy', my rock & much, much more. I wouldn't want to go through this puzzling life with anyone else but him. Right now, at times it can get tough since I barley get to see Bobby during the week. The only time I see him during the work week is in the morning when I wake up, but he is always snoring away. Sometimes I can get selfish (like today) and wake him up with a big sloppy smooch just so I can say a few words to him before heading to work. Naturally he falls right back to sleep after until our little boy wakes up. It is also rough going from being with Sebastian 27/7 to spending at least five hours with him in the evening. But those hours are so sweet!

Work has been going well. Seeing that the shop is brand new there are many things that still need to be organized and figured out, but with time it will all pan out. It will definitely take some getting used to being on my feet all day. Before I had Sebastian, when I worked for Bucks County Coffee, I of course was pregnant so whenever I felt like it I was able to just sit my big 'preggo' butt down and be fat!! Also considering that the last store that I managed was small and had very little business. I had it easy. Now I am on my feet & always moving. I love it! I think I might have a slight OCD problem. I am obsessive about things being organized and clean. That's good, right? It's great meeting new people through the company as well as customer based. With all this diligence, time flies like the wind. Which scares the bejesus out of me because when time flies, days fly. And when days fly, years fly by and then soon I'll be coming home from work & will be waiting for Sebastian to come home from school...Yikes!
Here are just a few quick pictures I took of my shop--
I will get some picture of the inside soon :)

Things that I am loving (at the moment):

  • Mentha Body Wash by Bigalow. I can't believe how awesomely soothing and refreshing it is to wash my sexy body with this stuff!! Who would of thought that peppermint oils would feel so good on my skin. It's the best showering with this stuff after work. Now that I mention it, I am almost done with my bottle. Booooo! Time to hit up Bath & Body Works. Or, stocking stuffer anyone?!! (cough-cough).
  • I am overjoyed with my hair! It's getting long. Don't laugh but sometimes I freak out because my hair touches my neck and I think it's like a bug. I said don't laugh...
  • It's December first. Which means only 21 days till my little family and I are heading to Seattle.
  • Coffee. Did I tell you that I work in a coffee shop. Yes, coffee galore! Yummy.
  • Sebastian pretty much almost said 'cookie' today! How exciting!


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