Thursday, December 31, 2009

seattle highlights

Finally getting some time to sit down and write. I miss my blog! I have so much to say and such little time to sit down and type.
Wanted to share with you some of the good times in Seattle...

So let me start out with saying Xenia my stepmom got Sebastian this really cool cardboard house. It was still in the box when we got there and all we had to do was set it up. Sebastian loved it! It was his very own little fort.
We even colored it with crayons!! I thought it was the best thing ever, how come they didn't make things like this when I was a kid?? I had to actually work and make my forts out of couch cushions and blankets. Kids these days got it so easy. HAHA.
I really can't explain how much my dad loved having Sebastian around. They are such goofball together!

Of course, thanks to Lisa, I was able to get together with my Great Harvest Gang! It's funny how all these years nothing has changed. What I mean is that I don't get to see these wonderful people only once every year (if that) and it still feels like we are back in the shop bagging bread & kneading a whole lota love! Such a warm and comforable grasp of the past.
The very stunning Mrs. Cunningham. Julee, who is actually one of the first influential & mother figures in my life and my sister next to her.
Mr. Cunningham, Glen is my man! He always has such a great spirit & is the man that taught me so much plus he can give the best hugs :-)
Not to forget my girl Tanya. She is probably one of the biggiest most important things I miss from Seattle. She is my bestfriend, my partner in crime (literally) and the funnest person I know. I never leave without making new memories with her. And many more to come!!

Despite the fact that I had a crazy amount of fun and memories with my family & friends, I think one of my personal highlights of our trip was FORKS! It took a ferry ride and a six hour drive to get there and back but it was worth it. I took both my sisters, Michelle & Krisztina, who did not need asking twice since they too are much beloved Twilight Saga fans. Represent! Anyways, we hit up Forks first and started out at the Chamber of Commerce where we got to see Bella's truck with Bella's actual licence plate!! SOOOO COOL! The two ladies that worked there were such darlings and very enthusiastic to see us, which made things that much more fun. They were nice enough to hand us a map with all the important site seeing labeled with directions and in return kindly asked us to sign their guest book. I wrote HULITZA FAMILY--all the way from Philly! It was crazy seeing people signed in from Florida and Texas. Talk about die hard fans :) Represent! Next for  some lunch at the Forks Coffee Shop which was really a little hometown diner. I got Bella's Garden Burger, so yummmmm! Then we all shared a piece of the Berry Cobbler Pie with some vanilla ice cream. Double yummmmm! Once we were done admiring the town we ran into probably the most breathtaking Twilight themed store  you can ever find called Dazzled by Twilight. I'm serious! I was like a kid in a candy store. Check out it out--

I ended up buying myself a $20 car window decal. I know I'm a total nerd but you, my friend will poop your pants when you see how wicked awesome it will come soon.
Now for the last part of our trip we just had to go and visit La Push. It took forever to get down to the water and after some complaining on my part we got there and boy was it beautiful. It happend to be pretty chilly by the water and the waves were crashing down and played cat & mouse with us up the shore. The entire beach had tons of logs scattered around so my sisters and I had some fun with them.
Well that's all the juicey details! It was a great time and I'm really looking forward to our next trip to Seattle, hoping to make it this summer!!

It's nice to be back home and I'm so ready for what's in store for the new year

Saturday, December 19, 2009

winter wonderland

Sebastian and I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland this morning!
It was such a shock. Even though the weatherman was saying for snow yesterday I just shrugged it off, since half the time they aren't even correct with their predictions. Well, it was a nice surprize and put me in a good and bad mood. Good because it is just so pretty on all the trees and ground. Bad because we have so much running around to do, now in the snow. Damn you Mother Nature.
So, I know this is weird and I promise that I won't make it a habbit to mention this every month...but why is it that I always end up getting 'the curse' or better known as 'that time of month' when we are going away on a trip. I think it happend last year too. Why? It's not a huge deal but it is annoying. Plus since my body is super strange, this month I have the pleasure in having extreme back pain. Lame. Oh, well...

