Monday, November 23, 2009

poison apple reviews: my ulitmate movie reaction!

So sorry that I've been MIA for a couple of days but I have had a very eventful weekend!

Now that I have a chance to finally sit down, relax & write here it goes...

Disclaimer: If you have not yet seen New Moon just be awear that this post is all about it! Don't want to ruin it for anyone...

HOLY COW. New Moon was amazing & I think it is a notable improvement over Twilight.
My thoughts ( in no particular order):
  • I did think that the movie was slow at times.
  • There was less awkwardness than Twilight. Acting was better & flowed better. The theater busted out laughing less during New Moon than Twilight...
Scenes that I was not a fan of --
  • When Bella is out with Jessica, sees the guys then just hops on some dudes motorcycle to be 'reckless'! Come on. Lame.
  • Bella falls off her motorcycle and heads bleeding. So Jacob says some cheese ball line then just like a tool rips his shirt off?!?! Okay, I'll be honest I have kind of a mixed feeling about that scene...I think It was totally corny. Not only the way it was acted but I thought the way the camera was angled at him made it even worse. Now, he is totally crazy hot and after the scene I couldn't help wishing I could just rewind and watch that all over again!!!
  • The whole thing that happened to Harry Clearwater. BOOOO! But on the flip side I did enjoy the part were the wolves were on a high speed chase after Victoria.
  • Volturi didn't seem as scary as they should have been.
  • Oh, and at the end when they were through with the Volturi and are walking out while helpless people are walking into their doom...What. The. Hell. There were kids in the group! Did that bother anyone else???
Things I loved –-

  • Not sure why but for some reason I felt like Kristen Stewart was more Bella-ish in this movie. However now that she cut her hair short & dyed it black for her role as Joan Jett in 'The Runaways' that is all going to change since in Eclipses she will be wearing a wig. WHY!!!
  • Okay, so Jacob was awesome!-- mad props to Taylor Lautner for making the monster in Jacob come out beautifully. All round, the wolves were portrayed well.
  • Also I have to say that I love Charlie. I think the one who plays Charlie –- Billy Burke does a great job. Seriously he is just like I imagined in the books. Love it!
  • The scene with Bella running to the clock tower to save Edward from his suicide attempt was very dramatic and hair-rising!
After all is said and done I do really wish that they did the journey back home from Italy, that is the one thing I was very disappointed in...

Soo00oo, those are some of my thoughts. Definitely could have been better but what book made into a movie is perfect. I've yet to find one.
I just can't wait for New Moon to come out on DVD! And now I have a new countdown...only 219 days left till Eclipses...UGHHH!


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  1. This is a great review of the movie Anita! I agree with all of it -- the best parts and the weakest parts.