Friday, December 18, 2009

the count down begins...

I am feeling extremely blessed to have such a beautiful son!
This is actually my very first photo that I took with my brand new Canon Rebel!! Not too bad, right? I still have alot of learning to do. I ended up getting a 8gb memory card, so I have up to 1,682 pictures-- and I plan on trying to take as many as I can to document Sebastian's First Christmas in Seattle.
Wooohooo, I am offically on vacation! Today was my last day of work till the Hoildays are over, and what a busy day of work it was! Let me just tell you that by the end of my shift I had reached thirty dollars in tips...chhhaaaachingg!! No complaints here.

My weekend will be full of rushing around; doing some last minute shopping for our trip, packing, washing clothes so we have clothes to actually take on our trip, packing some more, and spending some quility time with my in-laws since we will not be celebrating Christmas with them this year.
Did I mention packing? Oh god. I haven't started yet. I hate packing. I always tell myself that I am going to do light packing, just everything I NEED and not a thing more...but by the time I am finished putting all my clothes, shoes, make-up & accessories in the suitcase it's at the point of being full & there is still Bobby & Sebastian's crap to pile in there too (mind you I pack for Sebastian with the same mind-set). Not to forget that Bobby packs like a women...NOT GOOD!

Next on the list. I got a hair cut & color. I didn't end up doing the orignal hair cut that I had planned on. Lets just say I chickened out. Which, by the way is the first time I have ever backed down from a hair cut. Ususally if I pick something out ahead of time I just go with it. No matter what. Now that my hair is getting longer and longer my heart can't stand cutting it. I do however wanted to show you the cut that I originally wanted--
Don't you think it's CUTE! I love it. I call it a Tinkerbell cut.
I just couldn't do it...maybe for the summer???????

Here is how my hair turned out. Although you can't see in the picture, I had the back cut up to my hair line and angeled more down to the front, so now I have a very nice wedged look. Plus, I added some choppy bangs--
What do you think?

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