So, before I get my butt off the couch (and start doing stuff) here are some pictures I snapped with my new camera this morning-- Enjoy & have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

the count down begins...

I am feeling extremely blessed to have such a beautiful son!
This is actually my very first photo that I took with my brand new Canon Rebel!! Not too bad, right? I still have alot of learning to do. I ended up getting a 8gb memory card, so I have up to 1,682 pictures-- and I plan on trying to take as many as I can to document Sebastian's First Christmas in Seattle.
Wooohooo, I am offically on vacation! Today was my last day of work till the Hoildays are over, and what a busy day of work it was! Let me just tell you that by the end of my shift I had reached thirty dollars in tips...chhhaaaachingg!! No complaints here.

My weekend will be full of rushing around; doing some last minute shopping for our trip, packing, washing clothes so we have clothes to actually take on our trip, packing some more, and spending some quility time with my in-laws since we will not be celebrating Christmas with them this year.
Did I mention packing? Oh god. I haven't started yet. I hate packing. I always tell myself that I am going to do light packing, just everything I NEED and not a thing more...but by the time I am finished putting all my clothes, shoes, make-up & accessories in the suitcase it's at the point of being full & there is still Bobby & Sebastian's crap to pile in there too (mind you I pack for Sebastian with the same mind-set). Not to forget that Bobby packs like a women...NOT GOOD!

Next on the list. I got a hair cut & color. I didn't end up doing the orignal hair cut that I had planned on. Lets just say I chickened out. Which, by the way is the first time I have ever backed down from a hair cut. Ususally if I pick something out ahead of time I just go with it. No matter what. Now that my hair is getting longer and longer my heart can't stand cutting it. I do however wanted to show you the cut that I originally wanted--
Don't you think it's CUTE! I love it. I call it a Tinkerbell cut.
I just couldn't do it...maybe for the summer???????

Here is how my hair turned out. Although you can't see in the picture, I had the back cut up to my hair line and angeled more down to the front, so now I have a very nice wedged look. Plus, I added some choppy bangs--
What do you think?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

on being lengendary...for a day

The Times Herald

PLYMOUTH — The dry spell is over.
The dark stuff is flowing again at Plymouth Meeting Mall now that Saxbys Coffee has picked up where Starbucks left off more than a year ago.
It’s a weekday afternoon and folks are queued up to be revved up, whether it’s from a simple cup of gourmet coffee, a foamy cappuccino or some sweetly-intensive concoction.
No matter which of the liquid jolts they quaff down, Michael Weinberg is hoping every brew will turn into black gold for the Conshohocken-based roasters.
“People can’t believe such a gourmet product came from a few miles away, on West Elm Street,” said Saxbys franchise developer. “I think people really respect that we’re local. I’ve seen all the customers come back again and again. They know my name and I know theirs. When a customer comes in I’ll say, ‘Hi, Mr. Johnson, your Cafe Americana will be right up.’ and just that association makes people feel good.
“When you go to big chains,” he added, “it’s a quick one-two, you’re out of there. There’s no interaction.
When you work at a local coffee shop such as this, you get to know your clients and their drinks and you have a relationship.”
Some of those relationships began when Saxbys opened on Black Friday.
“It was interesting,” Weinberg said, recalling the craziness. “We were busy for 18 hours straight, with a non stop line all day long.”
With 50 stores across the east coast and several out west, Saxbys is intent on building a name to rival the omnipresent chain whose name also kicks off with the letter ‘S.”
“We’re pretty dominant in the city and the Main Line, now we’re working our way out,” Weinberg noted. “Our name recognition is not huge, but people are recognizing the Saxbys logo more and more. We’re definitely a player in the coffee game.”
All outlets are distinctive, he pointed out. A dozen are situated on college campuses, while the Saxbys in Haverford boasts two floors and a fireplace.
“We try to meet the needs of every area, whether it’s around offices where they would need to conduct meetings, a kiosk on a college campus, or at the mall.”
Located just outside the food court on the lower level, where Bucks County Coffee reigned supreme for years -- those who still lament the departure of BCC may take heart in knowing that Saxbys bought out the company -- the latest incarnation of Saxbys doesn’t have a fireplace.
But its a warmly inviting environment nonetheless, featuring a massive L-shaped, diner-style counter skirted by a jazzy, 1950s-ish motif.
Flat screen TVS and Wifi will probably be in place by the time you’re reading this, Weinberg noted.
“Not only does this serve the people trying to get away from the office for a little pick-me-up, it’s a nice hangout spot where people can come and have a conversation in a cozy environemnt and relax when they’re at the mall.”
Whether you’re a Red Eye kind of guy who takes his coffee with a double shot of espresso, or more the Caramel Macchiato type, like Weinberg, the difference in Saxbys coffee is evident in the roasting process, Weinberg allowed.
“Our roasting style is European, using cast iron gas-fired drum roasters that are strictly air-cooled, never water quenched,” he noted.
The signature Saxbys drink is British Islander, a concoction of macadamia nut, English toffee and white chocolate flavors that “will knock your socks off,” Weinberg assured.
Each Saxbys Coffee location is independently owned and operated, which affords a closeness to the communities where they’re located, Weinberg said, adding that the Plymouth store was available to be franchised.
“Our model isn’t always to open-source corporately, but in this economy it’s great to be able to see a store in action.
As you can see it’s a great-looking store that’s performing, instead of back in the day saying, ‘this store could be good.’ So anyone who is interested can just come here anytime and take a look.
“Me, I’m not an Internet shopper; I like to try my shoes on before I buy them,” Weinberg said, grinning.
Yes, that's Mike and myself. Although Mike was the one with the interview, I got to be in the pictures. It was super fun to represent my Saxbys shop! It's not everyday that you get your face in the paper...even if it's just a small local one. Still exciting.

