Wednesday, November 04, 2009

sweet sweet potatooooooo..

Sebastian had his 15 month doctors appointment today. It was just a routine check up & shots. At first when we got escorted into the room to wait for the doctor the nurse naturally asks the question involving the milestones of a 15 month old. You know, there were questions like how many hours a night does he sleep, does he 'give & take' things, and does he listen to commands. But when the nurse got to the question: does he say 5-10 words; i said..'acutally no'.
I have been voicing my worry to my mother-inlaw and sister-inlaw really since Sebastian has turned one, telling them that he just isn't really saying actual words. Now I just want to mention that Sebastian is an exceptionally verbal boy but the verbal part is just his blabber--his own language you may say. He is really not saying any real words yet.
Well, the doctor said that it really isn't anything to worry about yet but that if he doesn't progress in the next few months that we should probably look into what a Speech Therapist might have to say.
Here's the thing. Sebastian listens, he understands what is being said to him. I just happen to think he just needs to 'find his words', if that even makes sense. Maybe Mary's son (FYI not a real person..just using my imaginaaaatiioonn!) can say 20 words at 15 months, GREAT! I will not and won't ever compare my son to anyone elses. Which, let me tell you I think too many parents these days tend to do. I refuse to do that. Sebastian is my son and if that means he takes a little longer to actually start talking back, to me...HEY i'm totally fine with that! I will keep on reading to him & flashing those cards to help him try to 'find his words'.
Thoughts anyone on the subject?!? TELL ME!

Phhhewww. Almost forgot..Sebastian is 28 pounds, can you believe it! and 32½ inches in length. Such a growing boy.
Also he recieved three shots into his 'guns'. The flu shot, Varicella & Measles.
OH! Another thing, what's up with the H1N1 vaccine not being available to 3 years and younger?!?! Don't you think that babies should be first to recieve this vaccine!! Unbelievable..not happy with that. I'll be one of those moms that will be calling the doctors office every week to see when it finally is here...

On a more exciting note--
Congrats to my dear Julee for she is in the Everett Herald. Why? You might ask.
Julee is in the $1 million Pillsbury Bake-off! She is one of the finalists & in April will be going to Florida to challenge some 99 other culinarians. Little do they know that they are no match for Julee ;)
There she is..god I miss that smile! And her tantalizing pecan-sweet potato appetizers are calling my name..yuuuummm! (photo via HeraldNet)

Thanks to my dad I now have all the Hungarian necessities at my fingertips. Introducing where all the finest Hungarian meats, noodles, seasonings, desserts & chocolates/candies are for purchase! I can't wait to start ordering my favorite foods that I grew up on. If you want to be the proud owner of the real Hungarian Paprika then go ahead, check out the website so you can have the authentic essence of Hungary in your kitchen--HYRA MAGYAROK!

Ending with some cute-ness...

Goodnight everybody.....GO PHILLIES!

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