Thursday, November 12, 2009

on being worried...

Just wanted to start out saying that I had my first offical work meeting! We mainly worked on scheduling which is something I really wanted to figure out. It looks like I will be working Monday through Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm. How great is that??!?! It is the perfect schedule for me. I will most likely still be able to see Sebastian in the morning since he wakes up around 7:30-8ish which will really make a differance for me. Now, I am still going to have to put Sebasitan into daycare for about three hours everyday, but it will be such an excellent experience for him.
Until then, I will be cherishing the next two weeks I have at home with my son.

Moving on, I love to bake & usually the one thing I have to bake every month or so are my famous oatmealchip cookies. Great Harvest had the best oatmeal chocolatechip cookies ever & so I've kinda created my own recipe to fill the void of GHB cookies. They aren't nearly as great as the original GHB oatmealchip buttttt they do the trick...They definitly are one of my guilty pleasures!!
Not to mention my boys can eat that whole plate if I'm not looking HA.

Movies I really want to see:

  • The Blindside
  • Planet 51 (Sebastian will get a kick out of this one!)
  • Avatar (I know. I know. But It looks COOL)
  • Pirate Radio (WHAT! Rock music being banned. That's just bonkers)
  • Men Who Stare at Goat
Have you seen any of them yet??

Anyways, since all the leaves are pretty much on the ground now Sebastian & I take joy in playing with all them. In my neighborhood there are tons of gigantic piles of leaves that people have raked, blown etc. on to the curb. It really is super hard to resist...As you can see HA!

I felt bad. The pile shown above belongs to the elderly next door neighbors (I seriously think they're 100 years old). I swear they spent a whole day raking their yard to bring together this colorful pile. So, I took a quick picture & RAN!

Lastly, I would like to say that my dad tomorrow morning will be going in to have his surgery to repair his Hernia. I so wish I could be there for him. But I know he will be in good hands with having my two sisters plus my step-mom to help out. No doubt it will be on my mind from now on till I get the phone call that he is home in bed.


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