As for life right now-- overwhelming and busy. With work & home life, along with our Seattle trip on head is spinning. No worries, for it will all be worth it. Hopefully once the Holidays are over my life will get a little more settled and I will some how have the energy to blog more.

Things I am looking forward to:
  • Of course, Monday. Our annual trip to Seattle! I am in some ways dreading the plane ride, honestly just because Sebastian is a very active boy and knowing him and the stage he is at, he will not want to be contained for five hours in a seat. It will definitely be a chore in keeping him occupied with things. So far I have compiled a list of things that should for a some amount of time keep Sebastian engaged. I plan on bringing a portable dvd player (thanks to my inlaws) so he can watch his favorite movies, bringing him a couple tootsie pops to suck on (no I do not give my son tootsie pops to suck on a regular bases!) & help him calm his popping ears, and of course some of his beloved toys. It would be ideal if he would sleep on the plane but you never know with Sebastian. When it involves taking a nap in anything other than his room, in his crib he usually has a harder time. Pray for me. Thanks.
  • Bobby ordered my Canon Rebel SLR camera! I know, he is awesome! Yes, it's not much of a surprize but he was sweet enough to figure that if we ordered now that it would get here before our trip :-) yay! What a perfect way to break my brand new toy in.
  • Speaking of my new camera...once the New Year begins I will be working on a new venture. I will call it Project 365. I will be taking a self portrait everyday for a year! How fun! Right??
  • I am extremely flooded with joy when I think about how shortly I will get to hug my dad again.
  • Happy that Sebastian will get to experiance a Hulitza Chirstmas!!!!!!
Stay warm everyone -- Jack Frost is surely nipping at my nose, Bbrrrrrrrr!!!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

