Wednesday, November 11, 2009

on some things I miss...

I miss my sisters. They were here for only the summer but It felt like so much longer. I loved having their company all the time, next to me whenever I need an extra hand or a shoulder. I still sometimes sit on the couch and look over to where their air mattress rested & sulk. Since I'm out numberd by boys at my place it was so nice to have some female presence in the atmosphere. I miss Michelle's messy self (can't believe I'm actually saying this), but I do. I miss doing her hair before we go out. Or her extremely funny impressions, she can do the best impressions of people & I usually laugh my butt off!
I miss Krisztina's long brown beautiful hair (that sometimes I just wanted to cut off & paste on to my head. I know. creepy). I miss her natural ablility of neatness & helpfullness. Never had to ask her to do anything. I would just look over and she would be cleaning that or orginizing was like she read my mind at times (scary).
But most of all I miss how they interacted with Sebastian, with such love.
Even though I am looking forward to summer I know I won't be blessed with having them for the whole summer because they are teenagers now (::sigh::) and they do want to 'chill' with friends on summer break. So, I won't make them spend their summer being my slaves (::wink::). 

I miss the everyday things. The things that I, for the longest time, didn't think would ever leave me. Things that in my tender age never thought would end up altering.
Like on weekends, getting up early to go to a job site & working with my dad. He might not know this but those days that he took me out with him were like nothing else. Working & building & creating with him is one of my most valued memories. The hard work, the lessons really shaped me as a person. It's great because I know Sebastian will have the chance at these kind of memories. Bobby is already talking about bringing Sebastian out & showing him the science on automobiles, just like how Bobby's father did for him. Makes my heart swell with joy at the thought.
I miss my dear dirtbike. There was nothing better than coming home from school & throwing down my backpack on the porch, grabbing all my gear and taking a nice ride to relieve all the stress. The rush you get with the speed of the bike, the wind racing by you yet the world ahead moves in a blur that you have no sense of time. It was like my own natural high. I remember at times that it was one of the things that got me through my day. Oh how I miss you. 

I miss Glen Cunningham. If you're reading this Glen, I miss you! After my dad, Glen is the most influential man in my life. I really can't explain how much he taught me. I miss his powerful voice saying 'SUG'! (short for sugar, his nickname for me), or his bear hugs, or making him lunch made up of his favorite chicken salad sandwhich with cheese, bag of chips & a big oatmeal chip cookie. He was always one to believe in me & push me to my fullest potential. No questions asked. No matter what, Glen was always his cheerful self, most the time being a goofball even though he wasn't even trying to be. It comes natural for him (::giggle::). I miss Glen.

I miss all these familiar things. Yet, in a few years I just might miss the familiar things going on now, presently. We grow up. I will always remember.


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