Thursday, December 03, 2009

here's to the future!

Amen to tips! I got off earlier today just so I could get home in time for Bobby to get to work since Katelyn had a doctors appointment and wasn't able to watch Sebastian. Anyways, I really only worked for a little less than five hours and I made twenty-five dollars in tips! Giving that I had a gentleman give me a ten dollar tip today. Oh Yeah! It's great because most of what I make in tips goes right into my gas tank or to picking up last minute things for dinner. It is such a tremendous help.

Speaking of picking up things for dinner...Sebastian and I went out to do some light shopping today. In the past, or should I say last week when I still wasn't officially back to work, we would as a little family go out shopping in the mornings. When we did we would always do a huge shopping spree and get enough groceries to last us at least two weeks. Now that I am at work in the morning we can't do that. It's going to stink to have to do all of our usual errands on the weekends. I will however try my best to get a lot done during the week no matter how tired & pooped I am. I'm good like that. So, I totally lost track of what I was originally going to tell you. Me & Sebastian were done shopping and I already put Sebastian into his car seat and I've already loaded all the bags into the back of my Jeep. Now I start rummaging through the bags because I remembered I had bought myself a drink for the ride back home. Can you guess the rest? Yes, I managed to leave the bag inside the store at the register, the bag that had my drink in it as well as a few little things!! Ughhh! No way in hell am I going to leave now. I take Sebastian out of the car seat and march back inside the store. Mind you that it is extremely windy out. I mean like hurricane! I get back inside the store and now I'm looking like Cruella Deville with my hair all array with a little pup in my arms (Sebastian) trudging down the isles to find my bag of goodies. Oh man, the joys of motherhood. Fun, fun, fun!

Dinner tonight:
I made my special Garlic-Herb Pork chops with sauteed mushrooms & a side of Three Cheese Tortellinis.
I am not a big fan of Pork but the way I make this dish, I end up licking my fingers for more! Mushrooms are great to cook with especially to add to a drier meat like pork. I think that is the biggest reason why I dislike pork, it's dryness. When you saute mushrooms they release a lot of their own natural juices which can work to your benefit. What I do is I season my pork in this case with my garlic herb spice, then I brown the meat with a little bit of butter. Once the meat is cooked thoroughly I place the meat aside. Now comes the mushrooms. Saute them in the same pan you cooked the meat. Once the mushrooms are wilted I then add the pork to the pan with the mushrooms ( and it's juices) & cook for a good five minutes. Lastly, I just add a cup of chicken broth to create a nice extra amount of sauce. For my side tonight I am having Three Cheese Tortellinis which I buy from Samsclub. They're the best I've ever had. They come in a pack of two big bundles at a very affordable price. And I just adore all the colors. I just boil them up and sprinkle some Feta cheese on top. PRESTO! Dinners done. Only took me thirty minutes, perfect for a quick dinner on the work week. Here is what the finished product looks like--
What do you think? Yummy, right?

Can you believe it will be Friday tomorrow? I can't! Some notable events due for the weekend are:

  • First off, I will be doing a lot of cleaning. I am hoping that I'll have enough willpower to knock out all my cleaning Saturday morning so I can truly relish my time with my boys.
  • Picking out our Christmas tree! We weren't exactly sure if we were going to have a tree this year because of the fact that we are only spending a few weeks at home and then leaving for Seattle for Christmas. But, we just can't go without the presence of a tree during this season. This way we can get a smaller tree, enjoy it for a few weeks and then take it down right before we depart on our trip. Can't wait. Sebastian is going to love decorating!
  • Depending on the weather...the weatherman is predicting for some snow on Saturday. Ummm, great. From what I know Sunday is suppose to be a sunny but cold. So, I am hoping to get up to Doylestown to the Kid's Castle. That is one of my favorite places to take Sebastian. So much fun!

Just want to end with saying that work-wise my future is looking bright & exciting. I can't say too much more, not just yet but I will keep you posted!!


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