my life at the moment

  • Even though it is December and Christmas is not all that far away I am feeling a little Scrooge-ish. Not sure why but I just am. I think it might have to do with the whole running around & being extremely busy thing. It could just be that I have no time to be in the Holiday mood...but It sucks. Hopefully I will feel the Christmas cheer sooner than later.
  • I am starting to get very giddy about the my first real paycheck. It will be so nice to, again, have some money in the bank.
  • I've been eating like, a whole cucumber a day...just dipping in ranch veggie dip. Is that normal? I don't care, it's so good!
  • I've been working my butt off! But it's great. I enjoy it. Just trying to establish myself in this new company and get as far into it as I can. The future is looking bright my friend. This being said, I am very lucky to have my significant other-- Bobby is doing such a great job with Sebastian during the day while I'm at work & is keeping our place in order while I am gone.
  • Feeling some sadness...but staying positive and trying to be there as much as I can for the people that I love.
  • Finding it very difficult to Christmas shop for Sebastian due to the fact that I usually have this tremendous urge to give him whatever I buy right away just so I can see eyes light up and jump around. Help me. I already gave in once. Never again.
  • Curious of when I will actually quit holding my breathe every time a New Moon preview comes on. I'm serious. I need to go and see it again just because...criticize all you want!
  • Loving my nails. I've had acrylic nails for the past 4 years now. I initially got fake nails on because of my obsessive nail biting. I can not tell you how bad it can get. Anyways I switched from acrylic to pink & white nails. Same concept but now I have a beautiful french manicure all the time! Figured this would be a good idea because nail polish and coffee shop don't mix. It chips in a day. Boooooo. No worries, because now they are pretty 24/7.
  • celebrating the death of John Lennon's twenty-nine years ago today. Rockin' out to a lot of covers of 'Imagine' which is my favorite song by J.L! Perfect Circle I think does the best cover of the song followed by the Glee cast.
  • Did I mention that I wish there were more hours in the day...Hhhmmm.
  • Lastly, because I work inside a mall I've observed a few things-- what's up with old people coming to the mall to walk... Yeah, just walk. I just don't understand. Why come to a mall to just walk around & “exercise”, mind you there are some in the mall even before I get to work!! If you know the reason to this mind boggling mystery please feel free to let me know. Thanks.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

here's to the future!

Amen to tips! I got off earlier today just so I could get home in time for Bobby to get to work since Katelyn had a doctors appointment and wasn't able to watch Sebastian. Anyways, I really only worked for a little less than five hours and I made twenty-five dollars in tips! Giving that I had a gentleman give me a ten dollar tip today. Oh Yeah! It's great because most of what I make in tips goes right into my gas tank or to picking up last minute things for dinner. It is such a tremendous help.

Speaking of picking up things for dinner...Sebastian and I went out to do some light shopping today. In the past, or should I say last week when I still wasn't officially back to work, we would as a little family go out shopping in the mornings. When we did we would always do a huge shopping spree and get enough groceries to last us at least two weeks. Now that I am at work in the morning we can't do that. It's going to stink to have to do all of our usual errands on the weekends. I will however try my best to get a lot done during the week no matter how tired & pooped I am. I'm good like that. So, I totally lost track of what I was originally going to tell you. Me & Sebastian were done shopping and I already put Sebastian into his car seat and I've already loaded all the bags into the back of my Jeep. Now I start rummaging through the bags because I remembered I had bought myself a drink for the ride back home. Can you guess the rest? Yes, I managed to leave the bag inside the store at the register, the bag that had my drink in it as well as a few little things!! Ughhh! No way in hell am I going to leave now. I take Sebastian out of the car seat and march back inside the store. Mind you that it is extremely windy out. I mean like hurricane! I get back inside the store and now I'm looking like Cruella Deville with my hair all array with a little pup in my arms (Sebastian) trudging down the isles to find my bag of goodies. Oh man, the joys of motherhood. Fun, fun, fun!

Dinner tonight:
I made my special Garlic-Herb Pork chops with sauteed mushrooms & a side of Three Cheese Tortellinis.
I am not a big fan of Pork but the way I make this dish, I end up licking my fingers for more! Mushrooms are great to cook with especially to add to a drier meat like pork. I think that is the biggest reason why I dislike pork, it's dryness. When you saute mushrooms they release a lot of their own natural juices which can work to your benefit. What I do is I season my pork in this case with my garlic herb spice, then I brown the meat with a little bit of butter. Once the meat is cooked thoroughly I place the meat aside. Now comes the mushrooms. Saute them in the same pan you cooked the meat. Once the mushrooms are wilted I then add the pork to the pan with the mushrooms ( and it's juices) & cook for a good five minutes. Lastly, I just add a cup of chicken broth to create a nice extra amount of sauce. For my side tonight I am having Three Cheese Tortellinis which I buy from Samsclub. They're the best I've ever had. They come in a pack of two big bundles at a very affordable price. And I just adore all the colors. I just boil them up and sprinkle some Feta cheese on top. PRESTO! Dinners done. Only took me thirty minutes, perfect for a quick dinner on the work week. Here is what the finished product looks like--
What do you think? Yummy, right?

Can you believe it will be Friday tomorrow? I can't! Some notable events due for the weekend are:

  • First off, I will be doing a lot of cleaning. I am hoping that I'll have enough willpower to knock out all my cleaning Saturday morning so I can truly relish my time with my boys.
  • Picking out our Christmas tree! We weren't exactly sure if we were going to have a tree this year because of the fact that we are only spending a few weeks at home and then leaving for Seattle for Christmas. But, we just can't go without the presence of a tree during this season. This way we can get a smaller tree, enjoy it for a few weeks and then take it down right before we depart on our trip. Can't wait. Sebastian is going to love decorating!
  • Depending on the weather...the weatherman is predicting for some snow on Saturday. Ummm, great. From what I know Sunday is suppose to be a sunny but cold. So, I am hoping to get up to Doylestown to the Kid's Castle. That is one of my favorite places to take Sebastian. So much fun!

Just want to end with saying that work-wise my future is looking bright & exciting. I can't say too much more, not just yet but I will keep you posted!!


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

my feet hurt

Aren't we just adorable?! I know. We are. I really can not describe what I would do without the man next to me. He is my better half, my best friend, my lover, my 'baby's daddy', my rock & much, much more. I wouldn't want to go through this puzzling life with anyone else but him. Right now, at times it can get tough since I barley get to see Bobby during the week. The only time I see him during the work week is in the morning when I wake up, but he is always snoring away. Sometimes I can get selfish (like today) and wake him up with a big sloppy smooch just so I can say a few words to him before heading to work. Naturally he falls right back to sleep after until our little boy wakes up. It is also rough going from being with Sebastian 27/7 to spending at least five hours with him in the evening. But those hours are so sweet!

Work has been going well. Seeing that the shop is brand new there are many things that still need to be organized and figured out, but with time it will all pan out. It will definitely take some getting used to being on my feet all day. Before I had Sebastian, when I worked for Bucks County Coffee, I of course was pregnant so whenever I felt like it I was able to just sit my big 'preggo' butt down and be fat!! Also considering that the last store that I managed was small and had very little business. I had it easy. Now I am on my feet & always moving. I love it! I think I might have a slight OCD problem. I am obsessive about things being organized and clean. That's good, right? It's great meeting new people through the company as well as customer based. With all this diligence, time flies like the wind. Which scares the bejesus out of me because when time flies, days fly. And when days fly, years fly by and then soon I'll be coming home from work & will be waiting for Sebastian to come home from school...Yikes!
Here are just a few quick pictures I took of my shop--
I will get some picture of the inside soon :)

Things that I am loving (at the moment):

  • Mentha Body Wash by Bigalow. I can't believe how awesomely soothing and refreshing it is to wash my sexy body with this stuff!! Who would of thought that peppermint oils would feel so good on my skin. It's the best showering with this stuff after work. Now that I mention it, I am almost done with my bottle. Booooo! Time to hit up Bath & Body Works. Or, stocking stuffer anyone?!! (cough-cough).
  • I am overjoyed with my hair! It's getting long. Don't laugh but sometimes I freak out because my hair touches my neck and I think it's like a bug. I said don't laugh...
  • It's December first. Which means only 21 days till my little family and I are heading to Seattle.
  • Coffee. Did I tell you that I work in a coffee shop. Yes, coffee galore! Yummy.
  • Sebastian pretty much almost said 'cookie' today! How exciting!